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    A lot of Dems I knew personally confided in me they voted (R) in yesterday's VA Gubernatorial. Not so much because of Kookinelli, but more so because they are starting to see they hate 0bysmalcurse. This will be a growing trend throughout 2014.
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    @BravoJuliet @MarkJM

    If it POs people as much as it has the potential to, it may usher in a Republican dynasty. I just hope real conservatives can make themselves relevent in whatever happens.
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    Because of massive GOP gerrymandering the odds favor the republicans even though they got nearly 1.5 Million fewer votes last time.

    BUT.... Should John Boehner and his tea party minority manage to shut the government down again a little closer to the election then the dems will have a pretty good chance. It's all going to come down to how the tea party behaves.

    By next year's election all of the bugs with the Obamacare website will have been resolved and people will have some experience with the new law. I suspect they'll like it.

    Hopefully the GOP will continue to run on a platform of repealing Obamacare, investigating Benghazi and calling half of the country a bunch of moochers. Those are the kinds of issues that propelled President Romney to the white house last year and gave the tea party the big wins yesterday. They should do the same for the GOP in 2014 should the GOP choose to run on these issues again.
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    Their biggest problem is the constant harping on gays and abortions. The economy is circling the drain, a record number of people are having to turn to public assistance programs, and these 2 hot button social issues are what are being focused on? It's imprudent.
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    It has always fascinated me that any Obama cover up and scandal you attack anyone demanding and investigation and answers, yet you would demand Bush head for any of these.
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    @Arumizy No - but Bush should be investigated for not paying attention to 28+ warnings about bin Laden trying to strike inside the US prior to 9/11. He should also be investigated for lying about WMDs and getting us into the Iraq war. He does not need to be investigated for any of the 13 attacks similar to Benghazi that happened on his watch.
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    @PNWest Ok so any of Obama's scandals are safe and should not be investigated, so that we might be able to prevent it next time or he may be at fault. And only those you find worthy of Bush should be. Got it.
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    It will be an awful next couple of years!!!! It really does not matter who wins, we will all be sick of the elections.
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    The longer the administration doubles down on the failed implementation of ObamaCare, the more fodder they are giving the opposition.
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    I hear Obama is campaigning the ACA for the remainder of his term...guess he is not too sure about his signature law anymore...
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    I expect the Republicans to keep the House, but hell, I never figured America was actually dumb enough to elect Obama to a 2nd term.
    So, who the hell knows?
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    Well the argument it would have been smart to elect Rmoney fell on deaf ears because people are not quite that stupid
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    Depends. If 0bysmalcurse turns out (as it appears to be) screwing more Americans over in the wallet, that could result in backlash against the Dems. The real sticker shock won't take place until January/February timeframe, but the lasting effects could go into November. But if the GOP throws a tempertantrum (particularly the teabaggers) and shuts down the government again, the Dems would get a new jump. It's a year out, that's a political lifetime from now.
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    Don't for see teabaggers doing it again but for the record, Obama shut down the government. House approved everything Obama asked for to pay the bills.
    Not gonna promise what's ahead in the future except to say democrats will be enraged after hearing their words spoken during shutdown over and over again in GOP campaign ads.

