pWhen should abortion be legal?



v In exceptional cases
The circumstances in wich i believe abortions should be legal are in the case of rape. I believe if you think you are mature enough to do the act in the first place you should be mature enough to take care of whatever consequences come out of that decision. If you are careless enough to not take necessary precautions to not have a child then you should be made to have said child and put that child up for adoption so someone who will love the child can take care of them. It is crazy letting people go out and do as they please get pregnant and then say "oh well i have too much going on in my life to have a baby .... Ill have an abortion" that child did not ask for your careless ass to get pregnant and terminate there life. Be real be humans not monsters. Have the baby then decide best coarse of action. I know condoms break and things are not 100% guaranteed even when you take precautions during sex but dont end a life to get on with another.... Let someonelse help you by adopting your unwanted love child.