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Of course, they like big government! As the article says, most came from socialist type countries and that's what their used to. That is the United States, though. We are NOT supposed to be a communist or socialist country. Whoever wants communism or socialism has a lot of other places to choose from and they need to pick one and go there!
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    Or we could just act like the Republic we are and our elected representatives could just start actually representing the people and vote for what the majority want. If the majority want some form of goverment guaranteed healthcare we get it. If you don't like it you can go somewhere they don't. Enjoy living in a 3rd world country. If the majority if Americans decide they want our government to ignore the "well regulated" part of the 2nd amendment I have two choices. I can deal with while trying to change people's minds or I can move to anyone of the other developed nations that have gun control and are safer then this one.
    It isn't your country and it isn't my country. It's our country and we have to share it with everyone else. It's time the GOP loses some of their owner mentality and act like grown ups.
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    @Cheenoguy well hopefully it will be worth it. Too many people have died to ensure that this country is a free republic. They will not hand over their freedom in exchange for government paychecks in the form of free stuff that is meant to enslave the population. You do realize that this attempt to do away with our constitution and freedoms will result in a revolution.
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    Those "socialists and communists" do quite well with US capitalism. On average they earn quite a bit more than whites (on average, about $10,000 per year). Must be difficult for you to comprehend how those Asian "socialists and communists" can, on average, be so much better at capitalism than you GOP capitalists. Further, you will find that proportionally far fewer Asians are on any sort of welfare than are whites. So, the conclusion can be made that whites actually like big government and government handouts more than those Asian "socialists and communists". Go figure.
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    @Cheenoguy Hey cheeno, I was just having a discussion with my mother about how I dont get health insurance at work, I get paid by the hour and thats it, no health, no dental, etc. and I am also above the poverty line, so I dont qualify for the goodie bag the impoverished get in this country. Can you explain to me what I am supposed to do to get the heath insurance that everyone else just supposedly got? You may turn me into a democrat if you can direct me to the proper government agency so I can start my wait in line.
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    @CATTLEPROD Let me try answering your question to cheeno, the answer is not to become a democrat, it is to push elected officials to go to national health care, socialized medicine, or a single payer system. The last is probably the easiest to acheive, simply get those in congress to amend medicare by removing the wirds "over sixty five" from the existing statute. Poof, you get your health insurance coverage.
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    Simple. Wait one year and if you don't make enough to afford healthcare you will likely get aid in paying for it thanks to Obamacare. If you make little enough you will actually get Medicaid.
    If a pre-existing condition that keeps you from being able to afford insurance that won't be an issue then either.
    Sorry to hear that you don't currently have coverage. Hope it doesn't take you until 2014 to remedy that, but at least it will be easier then. Good luck. Until then eat well, exercise daily, and get plenty of rest. Oh and try to avoid unnecessary anger. Stress makes you sicker.
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    You say "we are NOT supposed to be a ... socialist country. Whoever wants communism or socialism has a lot of other places to choose from and they need to pick one and go there."

    But Abraham Lincoln said this country, with it's institutions, belongs to the people, and if ever they grow tired of the way it operates it is our constitutional right to change it, or our revolutionary right to overthrow it.

    I trust abraham lincolns reading of our constitution more then I trudt yours.
    nowhere in the constitution does it say we are not supposed to be a socialist country. If socialism can be arrived at in adherence to the constitution, then it is legal, and if the people want socialistic programs, like amtrack, the interstate system, social security, medicare, etc. then we have the right to elect people who will further such efforts.

    If you dislike this, there are lots of other places to choose from, you need to pick one, and go there.
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    @Cheenoguy thx, cheeno, wasnt trying to be mean, your comment was worded like "if the american people want health insurance they get it" and while that sounds good on paper it doesnt quite filter down to me yet. So I was just pointing out my particular fall through the crack to see if someone like me had been included in the bill.
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    I will rephrase because that didn't sound as clear as I meant it.
    If more Americans then don't want single payer healthcare we should have it. If more Americans then don't want Obamacare style healthcare we should have that. If more Americans want to stick with the horrible system we have now then we stick that.
    I would love to see our politicians take advantage of technology so that they can actually represent the people. I don't care if the guy/gal was a Republican if an IN candidate said something like "major decisions come up and I will do what the majority of citizens tell me by email or social media that they want me to do" he would have my vote. I want our representatives to represent the people not the party.