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    Obama- the great pretender, he becomes whatever he needs to become.
    American, not American, atheist, or Christain, against gay marriage- for gay marriage, close Gitmo, don't close Gitmo, if you like your insurance plan you can keep it- tell that to the 30 million who had it and will now lose it because of ObamaCare.
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    agreed, and his obamacare is turning out to be just another disaster. He couldn't just look to a successful european model to try and introduce health care? nope, he went and fucked that up nice and good for everyone.
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    BS! If there are those whose employer was offering health care and now not offering it, then they are being guilty of what many conservatives are screaming about, people on the Gov tit.

    If there is an ignorance of what exactly Obamacare does and does not do, again, blame it on the GOP. They are the ones that refused to allow even one nickel be spent on the technology needed to implement the exchanges and for the public relations campaign that was required to inform citizens about what the law actually did.

    All of you conservatives label Obama as the devil incarnate and turn a blind eye to the BS games the extreme GOP is doing even when it effects us all in an adverse way and it's adverse enough that you're upset about people no longer having health care.

    All I can say is how does it feel now that you yourself may not have any health care and it's the side you're supporting that made it so.

    That shoe feel a little tight now? Do it pinch a bit?

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    @Medicinebow He can afford to hate gun owners, since he is surrounder by men with guns to protect him, his wife and children for the rest of time.

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    @Medicinebow ...and Capitalism, the Constitution, Business , a growing economy, in fact, I think Obama hates America, most socialists do. That was
    what he meant by Change...we can only Hope a republican is elected in 2016,
    or we, as a Nation are done!
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    I wish Obama was a Socialist... and if he is.. then Bush was the king of socialists since they both have done the same thing regarding how this country has been run in this century... 14 years of Bush and 2 more to go....
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    For once , once , I agree with Dawkins. Most narcissists are atheists. They can't believe anyone, or anything could be more Supreme than they are. Yep, I think Dawkins has a good point. WoW!!! Lol
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    thats a very slim minority of atheists. i put this planet, my family, and my nation before my beliefs. something alot of christian politicians can take example of.
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    ...This planet...only exists because it was created by God. I won't get into a religious argument with you. However, to believe that all things created in the entire world came into existence from a 'Big Bang', is
    just totally nonsense. That's it.
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    @mimi57 No argument over religion is necessary, but when you make a statement like that you have to expect debate and disagreement. Personally, I think BOTH examples you mentioned are total nonsense.

    It really doesn't matter which, if any, religious affiliation Obama. What matters is the kind of man he is.
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    True, but most atheists aren't narcissists. But for those people you were describing, that small minority do sound very arrogant.
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    No because he's exactly like fundamentalist Christians in the sense that he's extremely militant and intolerant. His beliefs are not absurd, I couldn't care less about if he's atheist or not, it's the way he goes about the world. He makes statements like this one that are extremely unnecessary and inflammatory.
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    @LibertyLeading " He makes statements like this one that are extremely unnecessary and inflammatory. " Not unlike extreme conservatives?
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    He believed in the voting public and that it was possible that they would be smart enough to elect him.

    I'm glad he was right.
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    An atheist candidate for president in this country would stand little chance of winning. Religion is one area where politicians MUST appear to be followers of a Christian faith in order to placate the electorate and so tell the public what they want to hear. The truth is known only to the individual believer/non-believer.
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    Because why? America founded on christian principles. Go back into history, to this country's founders and forefathers.....
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    @Knightkore You may be correct, but Christian principles and a belief in God are not necessarily tied together. Many Christian principles can be agreed to by an atheist such as myself because they make common sense in light of maintaining a civil society.
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    @Russell797 Okay. Satan though is not opposed to good morals but rather the name of Jesus Christ and salvation by and through Him.....
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    Religious Affiliation of the Signers of the
    Declaration of Independence

    Episcopalian/Anglican 32 57.1%
    Congregationalist 13 23.2%
    Presbyterian 12 21.4%
    Quaker 2 3.6%
    Unitarian or Universalist 2 3.6%
    Catholic 1 1.8%
    TOTAL 56 100%

