pAre public school teachers paid too much or too little?



v Too little
"The education of the people mean more to us than our riches" this is suppose to be the words of Thomas Jefferson, if so, I can interpret this two ways. The education of the American people is the best way to create a democratic society; or educate the people just enough to keep them believing that they have a chance to become part of the "landed gentry". Well, the land is being confiscated by the rich, and the middle class is shrinking. Jobs are limited, our children graduate from college loaded with debt with few job options. Meanwhile, public education is being dismantled, while private charter colonies (I'm sorry, I mean schools) are being promoted as the answer to a dismal education system. Don't worry, teachers of the future will be paid better, but only those teachers who educated the children of the "landed gentry". The rest of us "useless eaters" will be relegated back to the plantations (Oh, my bad! I mean to Wal Mart).
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