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    Political ads are largely lacking in substance as it is. All they are is a bunch of sound bites and emotional imagery meant to tug at the hearts of low info voters. Sadly, in this they are largely successful. One only needs to look at the R's and D's who either fail in their promises or "evolve" (to use the latest slang) on policy issues once elected. Naturally, the low info voter stops paying attention the day after election day, so incumbency is largely akin to tenure in teaching, once in, it's super tough to get 'em out, especially true if districts are drawn in favor of their party.
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    It doesn't make me want to vote for him but it's a million times better than snide attack ads filled with lies and half-truths. If he adds some other ads outlining his stance on issues (with no attacks on his opponents)\, he'll probably do fairly well.
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    All political ads are a waste, but this one is more of a waste than most. But given the choice between this drivel and the attack ads we usually see. I'll take this one.
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    If a republican wants to be honest and not run a negative ad what can they say:

    You can't say - I want the poor and middle class to pay more so I can give tax breaks to billionaires.
    You can't say - I want to repeal Obamacare but I have nothing to replace it with.
    You can't say - I want to get rid of air pollution regulations so you can all breath carcinogens.
    You can't say - I want to get rid of water pollution regulations so you can all drink and bathe in carcinogens.
    You can't say - I want to get rid of meat inspections so that you can all eat more feces with your pink slime meat.
    You can't say - I want to get rid of banking regulations so the banksters can create another sub-prime mortgage mess.

    If you are a republican and being honest and don't want to go negative about the only thing you can say is that you like to talk to cows.

    Hey - at least the guy is being honest!
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    @sociald Sure:

    You can't say - I'm going to break the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them into the wind.
    You can't say - I'm going to make sure that black people have the same rights as white people.
    You can't say - I'm going to get all of our troops out of Viet Nam within 2 years.
    You can't say - I'm going to propose a healthcare program so that seniors don't have to go without healthcare.

    Actually you can say all of those things but if you do it's probably a good idea not to ride through the city of Dallas in a convertible.
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    Actually I think it would go more like -

    You can't say - I will say i want the poor and middle class to pay less but really what I will do is still help my friends who are billionaires and the middle class will definitely pay more.
    You can't say - I know we came up with Obamacare and the Republicans do have some alternatives but we are going to keep saying that they don't because you will believe us.
    You can't say - I want to tighten to the point of a strangle hold air pollution regulations in the USA so that jobs will go overseas and those people can breath carcinogens.. and then we will blame it on republicans and the rich.
    You can't say - I want have meat inspections, however if the workers come from mexico and central America we wont actually carry them out much because it might look racially oppressive so you might all eat more feces with your pink slime meat.
    You can't say - We dont need bankers to create another sub-prime mortgage mess because congress , wall street and bankers will all work 'together' to do it just like they did last time.

    That's a start an
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    @sociald Why would they that. It's not true. (D0s would have millionaires pay more. (R) haven't put a damn thing on the table as far as healthcare that does much more than repeal Obamacare, stop malpractice suits, allow insurance companies to move to states that will protect them from lawsuits and give tax credits to well off folk that poor and lower middle class people couldn't use. Dems could say that they want to create laws that make it tax disadvantageous for companies like those run by Mitt Romney to move America jobs overseas. (D) could say they want better USDA enforcement including making sure that illegals don't get employed in meat packing factories. In fact they should. (D)s could say that they support tougher regulation on the banksters.
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    @PNWest what is D0s? and you know very well they have put several things on the table with healthcare. cmon now be honest. as to those other things.. yea they 'should' do a lot of things but they don't.
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    We need to demand more of politicians, and don't vote for the ones who try to hide themselves behind platitudes and ideological trappings.
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    It's better than the normal attack ads but not by much and completely meaningless. What's he trying to say? If elected I'll hire my kids to keep the ducks out of the park? The only way to stop these political ads is to do what they did to stop the cigarette ads and ban all political ads from TV or limit them to election day when normal people are standing in line to vote anyway, ignoring the political signs outside. Political ads are no different than any other ads on tv trying to force their product on us with lies, comedy, and illusion. They will dream up whatever they can think of, truth or not, to force there product onto all of us. Where's the beef? There would be nothing to complain about if political ads were banned and political debates were mandatory. Here's the beef and why! Here is the difference between us, here is what I have done in the past, what I want to do now and in the future, my accomplishments my failures, my goals, my ongoing political fights, agreement and goals , what I stand for and how I will vote. Let the people choose on facts and truth instead of lies and political bull sh*t
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    Jesus Christ never had a good word about bankers, lawyers and preachers. This guy made money in the banking industry and what is the penalty for charging bank interest? Capeech?
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    Voting is a violation of the Law of God. God is our judge, God is our lawgiver. Bible says that. Thou shalt have no gods before me. And a god is a judge is a lawmaker is a sovereign. So God commands us to stop living like lawless hooligans that need other law. God gave us a good law in the Bible, listen up people.
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    I don't really care much as campaign ads are basically lies anyway as is evident by the current regime.
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    So let's see...being a loved, honored and respected dad is not substantive. It is substantive! Get over it! Critics? Everyone is a critic. Republican vs. Democrat???...It's about so much more than that. Political parties are an artificial construct that roll like the waves of the sea. In some parts of the country (insert political party of your choice here) means extreme liberal politics, while in another it means extreme conservative politics. Each candidate (of either party) falls somewhere in the mix. My point? Measure each candidate by what they say and do. Ask each candidate the hard questions, listen to their answers, and then ask them if they have a real world example of their own where they have done what they just answered, or at least how they would solve this or that problem. Ask them about "close to the heart (and wallet)" local issues and ask them about the larger national and global issues they will be asked to vote on in Washington. Commercials are sound bites. Take each candidate for this race one by one and read what they have written, look at what they have done, and vote according to that. Headlines usually tell you enough about this or that writer/reporter/journalist. The headline of this story tells me that the writer is not a reporter of the news but rather a biased pundit with an axe to grind. Just sayin'.
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    If he's constantly avoiding substantive issues, then that's a problem... however I don't see any problem in communicating to people that he is a family man who works a farm and likes things made in America.
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    Just go to . You will see more substance than you will see in any political add or website in the country. Coloradans will soon see that Steve Laffey IS the substance in the CD4 race. This add, early in the primary season is introductory. Trust me, in future adds, debates and in his many conversations with Coloradans as he tirelessly campaigns across the district; Steve Laffey will be know as THE man of substance in CD4 and soon after the most effective member of Congress.
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    "He always wins at Monopoly". Well, I guess that is supposed to make voters think he is good with managing money.
    Like all political ads...they are aimed at the lowest-common denominator.
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    There is a long time until the election. If this is the first ad, an appetizer so to speak, it could be the start of a super smart series. If this is the campaign message itself, he has little chance. Given the story about him my bet is this is an appetizer and there will be a bunch of ads that address the various issues. If my guess is right I hope he wins.
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