Klobuchar vs. Bills
2012 Minnesota Senate


Who gets your vote for the 2012 Minnesota Senate?

D Amy Klobuchar

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R Kurt Bills





U Stephen Williams





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    Bills is a neofite wantabe Rep. who made a tremendous mistake of lying about Amy's record. He tried to tie her with a crimial when she was City Att. in Mpls. Republicans immediately denied it but he stuck with the usual Rep. dirt they use when desperate. It might have ended Bills short political carrear. What an idiot.
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    klobuchar supported the puke president when he backed away from really supporting unions and now she is blindly following her messiah into the dark halls of Washington, wanting to strip away our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms to defend ourselves. This anti- gun agenda will be the downfall of the Democratic Party. I did not even vote last election because I couldn't vote for that communist prick we have still , or that corporate pillager Romney. As a union member I try to vote democrat but now they have shown their true colors and as much as I despise religion, corporate greed, anti union & other policies of the republicans.....I am he'll bent on voting every democrat out for as long as I can stand it !! The gun issue is the foundation of our supposed freedom in this country and without the right to defend ourselves, this country ain't worth a shit! It isn't about scary black guns vs traditional hunting guns or round capacity either. Don't Let them mindfuck you into believing that nonsense. If I was a criminal and wanted someone dead, I sure wouldn't need a gun! Guns are more convenient , sure.....but death will always be a part of our violent society. When you have a melting pot with huge gaps between wealthy and the poor and a shrinking middle class, drug problems , uncertainty in the retirement , home ownership, jobs , etc.....there will always be violence. The tools used may change but there will still be the same outcome. Amy came to our union meetings and blew smoke up our ass when she first ran for office. It sure didn't take long to see that she is just as big a miserable liar as the republicans. I'll vote her out just because of the gun issue and her lack of real purpose in the political scene. We need some real constituent advocates.....not more blind followers.