    Name of Signer State Religious Affiliation
    Charles Carroll Maryland Catholic
    Samuel Huntington Connecticut Congregationalist
    Roger Sherman Connecticut Congregationalist
    William Williams Connecticut Congregationalist
    Oliver Wolcott Connecticut Congregationalist
    Lyman Hall Georgia Congregationalist
    Samuel Adams Massachusetts Congregationalist
    John Hancock Massachusetts Congregationalist
    Josiah Bartlett New Hampshire Congregationalist
    William Whipple New Hampshire Congregationalist
    William Ellery Rhode Island Congregationalist
    John Adams Massachusetts Congregationalist; Unitarian
    Robert Treat Paine Massachusetts Congregationalist; Unitarian
    George Walton Georgia Episcopalian
    John Penn North Carolina Episcopalian
    George Ross Pennsylvania Episcopalian
    Thomas Heyward Jr. South Carolina Episcopalian
    Thomas Lynch Jr. South Carolina Episcopalian
    Arthur Middleton South Carolina Episcopalian
    Edward Rutledge South Carolina Episcopalian
    Francis Lightfoot Lee Virginia Episcopalian
    Richard Henry Lee Virginia Episcopalian
    George Read Delaware Episcopalian
    Caesar Rodney Delaware Episcopalian
    Samuel Chase Maryland Episcopalian
    William Paca Maryland Episcopalian
    Thomas Stone Maryland Episcopalian
    Elbridge Gerry Massachusetts Episcopalian
    Francis Hopkinson New Jersey Episcopalian
    Francis Lewis New York Episcopalian
    Lewis Morris New York Episcopalian
    William Hooper North Carolina Episcopalian
    Robert Morris Pennsylvania Episcopalian
    John Morton Pennsylvania Episcopalian
    Stephen Hopkins Rhode Island Episcopalian
    Carter Braxton Virginia Episcopalian
    Benjamin Harrison Virginia Episcopalian
    Thomas Nelson Jr. Virginia Episcopalian
    George Wythe Virginia Episcopalian
    Thomas Jefferson Virginia Episcopalian (Deist)
    Benjamin Franklin Pennsylvania Episcopalian (Deist)
    Button Gwinnett Georgia Episcopalian; Congregationalist
    James Wilson Pennsylvania Episcopalian; Presbyterian
    Joseph Hewes North Carolina Quaker, Episcopalian
    George Clymer Pennsylvania Quaker, Episcopalian
    Thomas McKean Delaware Presbyterian
    Matthew Thornton New Hampshire Presbyterian
    Abraham Clark New Jersey Presbyterian
    John Hart New Jersey Presbyterian
    Richard Stockton New Jersey Presbyterian
    John Witherspoon New Jersey Presbyterian
    William Floyd New York Presbyterian
    Philip Livingston New York Presbyterian
    James Smith Pennsylvania Presbyterian
    George Taylor Pennsylvania Presbyterian
    Benjamin Rush Pennsylvania Presbyterian
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    Who cares, the only difference is that he won't be screaming out "Oh my God" while he is raping us and the Constitution.

    The Great Spirit is looking for actions, not affiliations.
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    How come all this stuff was okay with you'll when Bush was in office and doing the same thing....
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    @LEC It wasn't. How did you infer that I condoned the actions of any of our recent POTUSs?

    I believe in the Constitution; the founding fathers were a wise group of men, that have been ignored for a while. Policing the world, wars to install puppet dictators, fiscal irresponsibility, liberty infringement, these are but a few of my complaints for the Presidents and I won't even start with Congress.

    I ask you again, what makes you think I was OK with Bush's actions? Baiting much? Assuming that if I doth harm the fair name of Obama I must be a "right wing nutjob"? Assumptions are never a substitution for researching and coming to a factual decision (or in this case, just ask me).
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    I assumed that you weren't a liberal given your rant, but then I failed to understand the rant, given Obama has done nothing much different than Bush... so if your not a Liberal/democrat you are either a Conservative/tea party/ libertarian Republican? If not .. what?
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    I am just a plain ole Libertarian. I research the hell out of the decisions I make and the candidates I back. I am not new to this, I have been Libertarian and a proponent of small government since the late 80's. Just recently graduated to a soap box since I am so sick of what I see.

    Thank you for asking, and have a good day.
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    Well I have researched the hell out of Libertarians and I hope you guys never ever get in control of anything... I appreciate libertarian philosophy when it comes to things like sex, drugs and other private actions and of course, the bill of rights,.. but your philosophy of the market place and government, scares the hell out of me.... And the biggest reason is because that it has nothing to appeal to women.. oh a little bit, but that is only in the area of private actions.. your market place theories leave women cold.
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    Barack Husssein Obama is "whatever he needs to be" at any given moment. 1) Is he a Christian? He claims to be but who knows. 2) Is he a Muslim? Who knows...he certainly sympathizes with them 3) Is he an Atheist? They can have him as far as I am concerned.
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    I have always said Obama is a secret Muslim and a Muslim sympathizer. But people didn't care and still voted for him.
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    @syzugy ask the christians and jews in predominantly muslim countries. can't because most have been slaughtered by muslim.
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    it's wishful thinking on Daekins part, he's mistaken being an indifferent church goer to being an atheist. However mamy atheists are as fanatic that there is no God and stick everything into that bag as most fundamentalists are about there is a God and I know exactly what his rules are and stick everything into that bag. Yes I know I conflated atheists with christian extremism but they are the extreme doctrinaire wing of the doubt's about church, religion, and a self aware creator. That's why Dawkins can even pretend Obama is an atheist. Obama is way over on the opposite fringe.
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    @syzugy oh I agree completely although the atheists over on the leftist sites get quite agitated when I suggest that the only position that would be non faith-based would be agnosticism
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    @syzugy @j2saret
    Faith is, in this context, the "belief in something for which there is no proof".'Proof' can be derived empirically or logically - as the proof that exists (or doesn't) isn't neutral, it follows that atheism is by definition not faith-based.