    Especially when context with statements like, "we have to pass the bill to no what's in the bill."
    Obama saying he wouldn't have a gun put to his head.
    The gifts our Liberal friends gave U.S. in sound bites are like morsels dropped from Air Force One.
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    Dems already trying to distance themselves from ACA.
    Allyson Schwartz (D) candidate for PA Governor removes her “Affordable Care Act” page from website.
    "Here’s another Obamacare error message you should know about. A few hours after we highlighted her broken promise on Obamacare, Allyson Schwartz removed the page from her official site that told people they could keep their existing health care plans. If you visit , you’ll now see “Page Not Found.” We’re curious if she enlisted Obama’s web team to make the update.
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    If Republicans and Libertarians can muzzle their candidates insofar as Gay Marriage, Gay Rights, Abortion, and just continue to just witness the implosion of ACA/Obamacare, the anger over high rates, forced unnecessary coverage, etc. and attempt to present a cooperative front (I said cooperative front, not collaboration or total surrender) to solving our nation's problems, I think Republicans have not only a good chance at retaining their House majority, but they COULD win a seat or two in the Senate if Shumer, Feinstein, Reid, & Company renew their efforts at more gun control. In other words, let's wait and see, lol.
    But seriously. Republicans have to seriously muzzle some of their candidates re gay issues and abortion. Not objecting does not mean approving. Objecting is regarded as attempting to deny large segments of the population their rights. Let the Left Wing be the party that launches attacks on the Bill of Rights. Don't you be. I've noticed a certain phenomenon on Politix. That when Republicans and Libertarians disagree with me on some issues, they will still vote me up on other issues such as immigration and the 2nd Amenment. The overwhelming majority of the Left Wing people may agree with me on issues such as abortion, and gay rights, and they may even throw some faint praise my way, but VERY RARELY vote me up on those or any other issues, lol. I'll start acting that way too, lol. Turnabout is fairplay, no?
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    To be quite honest i do not know, if the left takes the House then there goes any chance at stopping their assault on constitutional rights, if the right takes the Senate there is little chance at getting a solution for everyone. The problem at the moment is not with political parties so much as it is with the adoption of my way or the highway partisanship, refusal to compromise.
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    As in constitutional rights for corporations (also people), now that a republican heavy supreme court has said so?
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    HOw is there an assault on gun unconstitutional gun laws have been passed?

    Due Process?

    Privacy? Are you talking about the NSA stuff started under Republican administration?
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    @NolanVoyd There is always an excuse or deflection with you isn't there, never anything can be the fault of the left.
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    People are so stupid in this country...anyone who would vote for any democrat after this Forced policy ObamaCare...Must be a true useful idiot.
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    The Virginia governors race is a prime example of ignorance on behalf of the Republican party.They chose to not support their candidate financially because he would not play their game and spoke out on different subjects,In the last 2 weeks he blasted obama care which gathered a lot of support from voters losing by less than 3% of the final vote .Bloomberg,obama ,the clintons and big money donors out spent the Republican by over $20 million.Sadley less than Republican voters turned out and it became A near victory for the underdog.
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    Obamacare, scandals, and the attack on guns will take care of any democrat running except for Pilosi and others who buy their elections.
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    I suppose it's possible for the Dems to win back the House but not probable. Due to the gerrymandering and stretched-out concentration of votes in Dem urban areas Democrats will have to get more than 50 percent of the vote to get 50 percent of the House seats. In 2012, Democrats received 50.6 percent of the two party vote but only got 46.2 percent of the seats. Therefore, they are likely to need more than 50.6 percent of the vote to take back the House. Our politics have changed. Redistricting allows politicians to pick voters--not the other way around. This is a serious problem.
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    I expect the Dems will not bend to Republican demands forcing another shut down before the 2014 election. The Republicans will be blamed (of course they will be at fault) and the Dems will take back the house.
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    "Do Dems Have A Real Shot At Winning The House in 2014? "
    Well certainly better than the Libertarian party, the green party, the constitution party or the communist party . Come to think of it there is only two parties that have a real shot at winning the house in 2014, the democrats or the republicans. If they only did offer us change...we could then have hope, but it will be business as usual.
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    This is exactly what I've been saying for. The republicans have alienated everyone. All the voter suppression in the world wont stop the trip behind the woodshed that the republicans have earned themselves. Its gonna be great!
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    "This is exactly what I've been saying. The Democrats have alienated everyone with ACA. All the voter suppression BS in the world democrats spew won't stop the trip behind the woodshed that the democrats have earned themselves. It's gonna be great !"

    Corrected it for you.
    Civil Wars a coming to a ballot box near you come 2014.
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    So you support showing a ID to buy a firearm, which does not affect out are slobbering at the mouth about having to show ID to vote, which affects everyone, thus you dub it voter suppression.
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    @daclark1911 I hope you're still on this site in say 8-10 months. A LOT of republicans will be eating crow over ACA, you'll be one of them. It will be glorious, and then we will start arguing about vaginas again cause that's way more important than talking about jobs or trade.
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    I look forward to the "Crow" feast, of course rather than eating it the right and Republicans may be serving it. We don't know what will happen in the 2014 election at this time, the ACA and its possible effect on the population may be a determining factor. I am one Republican that actually hopes the ACA works, I don't understand how it can unless there are some major revisions to the Act.
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    between the time bomb called Obamacare and China - God Bless America and the unarmed/military protected citizens.
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