AIllinois 'Sneaker Tax' Would Fund Youth Job Programs



Of course this is the state of Illinois, they tax everything there rather than cut spending, so very Democrat Party modes operandi! Note to self, do not move to state with Dem. Mayors, or Governor, they simply raise taxes, tax the air you breath, tax your shoes, tax your windows and anything else they can rather than cut expenses. Note to all would be thieves, go to Chicago to break and enter, the police have put the city on notification that they will not be able to respond to 911 calls unless there is bodily harm. Great, now all the B & E artists know they can do what they will, the police will not show up and the home owners are not allowed, by law, to have a gun. B & E just got easier and risk free.
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    Your post shows how completely misinformed you are: "...and the home owners are not allowed, by law, to have a gun." That is totally false! I was a lifelong Chicago resident until recently, when I moved to a nearby suburb. I legally owned 2 firearms.

    I understand you need to stick to your NRA talking points but, when you say crap that is a blatant falsehood, it only makes you look ignorant.
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    @mtkopf You may be able to own guns, but not without your FOI card. Even still, Illinois IS the only state where a person has no conceal/carry rights.....
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    @LGRepublican but, that is NOT what Tralee posted. Why would I need a ccw permit if someone is breaking into my home?
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    @mtkopf There are no gun shops in Chicago, Chicago has one of the strongest gun laws in the nation, if you can't buy a gun in Chicago, are you breaking the law if you go out of the city and buy one elsewhere and bring it back? Just wondering. Not NRA talking points, but you did make good use of Alinski's rule #5.
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    "Note to self, do not move to state with Dem. Mayors, or Governor, they simply raise taxes" Tralee, Tralee, Tralee... You know I can't let that one slip. You live in the great state of Delaware. The last time I looked you had a democratic governor, two democratic senators, your only congressman is a democrat, a democratic state house and a democratic state senate. You live in arguably the most democratic state there is. And we both know that Delaware is a wonderful state. Would you rather live in Alabama?
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    1) Chicago does NOT have some of the strongest gun laws in the nation. Another myth perpetuated by...wait for it...the NRA!

    2) No you are NOT breaking the law if you buy a gun in Melrose Park and bring it back into the city. Chicago does not outlaw guns; I own 2 firearms and I just recently moved to the burbs.

    3) I have no idea who Alinski is therefore, I have am not knowledgeable about any rule #5. Unlike you, I do not comment on things I know nothing about.

    4) Once again, your statement: "...homeowners are not allowed, by law, to have a gun..." is blatantly false. CCW is illegal but, if one is committing B&E, CCW makes no difference.
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    @PNWest AND, guess what? Gov. Markel is RAISING OUR TAXES, again. I'd rather live in SC.
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    @mtkopf Well,, look up Saul Alinski and his rules for Radicals, Obama's Bible. Secondly, Chicago itself touts itself as having some of the strongest gun laws in America, take your beef up with the Mayor. OK, so a Chicago resident can go out of state of city and purchase a gun for protection in the city that has no gun shops. THEN said citizen of Chicago must jump through various hoops, present various forms of ID, pass certain safety classes and finally get the permit needed to have a gun in the city of Chicago. Right, sure, it's a piece of cake to get and have a gun in Chicago, why I'll bet there is no financial hardship at all and that the poorer of the poor people in Chicago all have guns, legally purchased, and all I's dotted and T's crossed and hoops jumped through and ID successfully presented. Uh huh, sure.
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    @Tralee once again you are misinformed.
    Just last Friday, Chicago Police Chief Gary McCarthy, a former member of nypd, was on WGN morning news. What did he say? Oh, Chicago's gun laws are NOT strong. So if the chief of police is saying that, and asking for stronger laws as a deterrent, why would mayor say the city has strong gun laws? I live here and I NEVER heard the current mayor claim we have one of the toughest gun laws in the nation. Provide your source for that claim.

