AIllinois 'Sneaker Tax' Would Fund Youth Job Programs



Your bitching about a quarter per pair of shoes. 25 cents. The same quarter per pair of shoes that is (supposed to be) going for funding for kids programs.$.25.

....Really? This faux outrage is laughable.
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    I think a.25 cent tax on shoes, if it went to a Youth Job Program would be a good idea, if it went to the program. Chicago is so corrupt, it's hard to trust them with
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    @mimi57 once again, your ignorance is overwhelming.

    If you read the article, this is a STATE tax, not a CITY tax. Do you see the difference? Oh, unless you mistakenly think Chicago is the state capitol. Mimi, it was required that we pass an exam on state capitols to graduate Jr. High. Do you not know that Springfield is the state capitol of Illinois? Therefore, any alleged corruption within the Chicago city govt has absolutely nothing to do with this proposed tax.
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    @mtkopf I am fully aware what goes on in Illinois, my husband is from there and I
    lived there for about a year... You are ignorant, since name calling seems to be
    what you do best. Chicago is where most of the crime is in Illinois...or haven't you
    been paying attention? Where do you think the FYJ Programs would be needed?
    maybe in the poorest, deadliest and biggest city in the State?! Or Springfield???
    BTW~ Have you ever been there? State tax, City tax, Illinois is a crooked as a dogs hind leg. Bottoms up!
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    @mimi57 I have told you many times I have lived in Chicago for most of my 43 yrs . Now I reside in a burn right outside Chicago so yes I have "been there".

    These programs are spread throughout the state but, yes the youth in Chicago would benefit more bc of the relative size of the population.

    As for Chicago being the poorest city in the state, I don't think so. I believe East St. Louis may hold that title. I will look it up and get back to you.

    Just bc you lived in or near Chicago for a short time many yrs ago does not make you knowledgeable on what goes on here. I was in the Navy 20 yrs ago, does that make me an expert on today's Navy? No, it does not bc times change, things change, bc I don't live iteveryday. Point is: you claim to be knowledgeable on cChicago bc you lived here for a year and your husband used here but unless you live here now, experience what happens here now, and hear about the goings on in the news everyday, you cannot speak knowledgeably on the subject, and THAT Mimi is why I said your ignorance is overwhelming.
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    My in-laws still reside there by the way. Are you saying it's getting better?.. Chicago's
    pop. is slightly over two and a half mill.people. In 2012, they had 504 murders, or
    about 42 murders a month, 75% of the victims were between the ages of 15-35 male,
    black, and many were gang affiliated. Walter Williams, a columnist recently hammered black leaders from Obama down for "racial demogoguery". It's been run by Dems for decades.

    In contrast New York City, has a population of almost 8 million people, and last year they had 596 homicides... if you compare the number of people in NYC. to Chicago,
    you will surely see that the murder rate is disproportinately higher in Chicago. Some
    things never change. While I think it is a beautiful city, the amount of corruption and
    high murder rates are unlikely to change as long as the same people are re-elected.
    And leaders continue to turn a blind eye...
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    @mimi57 the difference between NYC and Chicago? Mandatory minimums. Btw Chicago police chief used to be with NYPD.

    I do not know exactly what the min in NYC is but I believe it to be 3 yrs for illegal gun possession(by felon).
    The MAX for illegal gun possession in Chicago is 6 months, usually pled down to probation the first 2-3 times they get caught. Chicago police have already confiscated over 700 guns.

    I promised to get back to you on poorest illinois cities, poverty rates as of 2008:

    East St. Louis. 35.1%
    Urbana. 27.3%
    Champaign. 22.1%
    Harvey. 21.7%
    Kankakee. 21.4%
    DeKalb. 21.3%
    Chicago. 19.6%
    Normal. 19.3%
    Peoria. 18.8%
    Alton. 18.7%
    Danville 18.1%

    As for your in laws still living here that's great but, if they buy a Cadillac and drive it everyday and tell you about the experience, would that make you knowledgeable on how a Cadillac performs? No I think not.

    I never said Chicago is getting better. It is not. But, I KNOW Chicago's problems bc I am HERE and you are not. As a male, do you think I know what being pregnant is like just bc my wife is currently pregnant? Or what she went through during labor and delivery bc I was there during our first son's birth? Or bc I read an article online? No.

    My whole point Mimi, which I will reiterate, is you do not live in Chicago now. You do not know what it is like everyday bc you do not experience it everyday.