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    Nothing will happen until November 2014 when a tea party revolution occurs in the senate and house. It will be a republican majority, of course, but with tea party attitude, I expect barry to go fully grey in his last two years, and I cant wait.
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    @CATTLEPROD That's funny. Did you predict a Romney landslide as well? We all know you did. The tea party is going to hurt the gop in the mid terms. What would have probably otherwise been a chance for them to make some gains is going to be squandered listening to people scream shut it down and other such nonsense. The tea party will probably do something stupid and run their own candidates in battleground states against someone who has a chance from the republican ticket and split the vote and help a democrat get elected as well.
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    @CATTLEPROD Don't get too excited, The view from "the other side of the pond" (I now reside in Europe) is that the GOP and Tea Party are engaged in a circular firing squad much to the Dems glee
    Proceeding with a shutdown of the government will ensure rejection of your revolution.(I wonder why polls show Tea Party membership and approval ratings are tanking faster than Obama's
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    RNC division is Liberal fantasy. Democrats desperately need turmoil inside RNC that doesn't exist. Anyway, Tea Party polls mean diddly, cash is king in poll numbers. DNC is carrying 19.8 million in campaign debt to RNC debt of zip, nada, the big zero but don't take my word for it.
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    Loving Parents, Grandparents, and proud Americans pray your prediction comes true.........but you can't forget that 51% of Americans didnt' care enough to vote for Romney last November so it's any ones guess what will happen in '14.
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    @LaLuz "Didn't care enough to vote for Romney........."?????


    How about "cared too much about their country to vote for Romney"

    Or "were not stupid enough to vote for Romney"

    Now that is more like it.
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    it's time to fire this idiot president we have... he is not only a danger to us but a danger to the entire world
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    The first problem will be finding intelligence in Congress. The second problem will be getting the truth from the spy agencies.
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    The subject.....Is It Time to Fire the House and Senate (Intelligence Committees)

    Isn't referring to members of the senate democrats and house republicans in the same sentence with " Intelligence Committees, an " Oxymoron"
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    @ASISEEIT2 The price you pay where the job seems to go to people based on seniority and not qualifications.
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    @ErnestPayne Your so right, Maybe a qualification test is in order before a representative can even become a senator or congressman along with a test of their character to weed out those who might not be worthy of holding positions of trust and responsibility.
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    Its actually time to fire everybody in D C and never elect any Democrats or Republicans. neither party works for the citizens that elect them. so if you people are smart as you think you are, you would stop electing incompetent officials to represent you and elect people who would.
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    I whole heartily agree. The problem is to many people are afraid of being free. Cowards have become the norm. They have no clue as to how to do something on their own. Security, food and habitat must be provided for them. You know like the dog on the chain in the backyard.
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    @Rattrap : I was taught to only vote for the one/ ones who represent me, my views and values. everybody else must of went to wrong classes instead of History and American government.
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    Only the Senate that is controlled by Obama henchwomen and lapdog liberals. The House committee is fine as it is because it is composed of republican real-American leadership.
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    @Starsplash A NYC avatar means he knows better than the rest of us, right? Especially us Southerners? Us Southerners are so "square" in that we love our families, God, and country. All the hip people live up north where you are at, left?-g)
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    @Chuckdude I don't know about Hip. I live in Taiwan. I just know southern logic is pretty bad. I guess if being logical is a northern thing, then yes, Im a northerner.
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    "The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home." --James Madison

    "There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice." -Baron Charles de Montesquieu

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    Maybe we should screen potential committee members with questions like, "Do you understand Tom Clancy novels are works of fiction?"

    Actually, the problem in't the oversight, it seems to me, as the vast expanse of things to be overseen. The Patriot Act hasn't received its deserved scrutiny from courts or even critical Congress members. That would be a fine place to start getting this under better control - just after Gen Clapper is given his gold watch and retirement party.
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    Current members of the Senate Intelligence Committee (in case you want to write them a well-articulated letter about how you feel):

    Dianne Feinstein, California
    Saxby Chambliss, Georgia
    John D. Rockefeller IV, West Virginia
    Richard Burr, North Carolina
    Ron Wyden, Oregon
    James E. Risch, Idaho
    Barbara A. Mikulski, Maryland
    Daniel Coats, Indiana
    Mark Udall, Colorado
    Marco Rubio, Florida
    Mark Warner, Virginia
    Susan Collins, Maine
    Martin Heinrich, New Mexico
    Tom Coburn, Oklahoma
    Angus King, Maine
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    i don't think they should be fired simply because whoever replaces them will be just as bad. The committees aren't the problem, Congress is and as long as our attention is diverted by thinking Congress is fixable, we will never find a real solution. NSA has something on everyone, so why wouldn't the NSA blackmail whoever replaces the current establishment puppets into toeing the line?
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    @Ryunkin - Perhaps what we need is a new Constitutional Convention, followed by a revamping of the whole thing, just as some of our founders suggested should happen periodically. We'd have a bad period of chaos and turmoil, but perhaps it would be worth it.
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    @Denizen_Kate I'm probably too old to survive government turmoil, but what's right is ultimately right and the US needs to be stopped and restarted, much like an update on a computer. Actually, all my life I've dreamed of becoming an ex-pat, hopefully, what I'm concocting now will give me the wherewithall to do that. Either Switzerland or Uruguay are looking awfully inviting right now and safe.
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    @Ryunkin - I have friends in Costa Rica. They opened a trendy little Bed and Breakfast down there several years ago. It is getting a bit scary around here, isn't it?
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    @Denizen_Kate I agree. Your Congress is equivalent to our House of Lords but our Lords seem to have more sense and don't block everything,(although they tried hard to block the ban on fox hunting. Tally ho!)
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    Unfortunately I'm in no position to fire any of these members; none of them are from my state. However, those of you in these states would be doing America a service by firing them:
    Michigan: Mike Rogers
    Texas: Mac Thornberry and Mike Conaway
    Florida: Tom Rooney and Jeff Miller
    California: Devin Nunes and Mike Thompson
    New York: Peter King
    New Jersey: Frank LoBiondo
    Georgia: Lynn Westmoreland
    Illinois: Jan Schakowsky and Luis Gutierrez
    Alabama: Terri Sewell
    Connecticut: Jim Himes
    Minnesota: Michele Bachmann
    Maryland: Dutch Ruppersberger
    Nevada: Joe Heck
    Kansas: Mike Pompeo
    Rhode Island: James Langevin

    Remember, it's not enough that you vote to fire them - you've got to convince others to do so, but further convince them to convince others. Otherwise we've just got to accept that George Orwell was only wrong in his timing.
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    If these intelligence committees refuse to act, they should be replaced! I hold our rights as citizens dear as part of being an American.
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    It's time to fire every member of the House and the Senate, not just a few committee members. Even that isn't enough. There are career bureaucrats ensconced in government agencies building their own little fiefdoms; agencies like the EPA and HUD, would that we could clean house there too. It is time to set aside the idea that government can do everything better than private enterprise; including the idea that government spending grows an economy. Above all, it is time to rid ourselves of the infantile notion that government should be our nanny.
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