pShould public schools teach Evolution or Creationism?



v Creationism
Let me simply say this. okay, Creationism may be religion, but what was this country founded on? CHRISTIANITY! IT is in the constitution! Creationism used to be taught in schools! There never used to be a "public school" or "christian school", the school was run by the church! And if we evolved from monkeys, why are we still humans? why haven't we evolved into something bigger and better? And why are monkeys still around? And for all of those people who believe in the "big bang" , well if there was no life, then how did anyone/anything cause earth to just appear? It can't happen!!! And when people are dying, why else would they say or point to where they're going, Heaven, if it wasn't real? some dying people are so out of it they can't remember their name, yet they can point to where they're going!! Neither Creationism nor evolution has been proven, but look at what America WAS founded on. Christianity. And how could anyone be athiest or not believe, and/or hate something they've never seen? U just have to believe! u don't have to live perfect as some people think! Pray sometime, be sure to ask him to show his existence by answering that prayer and see what happens. HE IS REAL!!! But i'm not going to sit here and argue, considering i'd be arguing and getting nowhere because lost people simply don't like to cooperate. But you'll find out when you die, And at least Christianity and creationism teaches LOVE and RESPECT to our children, not HATE like ATHEISM!!!
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