AIllinois 'Sneaker Tax' Would Fund Youth Job Programs


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    It has nothing to do with Obama. We have been getting constantly hit with taxes way before Obama was elected. But, if it makes you feel better to blame Obama go right ahead. The Super Bowl power outage was his fault too, right?
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    All I can say is my taxes went down under Bush, now their already going up, just how much of my earnings is my fair share?
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    @Ashstop this proposed tax is in the state of
    IIllinois. How does the POTUS have any responsibility for that?
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    The same way Bush has been responsible for every dollar spent or lost for the last 20 years! This is Obama's Era, it's time he manned up!
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    So your saying that Bush should not be blamed for the worst financial crisis this country has faced since the great depression, even though it happened on his watch and is due, in part, to his policies? Who is to blame then? Jimmy Carter? Millard Fillmore? John Adams? Or, maybe you could blame every single liberal that has lived, is living, and will live in this country.
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    @mtkopf no, I'm saying if Bush is responsible for what happened on his watch then so is Obama, you know, largest tax increase ever, highest debt, Iran soon to be a nuclear power.. Everything! He's always first to take credit ( Bin Laden) but never stands up and shoulders the blame for anything, he is the most spineless leader we've ever had and has a whole flock of volunteers to offer themselves as scape goats when he screws up
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    @Ashstop but you are trying to blame a proposed STATE tax on Obama. Don't you see how flipping crazy that sounds?

    As for your assumptions:
    1) largest tax increase ever-you have proof on that correct?
    2) highest debt-which some was inherited, some was incurred to attempt to get us out of mess his predecessor left, and some is his fault.
    3) Iran-are you supporting entering another unfunded war at a time when our troops are war weary already? Are there no other options?

    Here is another question for you:
    Don't you find it irresponsible that Bush gave not one, but two tax cuts that were unfunded?
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    Yes the Supreme Court called the mandate a tax making it the biggest tax increase in history.
    Sep 28, 2012 – Deficit spending 'exploded during the Obama ... The chart shows deficits totalling $2 trillion in eight years under Bush, and $5.3 trillion under Obama in just four years.
    Yes, we need to stop Iran from being a world power, they support terrorism which will explode once they are nuclear.
    And yes, even Obama supported the tax cuts all except a small 2 percent that would run the government for less than a month