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    Study. From Harvard. 27,000 will die because they don't get Medicaid. Check!

    Another study. American Surgical Association - you're better-off WITHOUT insurance than having Medicaid! Unadjusted mortality rates:
    º Medicare: 4.4%
    º Medicaid: 3.7%
    º Uninsured: 3.2%

    Yet another study. New England Journal of Medicine. Two-year results:
    º Medicaid generated no significant improvement in measured physical health outcomes.

    Two studies seem to indicate NOT having Medicaid is better than having it!

    And don't blame the Republican governors for the poor design of the health care law; not a single governor - democrat or republican - got to vote on the ACA.

    *** References ***
    American Surgical Association:
    Article on ASA study:

    Oregon Study (New England Journal of Medicine):
    Forbes Article on Oregon Study:
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    What a stupid statistic. Medicare is old people, Medicaid is the extreme poor, non-insured are typically young people.
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    @AceLuby I'm guessing you didn't actually read the statistics, did you? Here's a brief review:

    º Medicaid (not MEDICARE): 3.7%
    º Uninsured: 3.2%

    º Medicaid (not MEDICARE) generated no significant improvement in measured physical health outcomes.
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    @Kimber_TLE We had this discussion on another thread but anyway, Medicare is the elderly and in that group many already have health problems that make health outcomes not as good and death more likely. Medicaid, same thing only these would be disabled people who probably have health problems and the poor who don't go to the doctor for preventive care because they can't afford to.
    Now if you look at it in a few years after ACA has been in place for a while I think there will at least be improvement for the poor on medicaid who will now be able to see a doctor. Hopefully it will improve overall for all of them.
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    @Darkdreamer Yepper, we done-did have this conversation once before.

    But one of the problems people on both Medicare and Medicaid have now is: finding a doctor willing to accept Medicare/Medicaid.

    And recent trends are: more doctors (and hospitals) are refusing to accept new Med* patients, reducing choices for Med* patients. And if stories are true (and only time will tell), fewer doctors and hospitals are going to be willing to accept "Obamacare" exchange policies.

    It's not looking rosy for those being forced into Medicaid because they don't qualify for the private/exchange/subsidized insurance.
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    This organization is focused solely on socialized health care. Among it's funding and backers are:
    The HCAN Steering Committee is composed of the following organizations: ACORN; the AFL-CIO; the AFSCME; the American Federation of Teachers; Americans United for Change; the Campaign for America’s Future; the Center for American Progress Action Fund; the Campaign for Community Change (the so-called "action center" of the Center for Community Change); the Children’s Defense Fund Action Council; the Communications Workers of America; ; the NAACP; the National Council of La Raza; the National Education Association; the National Women’s Law Center; the Service Employees International Union (SEIU); the United Automobile, Aerospace & Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW); the United Food and Commercial Workers Union; USAction; Women’s Voices, Women’s Vote; and Working America.
    HCAN has received $5 million in funding from George Soros, and funding from Teresa Heinz Kerry.
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    I'll bet more die as the result from 0bysmalcurse next year....

    Now where are the underwear liberals who are gonna get all in a tizzy over that statement?
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    I agree that obamacare seems to be extremely flawed. But this goes to show that the rival party is no better.
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    Just nationalize healthcare and be done with it. The current model sucks, Obamacare sucks. It's time to put a collar on this over-priced turkey.
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    @jond414 That means you are on your way to more cost for inferior care. The Liberal Wet Dream yay !
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    this is horse hockey! And just WHAT are all the people on welfare going to do when the federal government goes broke because no one will lend it money anymore?
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    And when do you think that will happen? You know, seeing as this has never happened before in history...
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    Despicable. It,s absolutely unconscionable that the health care and insurance industries would let thousands die because they not getting the profit margins they want.
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    This is what conservatives are fghting for!

    Conservatives do not care about people. This story isnt really telling us anything we didnt already know.
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    That's non-since. I can't imagine anyone want's any one to die.

