AAl Sharpton's Town Hall Explodes Into Revolt Against 'Chicago Machine'



What if anything productive did Sharton say or do????
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    Sharpton did nothing of value other than get the response we are hearing nationwide, we are tired of politicians making decisions that harm rather than help. There will be an uprising from the nation in the 2014 elections, this is spreading nationwide and hopefully these people will vote differently in the elections. It is not the political party you should vote for, it is the candidate that reflects your personal views and opinions.
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    @Bill2E as an almost lifelong resident of Chicago, let me say a couple of things:
    1.) The problems in the black community do not stem from "...nepotism, cronyism, patronage..." The problems stem from the black community itself.

    2.) There is a problem with gangs, guns, drugs.
    Blaming anyone other than the parents is not addressing the problem.

    3.) Ms. Wendy Pearson, an opponent of Mayor Emmanuel's school closings, is only advancing her own agenda. The public teachers had a highly publicized strike last year. The teachers received a significant raise. The school board had to close/merge some under enrolled schools. She, as well as the teacher's union blame the Mayor. Whether it was his decision or not, doesn't matter. The city could not afford both the significant increase in pay/benefits AND keeping open partially filled schools.
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    @miketost you sir, are absolutely correct.

    He enslaves them by letting the black community deflect responsibility instead of admitting what the real problems are.
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    I'm from the west and have been a lifelong resident, Texas, Arizona areas. I have only watched from a distance and was under the impression this started in the 50's, 60's era when the Mafia ruled Chicago, then the unions became very strong. In later years we saw the city of Chicago on a downhill slide and jobs being farmed out to other nations. I have no doubt most of the problems are from parents not being parents, and government being corrupt.

    The residents need to change politicians and effect the necessary changes to being Chicago up and reduce gun violence. It must come from the citizens, because government makes problems rather than solving them. This problem is found in all large cities, smaller towns seem to be more in control of what goes on, large metropolis areas tend to be more controlled by those who should not be in office.
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    @Bill2E respectfully, I will have to disagree. Residents changing politicians will have no effect on gun violence. The gun violence, guns, and gang culture comes from lack of morals. An elected official has no effect on a community's morals.

    And, actually, Rahm has been good for Chicago. He's cut costs. He's fought the unions.
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    I can understand where you are coming from, just want you to look back at history. When the liberal agenda started the fall of the family unit also started to stumble, now it has gone into free fall. When government and liberal politicians start approving lower morals through laws that allow immorality, the public responds with lower moral values. This has continued over the years and now the pendulum is swinging in the opposite direction. The public is tired of this left to the extreme ride we have been on, now you are seeing an increase in right wing exerting pressure, which will bring us back to the center (hopefully).
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    @Bill2E you could blame "the liberal agenda" and I could cite trickle down economics and the conservatives attack on the middle class as the problems. I could probably make an argumemt for the end of the Cold War being to blame. But, respectfully, attacking political ideologies is a waste of time. Its not addressing the problems at hand. First and foremost, respect. And not just in the black community, but all over.

    People just dont have respect for others anymore. Look at all the insults and disrespect that happens here as an example. I know, i do it too, but I try not to attack unless provoked. How many times do you get cut off in traffic, just so they could get to the next red light 2 seconds faster? You, as a retired officer, probably witnessed first hand the change in attitudes. I'm sorrybto say, there's not a lot of respect for leos anymore.

    I had a friend here,@jessejaymes (if you're out there Jesse, I miss talking with you). Anyway, Jesse has a theory, from being an inner city L.A. business owner, that the rap culture, so to speak, was a big contributor to the downfall. I tend to agree. You were on the front lines for decades. So, put political ideologies aside, and tell me what you think.

    From my perspective, I feel that the rap culture began, and to this day epitomizes, the lack of respect we have for each other as humans.
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    I remember @jessejaymes, he was great and I miss his contributions to this board. I will agree that the rap culture helped contributed to the downfall, it actually started in the 60's with the protests of the Vietnam war, free sex and lots of drugs, then progressed from there to modern day. I was in my early 20's when the protests began, I remember coming into Oakland Army Air Terminal when returning from Vietnam and watching the protesters throw eggs and tomatoes at us, they were high as a kite on drugs. I watched as it became epidemic across the country and we finally left the Vietnam war in the early 70's. The drug problems increased and the moral fiber of the country was declining at a rapid rate. Move into the 21st century and it only got worse, I personally believe we are rebounding at this time and may be moving more to the center again.(at least that's my hope)
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    @seedtick if sharpton, or even Jesse Jackson, had any balls, he would go there and tell these ppl to quit blaming others. You want to blame someone, look in the mirror. Have some morals. Quit idolizing the pot smoking, gun totimg rappers. Quit trying to get rich slinging dope. And, for the love of everything that's holy, quit killing each other.

    But, that would mean they would actually have to take a stand. It would mean they put the black community's needs over their own greed(cuz they would probably insult enough ppl that they would lose donations). Sharpton and Jackson aren't part of the solution, they are part of the problem.
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    @HawkTheSlayer with all due respect Hawk, this ain't gonna change a thing.

    This will not change their votes. They will always vote D.

    The saddest thing is, Breitbart chose to focus on dem vs rep instead of focusing on the true problems.
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    @mtkopf Sharpton and Jackson have built their careers upon the misery of others. These creeps actually celebrate the violence and poverty inner city blacks suffer. If it changes for the better they will have no "message" to bring....their importance will fade.
    Sharpton says that they (he and his lackeys) will "listen to the tapes" and see what they will learn. I don't believe he will listen to another word these folks have to say...if he does he will be totally out of character.