    Agnosticism is only an appropriate position when proof on either side is equal. Such is not the case when questioning an Abrahamic god.
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    @Rattrap I see the issue as note basic than denial of the biblical God. to be an atheist is to say that there is absolutely no self aware first cause for the universe. as scientific proof for that position is as equally impossible to gather as proof for the position that there is a self-aware first cause of the universe agnosticism is the only choice. If all you are denying is God as developed In the middle East then you have adopted an agnostic position.
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    You are quite correct in saying that proving a negative is impossible - this is why the logical burden of proof always lies with those claiming something is. One should be careful with their definition of 'atheism', though, as people define it in subtly different ways. From Wikipedia:

    "Atheism is, in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities. In a narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities. Most inclusively, atheism is simply the absence of belief that any deities exist."

    The popularized or 'militant atheism' would be the 'narrower sense', which is exactly what you say. This, as you've reasonably pointed out, is unsupportable empirically. While I'll argue one can support it logically, I'm still a fan of of the 'most inclusively' definition.

    The reason why agnosticism isn't a good position at a closer look is illustrated nicely by Burtrand Russel's teapot or Carl Sagan's dragon (or any other unfalsifiable claim).
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    Hearing so many claims about his being a Muslim, I read "The Faith of Barack Obama" by respected evangelical Christian author Stephen Mansfield, who also wrote the bestseller "The Faith of George W. Bush." He answered an altar call and was baptized 3 years later. He also attends church services at Camp David (I don't know if it is every Sunday) conducted by a Southern Baptist minister.
    I may not agree with all of the President's views on Christianity (nor the Pope's for that matter!), but he clearly is a Christian.
    May those that argue otherwise obey the Commandment not to bear false witness.
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    Mark 12:30-31

    Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this:‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”
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    You know, President Obama's religious affiliation or lack thereof is not at all on my radar. I'm just very pissed about his use of Executive Orders. It's funny. One of his Executive Orders was to quash a duly enacted law passed by both the House and the Senate in 1997. And ironically, one of the Quizzes on Politix asks questions on Executive Orders and that particular action, i.e. quashing existing law/creating new laws IS A WRONG ANSWER as to how Executive Orders may be used. The particular law barred the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from conducting firearms research. Dr. Miguel Faria, a FORMER HIGHLY-PLACED EXECUTIVE OF CDC&P testified than and now that CDC&P generates a lot of 'JUNK SCIENCE' as far as firearms were concerned and that the agency's M.O. was to arrive at a desired finding and then manipulate research, statistics, etc. to fraudulently support that finding. Google Dr. Miguel Faria. He is a very-well-respected Neurosurgeon in the USA.
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    "One of his Executive Orders was to quash a duly enacted law passed by both the House and the Senate in 1997"

    and how did a gang of teapartiers in the house let him get away with that?

    Where was the uproar?
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    I am an atheist but I am conscious of how much damage such a claim could do to the president in a country that is still so fundamentally 19th century when it comes to religion or superstition as I call it!
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    You can't tell amuricans that you don't believe in jebus and all the ludicrous nonsense in the bible. Other than some obscure third world countries america must be the only first world country that wants a jebus believer as leader. I remember the ludicrous nonsense about Kennedy being a catholic and doing what the pope wants in 1960. Talk about delusional nonsense.
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    Atheists just want people to check their stupid magical beliefs at the door when making decisions on matter. it isn't exactly a tall order, but people keep fucking that up.
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    President Obama is neither Christian nor Muslim. He is an opportunist. He will quote the Bible or the Koran whenever it suits his agenda.
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    It's amazing what kind of comments these articles cause.

    I don't give a damn what religion he follows, if one. He is the president of a secular government - if he prays to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, it's not my problem until he says I have to as well.
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