    This legislation is about market share, profits and government expansion. You can buy into the partisan politics angle if you like, but leave me out of it. I'm not buying it.

    Neither of the power parties address the desperate need for tort reform and insurance regulation. What I believe is the root problem for which they offer no solutions. Government expansion is not a solution.
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    @2kingsdaughter The right seems to be fighting it, but the professional politicians in them is loving it.

    They all love to see their business grow and grow. The rights demographic is against this Government Expansion Plan so they have to put up a fight before they take a dive.

    In the end, my prediction; The Professional Politician Wins- America Loses Big.
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    oh boy where they come up with these numbers haha 27000 may die 80,000 may die 14 might die.... if those 27,000 are in such a rough shape that they're going to die without Medicaid expansion they're going to die anyways... what a load of crap you can tell they're desperate when they go to that type of fear mongering horse shit... who the evil Republicans with horns on their head what 27,000 poor people to die and they want to starve them first and then they're going to throw their corpses off a cliff in a wheelchair.. hahahahaha
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    oh that's what is really going to kill me ... I'm going to die laughing.... the truth is Medicaid is already expanding because of Obamacare.. states don't have to do it.. the young people who are supposed to be the backbone of Obama's brilliant idea are signing up for Medicaid instead of Obamacare... why you might ask? because thanks to Michelle and Barack Hussein Obama these children who are now almost 30 years old are still living at home with no jobs.... tell me again how Obama and the Democrats are the smartest creatures to walk upright.
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    @Now_What first of all I'm not flustered over anything.. and you seem to not understand the failure of Obamacare is in fact the expansion of Medicaid. why didn't Obama just come out and say you know what we're going to do stroyed the best healthcare system in the world and put everyone on welfare that's what he's doing... and for anybody who still dumb enough to support that moron president and this idiotic " plan"( which of course is no plan except chaos) this should be a real eye opener... because the plan was to get young people to subsidize older sick people.... and now the plan seems to have morphed into expanding welfare ...( the expansion of Medicaid by every state by mandate)

    I mean even the most disingenuous lying Democrat should be able to admit that had Barack Hussein Obama admitted any iota of truth of his " plans" to destroy people's health care and switch them over to welfare not only would we have a president Romney right now but it would have been a historic blowout election.

    .... instead we're talking about expanding welfare and putting the burden on States to pay for it....( and I'll just go out on a limb here and expect you to understand that means the taxpayers of the state not some magical organization that has piles and piles of money sitting in Vaults somewhere
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    @bsking Trying to go back to obamacare, huh? I called it, you don't like to see that the party you worship has the same issues. I know it gets you flustered, but it's how it goes I guess.
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    @Now_What once again this does not get me flustered I can pay for concierge medicine and that's exactly what I will do... while followers of our idiot president will wait for hours in auditorium size waiting rooms at some public with hundreds of other welfare recipients ( and there entourages) to see a different ( hopefully medical) technician each visit.

    meanwhile... the slack jaws in the media will continue to try and convince people to sign up for Obamacare and pay double and triple what they were paying under a free-market system... while we're young people will enroll in Medicaid and save their money for 10 cent wing night at Hooters.
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    Since the facts don't align with your ideology, you declare that the facts must be wrong. As usual.
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    That's a total lie. HuffPo does, in fact, include columns from conservative writers. The fact that Huffington herself is liberal doesn't mean that every writer on her site is too.
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    If people didn't vote (R) there wouldn't be so many stories like this. Republicans don't care if people die or starve as long as they can get a few digs in at Obama.
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    @PNWest Damn...I applied for that job too but they never called me back...Anyway...Congrats on the new job "GOP Spokesman".

    Update - Just got email from Jay Carney...I scored too low on the "Are you a good liberal" test.
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    @seedtick You can say anything you want. It doesn't have to be true. You can lie, distort the truth and make up things by pulling them out of your butt if you want to. In fact it is pretty much a requirement for conservatives.
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    @PNWest Just like someone did when they put the headline on this article. Don't I have the same right to point out something that is going wrong? Barack Husssein Obama can try to apologize to these five million but it doesn't change the grief it causes them.
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    I predict within 15 years America will be teetering on the brink of becoming a third world country.

