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What I read here is a microcosm of the GOP problem today. I'm a white male over 60, pro gun, anti illegals and should be right down the GOP alley but I'm not. The reason I continue to move further and further away from the GOP is because of the kind of statements I see here. The Ultra rich in America are about 90% white male. 90% of the laws passed benefit those ultra white rich. Affirmative Action has helped no one as much as it has benefited white women.

You people have no idea of the amount of contempt I hold for the far left "fem nazi left" who make white men and pretty women the target of everything they do while justifying their own racism, bias and obesity. YET, despite my disgust for that segment of society the so called "fundamentalist right" manages to be just as offensive and even more inaccurate in their assault on freedom. You claim to not be racist but when someone speaks to the Blacks voting nearly all for Obama you say it's because Obama is black then claim You DIDN'T not vote for Obama because he is black when you know darn well to a great extent that many so called Christian right did exactly that.. Black are racist for Obama yet you deny there anti Obama racism. That's just childish. You brush aside the Latino lopsided victory for the Dems time and time again by saying "they're illegals voting". Sure in some cases they are. Just like in some cases elections are thrown by hanging chads. You don't care about corruption just as long as the corruption is by "your side". Latinos in no great numbers are voting illegally. There is no proof of that an you know it. But they do vote against you because they perceive that you are racist against them. And they damn sure have become racist against you. Great headway there. Tit for tat and on we go. Now the Asians are voting against you because of your refusal to get your religion the hell out of government. That's it in a nutshell. Asians are hard workers, pro education, Materialistic oriented. Everything a conservative claims to be. In fact everything the opposite of what a conservative claims blacks to be. Yet you lose them too.

I'm reminded of when I was in the 8th grade and we moved to a new city and every stinking kid in the 8th grade seemed to want to fight me over nothing. I obliged. Out of fear. I fought and fought and fought. I never lost a fight in the 8th grade. Except one. My mother finally had enough. "It can't possibly be that every single boy in the 8th grade is a troublemaker and you're the only angel of the bunch".

The GOP comes off as a bunch of pot bellied senior citizens who want to pack guns in public, throw every brown skinned person over the border or into the ocean and let God sort it out anywhere but HERE. And you do it in the name of a God they don't recognize anymore than you recognize their God. You come off as modern day plantation Owners. Welcome to America but only if you shut up, work cheap, don't vote and don't expect shit from me. That's how you GOP of today are seen. By me. A 66 year old white male conservative. You're bubbas. Sophisticated redneck plantation owners. Except the slaves have caught on they aren't your slaves any longer.

The GOP of your generation folks is doomed.
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    Agree 95%. The 5% exception is a technical difference only: I don't think the majority of everyday Republicans resemble the short-sighted, self-destructive party leaders you so accurately skewer. Most of my GOP friends wince at the behavior of their party leaders and the fringe crazies (like Allen West).

    As I've written elsewhere, a functional two party system is essential to our country's future. Unopposed Democrats are just as dangerous and foolish as unopposed Republicans. I sincerely hope the current Republican introspection invites more participation by mainstream party members, because only by tacking in a more centrist direction will the GOP be able to resume its proper role of balancing the government's place in our society.
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    Absolutely excellent....I believe I match your observations point for point (with the exception of moving and fighting). I was raised by staunch democrats but, as an adult, felt more aligned with the right. Well, that was a long time ago and alot has changed. Yep, the people we could once shrug off as rather meaningless minorities have outpaced Europeans in population. Us white folk marginally accepted other ethnicities as long as their presence was considered too insignificant to be overly influential. No longer can they be ignored. I still adhere to many of the principles avowed by Republicans---but I no longer tolerate the close-minded elitism practiced by so many "good Christian" conservatives. All too often I hear Republicans barking that the Dems 'just don't get it'. Well, GOP, apparently they do, providing a much more attractive platform for growing numbers of non-whites. Stubborn yourselves to death conservatives.....the left is listening. "When complaints are freely heard, deeply considered and speedily reformed, then is the utmost bound of civil liberty attained that wise men look for".
    John Milton
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    wow - slightly different perspective than mine, but it looks like we come to same conclusion. thank you for having clear eyes.
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    @DARSB Well...I am curious what a one party state will look like after 2014. There is no way the GOP is going to keep the House and on Jan 2015, when the Democrats have a super majority in the government people will be wishing there was a second party around.

    Another perspective is the MSM, whom is hardwired for a two-party state. What will they do? Declare victory? What happens when roughly 40% of the nation has no representation in government? At this point, I think we can all agree that we have roughly a 60/40 split in the voting block.
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    @RobertJHarsh I'm optimistic by policy regarding the Republicans. There's a lot of untapped talent and energy in that party that could well be its salvation.
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    @DARSB I support a multi party system. MORE than two parties. And I am far more conservative than you and many of the "progressives" who post here. But I am not a bubba like so many of the Bible belt GOP. I will not tolerate that sort of "conservatism" based on God, guns and selling fear. I stand by what I said.
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    @DARSB The GOP had ZERO chance of ever retaking the White House if they don't move to the center and mean it. I'm serious DARSB. I disagree with the far left so much it's not even a chance of them voting for me. But I disagree with the far right just as much and therefore will not vote for them either. And if they can't get me, a seriously conservative (compared to progressives) senior white male to vote for them, they're in a world of hurt.
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    @jessejaymes Of course we agree on this. There's a serious amount of denial in the Post-Romney analysis that will have to be greeted, within the party, by intelligent, informed and, most importantly, well funded moderates. The next real world test will be the 2014 midterms. Who gets primaried will tell a lot about the cohesion within the GOP.