    As for the process, you described the exact same thing one has to do to obtain a drivers license. That is an accepted practice to drive an auto, why is it so unacceptable when it comes to firearms? That is completely hypocritical. I wouldn't expect anything less from you though.
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    @Tralee You are very well off. You and your family were able to become well off because you lived in a great democratic state.
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    @PNWest LOL - Really? Strange, I thought it was my husbands smarts at getting the GI bill to pay for college, my smarts for studying accounting so I could support the family while he went to college (GI bill and Scholarship which included housing), finishing in 3 years and with Highest Honors and #1 in his class and on to U of Penn. Law school (rest of GI bill and new scholarship, no housing this time), where he again got great grades, graduated near the top of his class, got hired by one of the best law firms in DE,(A conservative one, former members being famous Republicans from DE) where HE worked his behind off for 5 years and made partner at which time HE took on the bigger and bigger cases, winning the majority of them, getting a nationwide reputation for Business Litigation to the point that several of the biggest NY law firms will work with no one else and finally ending up as president of his firm. Funny, not one Democrat was ever in that mix, not one. As a matt3er of fact, for most of that time we had a Republican Governor, things started to go downhill with the advent of the first Democrat Governor Tom Carper and further went downhill under Ruth Ann Minner. So, now that DE is fully Democratic (we used to be pretty moderate with a fairly balanced mix of R's and D's and R governors) our taxes go up every time we turn around, school taxes go up on a yearly basis, property taxes have steadily climbed for the past 10 years and there is no end in sight. The latest round of taxes were supposed to be (ROTFLOL at this one) temporary, right, under our D Governor, not only are they going to be made permanent, but a sales tax is being discussed and property taxes are set to increase, again. Yep, just great to live in the not so free state of DE. Sorry, your version of "you didn't build that" didn't work either.
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    @Tralee You and your family have been very successful in one of the "Maker" states. High taxes, high education, very productive. And now you say you want to move to one of the biggest "taker" states, South Carolina. I thought you conservatives hated takers? Now you want to become one?
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    @PNWest Our other home is in SC. DE is not a "maker" state, what does it make? It's become just like every other dem. controlled state, too many entitlements to pay for and too few people contributing to the kitty. No, it's not as bad as many, but, it's going the way of all Dem. controlled states, into hock and driving the top earners out. If Republican governors are capable of lowering taxes, lowering expenses and attracting jobs and business to their states why do libs. continue to push this tax and spend mentality? MD put on the "Millionaire" tax and saw a dramatic decrease in millionaires as they voted with their feet and moved to VA. Cut the bull, people in our bracket never take, we just give and give and give and give and get yelled at because no matter how much we give, it's never enough, after all, it's OUR fault some woman can't qualify for WIC or some guy only gets 40 weeks of unemployment, we hate poor women and children and the poor slob who doesn't have a job - at least according to the left. Harry Reid said so, we are standing in the way of women and children getting enough food, starving the unemployed, in favor of the old dying sooner etc.
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    @PNWest Forgot to add that the Dem. President is not done taxing the rich, he just got a tax on them and is asking for more, talk about greedy, isn't one tax hike per quarter enough? Now he's coming back to the well for more plus closing deductions and doing more of his favorite thing, redistributing the wealth. Dems., if they had any class at all, would be ashamed that the robber is back for round two, when's he going to go to round 3? June? Greedy, greedy, greedy and I hear he's going to cut a few cents off some obscure 10 years. LOL - same old, same old, tax and spend libs. with no thought about the debt they are leaving to their grandchildren and their great grandchildren.
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    @Tralee Delaware receives $0.77 back from the federal government for every $1 it pays in taxes. By definition it is a 'maker' state. By contrast the moochers in South Carolina get back $1.35 for every $1 that they pay in taxes. Not surprising that most of the biggest 'taker' states are republican. You were fortunate to live in the liberal north east part of the country where even most of your republicans are moderate. Did you really want to have that tea party witch girl as your senator? That would be as embarrassing as the representatives you'll have if you move to South Carolina. You should move to Oregon instead. It's far prettier and most of us have all of our teeth. By the way - You are lucky that Obama is so moderate. In the years to come you are going to see taxes on the ultra wealthy go back to where they were when we made this country great. We did just fine with a 91% marginal tax rate and you know it.
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    @PNWest LOL - This 91% or higher tax rate is just DNC talking points repeated by those on the left who didn't do any research on it. Yeah, there was a rate that high, and it applied to maybe 30 people in the US and with the tax breaks and loop holes put in place, raised no extra revenue, but you guys sure love to trot it out with some regularity. Look it up, Google or Bing it, you will be embarrassed that you even brought it up and just to make your day, the government will not be in the left's hands much longer and while this socialist president we have now can and will try to raise all our taxes, HE CAN'T FORCE US TO WORK! Make it unprofitable to work and we will retire. If too many of us just walk away, who will he have to tax next? You and yours? 50% of the working population will NOT like having to pay THEIR FAIR SHARE!
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    @Tralee The fact is that the top marginal rate was 91%. I'd be happy to see that on the top 400 families now. If you don't want to work anymore and can afford to retire I encourage you to do so. It's great. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for a conservative President any time soon. We saw what happened with the last one and it will be quite a while before America is dumb enough to elect another one.
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    @PNWest Right, you are old enough to know that just as the pendulum swings way too far left it will in turn swing to the right and at the end of Obama's term, if he even gets to do half of what he wants, the general public will run, not walk, in droves to vote in a conservative. Happens all the time. As to dumb enough ect., well, said with a laugh, the same can be said of the low information voters who flocked to vote for the "Kool" guy. They will see that he's just all talk and not one of the promised Christmas Gifts he promised for their vote will actually get done.
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    @Tralee The pendulum will indeed swing right some day. But when? Right now the demographic favor the democrats by a large margin. The GOP made a decsion to cater to the old white guy crowd back under Reagan. They are dying out now. The poeple who grew up under Clinton remember the prosperous times and are now life long democrats. It will be harder than you think to change things unless we get another Jimmy Carter type democrat who lets the Iranians humiliate us. Had Carter bombed the crap out of Iran there may never had been been another GOP President between him and W. And W. has poisoned the well for the GOP for a long time to come. Don't worry about it though. As long as you guys have provided for your future and your kids are off to a good start everything is going to work out fine.