    And most of you go, Bah, could never happen. It can and it. Third world countries have wealthy people. In fact, that's the problem. They either have rich people or they have poor people. They don't have many in-betweens. And that is where we are heading. If you're not rich, and I doubt there are any rich people on Topix, we will ALL be asking ourselves what the hell happened.
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    That long ? I'd say 10. Between 1) Printing Money 2) Unfunded Liabilities 3) People on the dole 4) Borrowing from China. We have zippo chance. An unsustainable model.
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    Show me a socialist country that doesn't have a one percent class and a poor class. Then ask yourself who is the 1 percent in socialists nations and you'll find it's government. Government rich -- governed poor.
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    A lot of states can't afford it.. plus the way Obama care is going over 100,000 people could die before obama care kicks in.
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    Did you even read the article or are you just typing out the talking points of the day from your 1% maters? States can not afford to NOT do it.
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    A few thousand lives lost is a small price to pay to maintain a belief that everyone is totally responsible for their own fate.

    Unless of course it happens to be a corporation needing a tax break or subsidy...
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    More people will die due to ACA, people with thousands of dollars more in out of pocket expenses will forgo medical care altogether. Nice job Obama, pricing people away from healthcare.
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    Oh my! 27,000 might die just because also? What kind of crap is this "might" BS??? A tornado MIGHT hit your house tomorrow, you MIGHT get hit by a bus within the year, you MIGHT...

    How ridiculous!!
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    I've recently conducted a study that found 100% of people will die during their lifetime! I am getting ready to publish in in several leading medical journals.
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    @Yank It sounds like an interesting concept. Send over your work and I'll slap an academic peer review seal of approval on it to give it another layer of legitimacy.
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    @BravoJuliet "Yep, one thing is assured for all die at least once and it's at a 100% mortality rate so far."
    Enoch and Elijah make the percentage slightly less than 100.(Liberals demand precision, don't you know.)
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    100% of people who eat carrots are going to die. We must find a cure for this deadly killer. People have a right to eat carrots!
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    Wanting poor people to die -- yup, that sounds like Republicans. That's their plan for dealing with poverty in America.
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    Wanting poor people to die? Come on now.

    The truth is that the Republicans have/had no plan and the Democrats delivered us this can of worms. We have goons in office that either do nothing or get things wrong.

    When we address why millions are poor and many are jobless many of our issues will ease. The results we have are a byproduct of the types of people we keep (re)electing. We get what we deserve. Perhaps one day people will see this.
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    @Medicinebow Oh, but Republicans do have a plan. I've hear it from their grassroots supporters every day. "Cut the lazy slackers off from food. Make children work if their parents can't afford to feed them. Cut the lazy slackers off from medicine."

    The Republican Plan to address poverty is "Let them die. They're just human waste."

    Unfortunately, the ignorant and callous people who advocate this as the best way for government to address poverty are blithely oblivious to what happened to the originator of that quote.
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    Oh come on, Zazz. You know better than that.

    No one wants anyone to die do to lack of health care. This legislation is a fight for market share, plain and simple. Government expansion and forced insurance sales.

    Health care does not have to cost what it does. Politicians, Lawyers, Administrators, Insurance companies and Drug companies all looking to get their cut is where the inflated cost come from.
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    Is he saying that by having Medicaid 27,000 people will live forever? Oh and there were 2.5 million deaths in the US last year. I wonder if we will see "not having Medicaid" listed as any of the cause of death.
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    Come on, I know they don't like Obamacare, but they have a chance to try and save some lives. Let's get this done.
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    @HCAN Since you are projecting liberal politics of fear......How about this

    "Since Democrats refused to delay Obamacare- & the law forced ins companies to offer insurance people didn't want & higher priced insurance they can't afford MILLIONS may die next year."

    Run with that.
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