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    Surprised Snowden picked China to blow his whistle and then into Russia. Anyone see the NSA arresting citizens who haven't violated lthe law
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    @bsking could tell you we're thinking. Thunder & lightrning Here's the latest Tea pub fiasco
    WASHINGTON—A blank piece of legislation that says nothing, does nothing, and contains no text whatsoever has been the source of heated debate in Washington this week, and has sharply divided Congress along partisan lines, Beltway sources confirmed Thursday.
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    Oh boy, more demonizing and trampling of the Bill of Rights.
    "These statements sound like things many Americans say with sincerity," she writes. "Notice the idea that the internet is an addiction, the blogger is an egotist,[and that] a 'marketplace of ideas' is flooded with so much tainted merchandise that the government acts wisely to step in with consumer protection measures."

    Good thing we have such virtuous and intelligent progressive leaders to protect us from ourselves and our freedoms!:-D Yes, that is sarcasm for the Democrats reading this, since they won't likely pick up on it being the sheep they are.

    As goes the 2nd Amendment, so go all the others, and with them goes America.
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    Since our 4th & 6th Amendment have already been trampled on without much ado, the remaining "offending" Amendments are not that far behind.
    If you give them an inch, they'll want the whole enchilada.......
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    There you go liberals. No free speech no right to bear arms. KEEP WORKING AT IT OBAMANITES SOON WE TOO WILL BE LIKE THE CITIZENS OF CHINA
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    This kinda shows you never been to China or even know the politics there. You bash the government of China in China and they know about it, you will get arrested. You do it in the states, nothing happens.

    There is a big difference.
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    @GDIforever And that you are trying to predict that the US will be like China because of Obama, which is total horseshit.
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    @Starsplash Reading what he wrote, he said Obamanites, or in other words, people who worship and follow the progressive mentality. Sheeple are what they are referred to in modern nomenclature, or, people unwilling to simply unable to think for themselves and want to be cared for and herded like sheep.

    Translated for the sheeple: Baaahh bahhhh bahh bahhhh BAAHHH bahhh Bahhh Bahhh and bah.
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    Before anyone condemns the Chinese government ... take a close look at the Free Flow of Information Act 2013 that's in the Senate right now and ask yourself .... how is the U.S. any different with what their trying to impose on us?
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    Actually I was thinking before anyone condemns China, take a close look at the labels of everything you own. Decades ago the U.S. severed any link between free trade and human rights. As long as BigBiz is making a profit, it just doesn't matter.
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    Ummm that's bullshit.

    Try doing all this public bashing in China and see how far you get. They will either censor you or send authorities to your house. In a lot of sites, you have to register with your real name and address as well, like Weibo.

    Americans should not complain about their freedoms compared to the context of China circumstances. You are talking about one extreme to another. The US is no where close to what the people have to put up with in China.
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    “Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don't allow our enemies to have guns, why should we allow them to have ideas?”- Joseph Stalin
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    @Concerned_Cit - There's a bust of Stalin in the U.S. Capitol Building?(Or did yet another joke just fly over my head? Hey, I'm a short person ... ;-)
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    Beeee Ehhsssss . . . Democrats like free speech as much as Republicans, it's a bi-partisan issue. You're confusing Democrats with those who insist on PC terminology, which is also a bi-partisan group.
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    Those progressive Democrats and RINO's/Neo-Cons are all about "regulation" lately, aren't they? Seems like it's the only thing they obsess about is regulating everyone else's freedoms.
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    something about the evil repressive chinese government hampering free speech while having less than half the number of people in prisons across their much larger country than we do here in the states.
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    @frigginhell that's because china executes thousands of people every year. Do not be deceived by low prison sadistics.
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    @jamayla yup I make type errors often. Politix should consider allowing people to edit post. Or maybe I should pay closer attention to detail lol
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    Free speech again under attack. I think it justifies attacks on those who attack it. But, I see a revolution in our future, and, the recent decision of the DOJ to decide who or what is deserving of the free press provision is proof of that need.
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    Maybe you would feel differently if you were arrested and jailed for some of your posts. In essence you are accepting that. Those wielding the power you are willing to let them have may not always agree with your prior writings. And, those writings on the internet will live forever.
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    @fraps I think he was referring to the fact that there was some truth in that the internet can be an addiction of misuse and abuse and it can gratify someones vanity. we all see it every day if you are on the internet reguarly.
    of course what the chinese gov did was wrong and his confession was forced.
    Eventually they wont be able to hush people up like that.
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    The only danger of free speech is some lie about someone or something, but there are Liable laws for that! Free means it must be Free!
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    the printing press gave us freedom of speech and educated us. then it was highjacked and used for political means, the internet is the new tool for us to survive corruption in our governance.
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    Be careful, folks. We already see this in motion when it comes to teenagers online. Many have been expelled, even arrested for things they have said online. I'm quite sure this site we're on right now is being monitored. Anyone care to make a threat on the president and see how fast you're found?

    There used to be a time when the only thing you weren't allowed to do was yell "fire" in a crowded place. Now there's plenty you'd better keep to yourself or be very careful how you say it and to whom.
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    We aren't China. We enjoy the right of free speech, on the Internet, journalism, and in person. Everyone who read his forced blog in China and around the world knows that what he wrote was a statement he was forced to write by the government. I do not know why this government was idiotic enough to think the public in his country and around the world would think these were his words? Do they actually think people are that stupid? Their ignorance just backfired greatly!
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