AUganda's Anti-Gay Bill Linked to US Evangelical Leader



We have sufficient issues here to be concerned with. Evangelicals are supposed to be religious leaders not political tools.

"Kill the Gays" isn't a great idea in my books, but Uganda has plenty of other problems we seem more than happy to stay out of.... Why is that?
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    @Cool_voter I agree to a point. Here's a problem we ALWAYS run into.... Christian values and ethics(?) are meaningful to Christians; the rub is, not everyone is Christian.

    Muslems don't give anymore thought to Christian standards than Christians do about Buddist or Druid standards.

    As for what would Jesus say? We don't REALLY know, last time I checked he's still dead.

    There are those who would argue homosexuality is against the christian value system while others , like you, who see killing to be more of an issue.
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    @Sharpshooter all sin is against Christianity.
    Jesus was ok with hookers, he married one.
    Why can't the rest of his followed get over gays...

    And we do know what he would say, actually.
    Do unto others as you would want done to you.
    Love thy neighbor
    Love thy enemy.
    Turn the other cheek.
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    why is that? simply because the irreverent rick warren is the one who suggested and pushed the law in uganda. that's why u.s. evangelists should be worried about it.
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    @dances-weebles And he was elected to office in Uganda when? U.S. Evangelists would be better served ministering their flock HERE, it's not like they don't have issues here to deal with.

    Now, I have no love for Uganda and that's likely part of my consideration on this matter but nothing we say of do means anything to those people.

    If they want to kill gays, they're going to kill gays regardless of any outsider's position. Genocide in Uganda isn't new nor is world outrage of it.
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    @dances-weebles I do get it.... you don't.... Rick Warren isn't an elected official in Uganda and like all other outsiders doesn't have the juice to push anything into being in UGANDA. He may strongly agree with it and may speak positively about it but he is powerless in Uganda.

    I don't know of or about Rick Warren or his work; frankly Evangelicals are very low on my scale of importance but I do know Uganda and it's history. As Americans, we often overestimate the importance of ourselves. Americans are pretty much inconsequential in Uganda....
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    @woodtick57 Please be so kind as to cite chapter and verse where the Bible tells you to kill gays. I'll be waiting.
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    @Sharpshooter i guess that you'd have to look it up. it was all over the news at the time and made warren and his mega-church look pretty damned bad.
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    @dances-weebles You're referring to Rachel (make it up) Maddow and the Washington Post.... the story sold papers to people who weren't just looking for something to line the canary cage and got viewers to switch from the Cartoon Network for a few days, but those same "sources" seem to have missed his condemnation of the same law...

    Like I said, I don't give a stuff about the guy or about Uganda, but FACTS and TRUTH deserve a fair shake.
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    @Sharpshooter I wouldn't be bringing up Muslim values and homosexuality. In some Muslim countries, being gay is punishable by death...Their belief system is even more radical than ours...
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    Actually, i t is the same, as I pointed out. But then, it is the same god the two cults worship, so that should come as no surprise...
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    @Sharpshooter Not directly, but..."Muslems don't give anymore thought to Christian standards than Christians do about Buddist or Druid standards."
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    @methinks "Muslems don't give anymore thought to Christian standards..." They don't consider the Christian point of view in any matter.

    "... than Christians do about Buddist or Druid standards." You don't likely consider the point of view of Druids in any matter."

    No offense intended but I doubt you even know what Druid beliefs are, hardly anyone does.
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    @Sharpshooter Yeah, most people are going to see "killing to be more of an issue" most especially Christians. Jesus stopped the crowd from stoning a prostitute to death even though that was the lawful punishment. I think we can guess with some confidence that he would not be pro-death penalty for this.