Here at Politix, we want to give you a place to take your stand on the issues you care about, and be heard. To help us make that work, check out these tips and guidelines for contributing your thoughts to the community in a positive way.

Show Respect

Political discussions often breed controversy, and we get that. Disagreeing with others is expected, but please respect everyone's right to their own opinion by avoiding personal attacks and insults.

Play Well With Others

People have their differences, and Politix users come in all shapes and sizes. Please be tolerant of the religion, race, gender, age, and sexual orientation of others.

Keep it Clean

The community is varied and not everyone has the same sensibilities. Please try to articulate your point without profanity/vulgarity, and be sure to choose a username and avatar that is appropriate as well. Do not post links to obscene content.

Keep it Relevant

Off topic posts can really derail a conversation. Please keep your comments relative to the topic at hand.

No One Likes a Spammer

True story.

Cite Your Sources

Providing supporting links and including other opinions is often helpful in posting about politics; just be sure to cite your sources. To avoid copyright violations, try not to copy/paste more than a paragraph from another source.

Show People the Ropes

Help preserve the integrity of the community by showing new users the ropes. Let them know what is permitted and acceptable.

Stay Safe & Be Smart

Please be mindful of posting personally identifiable information on Politix, and never post personal information about your fellow users.

Be Yourself

Your opinion counts and should be heard, but creating multiple profiles (or posing as someone else) is inauthentic and disruptive to the community.

Let Us Know What's Up

Report objectionable content via our feedback system. If you see a post you think we need to check out, just click the "Report" button on the right of any post. Moderators review all reports and take appropriate action.