Feinstein vs. Emken
2012 California Senate


Who gets your vote for the 2012 California Senate?

D Dianne Feinstein

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R Elizabeth Emken





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    impure democratic form feinstein refuses to debate her opponent. the reason she can get away with that because she represents a district full of Low information voters. talk about an elitist this broad doesn't even have to answer to her constituents they just fall in line like a bunch of surfs
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    district full of low information voters? she's running for senate, so do you mean *all of california*?
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    @ponnuki yes all of California. The state is a mess due to liberal Democrats and unions . They make promises with no money to back those promises. That's why we have high taxes.
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    @ponnuki Yea pretty much ! Far to many entitlement union driven low information voters. It is like watching the Democratic Convention...the first image that came to mind was the Mickey Mouse Club Show Ears and Tears no substance no economic policy but continuing the Bush Strategies laid out by Bernanke Because Obama doesn't know how to grow Corn or Jobs he is clueless. Feinstein and Pelosi are Diane and Annette Barry is Mickey...Its Hilarious
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    when you promise free stuff to the "welfare state" recipients, that is all they hear and want, is more free stuff that has been taken by force from those who have and given to the (lazy) have nots.
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    anybody that loves free stuff votes for her and keeps her in office. For all you supporters of hers, name one thing or policy she created.
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    Ms. Feinstein has made a fortune off California taxpayers. She's in her eighties and her mind is slipping which is why she won't debate her opponent. Her arrogance, narcissism, failing mind, and off-shore bank account are just some of the reasons she should not be re-elected.

    Unfortunately, in California all you need is a "D" by your name to win an election. It doesn't matter that the D's are responsible for the mess we're in. California is a one party state and we have Stockholm Syndrome.

    On Tuesday people across the state will line up, bend over, and say "Thank you Sir. May I have another"
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    NOT! Who is Emken anyway, and is she even bothering to run a campaign? Feinstein ain't that popular here--too old, out of touch, and DINO for California. Republicans could actually have really had a chance to take this seat if someone reasonable got past the primary filter and had support. Might even have provided the rare scenario of a moderate republican running to the left of her, which Campbell did in 2000, and would be even more plausible and welcome after Feinstein's further drift to the right.
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    Feinstein is so out of touch! She is full of more crap than a Christmas goose! The primary filter was so LAME it was insane! At 79 years old DiFi should be home with GRAND KIDS! I retired at 56 and have LOVED every second of it! She is so full of ego and arrogance that it even astounds the retarded liberals who support her! She DESERVES to loose but it is Ca Ca land of fruits and nuts so she will win without breaking a sweat! We can always dream of "nature" taking it's course and we MAY not be cursed with her for another six damn years!