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    I'm concerned about all countries considering Islamic Governments, Syria is the most immediate threat at this time.
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    I'm concerned by any country ruled by laws based on religious beliefs, not just Islam but any religion. Theocracies try to force conformity to a specific set of beliefs, and usually leave no gray area for those who think the truth may lie elsewhere.
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    good post. Religion, throughout history, has been responsible for invasion and
    destruction of human lives.
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    A lot of very good comments on here as why the ME is a powder keg.

    As to Turkey, the US needs to help the moderates return to power, they were the only group in the region who saw the danger of the terrorist taking over governments there.

    I voted for Syria for just that reason. If the Syria conflict (Civil War) can be ended, than there's a possibility that Turkey's current gov't will change back.

    As to Israel depending on the Saudis to hold the line, well consider that the followers of political Islam Wabhabi's movement [as opposed to the conservative side Wabhabi tenets] is centered there and it is the worst-of-the-worst - think Bin Laden!
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    The proper concern for all of US is right here at home where we have an islamic POTUS with his bend over and take it road to appeasement and 'submission' to what is obviously the greatest evil on earth; the muslim invasion of every nation they can reach! They must be stopped, especially here at home, using any draconian measure called for!
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    The should allow these countries to correct their borders so that Sunnis and Shiites have their own countries as they did before the carving began after WW2. I'd imagine if we'd go back into the reasons for carving up the ME it was to control the governments that would come from creating these borders that included tribes that didn't much care for one another.
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    It is past time for the American Empire to end, with those of the Pentagon, Department of State and the Welfare State that have cooperated and conspired with Congress to make our nation indebted and less great. The Cold War is over and national defense should be near or at our borders. The D.C. elite will fight for those nice suburban houses with perks and privileges and pretty prosperous spouses; easy for them to be Santa Clauses for their worthy causes.
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    How did Afghanistan not make the list? Are we not at war right there right now? Is not the Taliban still the most organized threat re: Fundamental Islam? Are we not not only losing to them, but as a nation trying to find a way to run from them with our tails between our legs (but with dignity)?
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    Turks are spread throughout Europe more than any other Islamic group. This is very important because they could do the most damage to our allies. Turkey is also our most powerful ally in the Middle East and we have huge military bases there. An Islamist swing would effectively destroy much of our clout in the region. Turkey was also Israel's most effective clandestine ally. Since the Islamist rise to power that cooperation has petered out and the Israelis have had to rely on the Saudis more which has its pluses and minuses.
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    The USA…! They follow a doctrine that is both evil and dangerous to all of US, their invasion is ongoing and continuing without end never giving up after a setback, just trudging forward killing all who oppose them.
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    Gaza is the main impediment to Mideast peace. I disagree with most of the analysis. Here the supporters of Obamacare are a shrinking minority. Does anyone believe that every one who oppose Obamacare will vote all Democrats out of office? The professor uses statistics to make his argument. The saying 'there are lies, damn lies and statistics' applies.
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    HMMM......I think this op-ed has stolen a page straight out of Obama's book......
    "the tide seems to be turning" is once again our foolish thinking that we have "defeated terrorism" and Islamic fundamentalism.
    The middle east has been fighting each other and the rest of the world since before the creation of Christianity.
    We are fools to believe we have turned the tide and to believe we will ever turn the tide.....
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