ALeaked Romney Financial Documents: the Revelations So Far



When you don't have a record to run on, you have to demonize the opponent.
I'm supposed to care what Romney does with his OWN money, but not what Obama HAS/IS DONE/DOING with my tax money.
So if these "leaked" documents are real, does that mean the Kenyan Birth Certificate for Obama is real?
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    The Kenyan Birth Certificate has been proven over and over and over again to be a complete forgery, you just don't want to acknowledge it.
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    @Phreakwars As I said, if the "leaked" documents are real, does that mean the Kenyan birth certificate is real.
    If you still don't understand.... there are no legitimate "leaked" tax documents. Just more smoke and mirrors.
    BTW, the Kenyan BC is fake, but so is the one plastered on the WH website.
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    @AmericanFirst No genuine leaked documents? Are you REALLY that stupid? Mitt RELEASED THEM HIMSELF you moron. As for Obama's birth certificate, you simply don't want to acknowledge that it is real. Which makes you a racist in disguise because you sure fall into the race baiting BS line about him being born in Kenya and you sure like to repeat it.
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    @Phreakwars Your ignorance is REALLY showing. Reread this article again. You might understand it the second time.
    How does questioning the validity of a birth certificate that a Law Enforcement official has proven to be a fake racist?
    You act like being a racist is bad. Just the opposite.
    I'm not a racist in disguise, I AM a racist, and PROUD of it. I hate ALL races that want to sit back and live off MY tax money.
    So am I racist against his 1/2 White, 3/8 Arabian or 1/8 Black? You need to be specific.
    You just don't want to admit your messiah is a FRAUD and you got sucked up into his lies.
    Why else would his first act as a usurper be to SEAL all of his records?
    What IS he hiding?
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    @Phreakwars I believe an Executive Order trumps a biased "fact checking" site.
    So why would his FIRST act as the usurper be to sign an Executive Order SEALING his records?
    THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary
    For Immediate Release January 21, 2009
    EXECUTIVE ORDER 13489 -------
    Want to try again? Seems YOU are the idiot.
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    @Phreakwars What it comes down to is YOU don't understand the order.
    Executive order #13489 SEALS ALL Presidential records.
    IF you have the intelligence, READ the order. You will then see ONLY he decides which, IF any, records are to be released.
    Yes, it was to rescind Bush's previous order, but by doing this he was gaining points by making a Bush’s EO public and not kept secret while at the same time protecting his own personal records and keeping his critical personal information uber top secret and not subject to later disclosure by a succeeding presidential EO.
    Yet again, what is he HIDING?
    It looks like YOU ARE that stupid.
    No one accepts Wikipedia. It is a PROVEN biased site. I can also link MANY sites, some of which are Constitutional Attorneys, that say this EO seals his records.
    For the record, they BOTH had to give up their law license under duress. NO professional just "gives up" their licenses.
    Even Bill Clinton was able to keep his valid.
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    @AmericanFirst Just give it up man. You call yourself "AmericanFirst"? What kind of American are you anyway? Respect the office of the President and accept him as the commander in chief for better or worse. No matter how much evidence you are presented your ignorant mind won't accept facts. He must be hiding something? What, is he planning to turn us all into Muslim socialists? Is that what your pea sized brain is telling you? It's pretty sad you won't even take the time to look up your own fantasy insinuations, you just believe what right wing media feeds you. But you go ahead and keep believing it. People with your mentality can't be changed, can't be educated. Yet you WONDER why Republicans are called ignorant. You WONDER why all these so called liberals are "ELITIST" know it alls. Well DUH, we don't listen to Rush, we listen to our educators. We observe reality, we don't create fantasy worlds where people are coming to get us. I mean look at your last response "Yes, it was to rescind Bush's previous order", followed by a FOX NEWS "BUT" containing a fairy tale conspiracy.... sad I tell you... just sad.
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