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Give a one way ticket to China to all the conservatives that want to abolish the EPA and regulations on businesses. Maybe throw in a breathing mask for them too.
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    Good idea, let them breathe the smog first hand. Let the drink water from their polluted rivers, then see if they still want to get rid of the EPA and regulations here.
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    @Darkdreamer @happthedon >>> Just like you two to make this give away a politico bashing......
    If we're giving any tickets, let's send the conservatives (like you mentioned) AND send the urban blighted liberals with 'em.
    This country would be so much better off without the greedy AND the takers.....
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    @stepped_in_it If it weren't for the greedy the "takers" would make enough at their jobs so they would no longer be takers. We should stop allowing the things that fuel their greed and help those who need help.
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    @Darkdreamer Give a man a fish.........
    The greedy take.....the takers take. You, in your wildest dreams, will not change either. No matter how much you Chianti about it.
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    The only takers in America are those taking our jobs and shipping them overseas. The large majority of the unemployed want to work. America has lost millions of jobs to advancing technologies and outsourcing.

    America is completely corrupted, and unfortunately there isn't a big difference between the two parties. Sure they have their little hot button social issues that they purposely orchestrate to keep the culture divide squabbles going, but the main interest of both parties is to protect the corporate interest.

    It use to be that most people just hated politicians, now we pick sides like we are rooting on our favorite sports team, but the game is rigged and the only real loser is the American public.

    Until we realize that both sides need to work together to end the corruption and fleecing of America we will continue along the same bad course, regardless if it's a republican or democrat in office.
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    @happyhedon Agreed.....then talk like this.
    I "witch" out both sides as often as I can. Both are corrupt.........
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    How about a 1 way ticket for Mr. Nasty here to Antarctica. I here the weather's really nice down there...and no smog either!

    This thread was as apolitical as it can get. Leave it to you to sour it with politics.

    You proved one thing: You are a true, dyed in the wool partisan hack! You get the Hack of the Year Award!
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    @Darkdreamer If it wasn't for the so called "greedy" there wouldn't be jobs here at all.

    Charles Koch provides a lot of jobs to my community.
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    @Darkdreamer He employs over 2000 of my fellow citymen and gives to my community. Georgia Pacific also makes good paper.

    He's not near as bad about that as the EPA
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    @BobSmith If it wasn't for the EPA companies would be able to pollute freely. Do you think that chemical spill in WV would be cleaned up by the company if the EPA wasn't forcing them to? No, they would quietly cover it up and go on polluting. I have seen it with the ones the EPA doesn't catch.
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    @methinks Oh, grow up it's a political forum, besides if you all hate the EPA and all those stupid regulation put on businesses, you should love a paradise like Beijing. Since I don't vote for republicans or democrats, I'll just assume you don't know the definition of partisan.
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    @happyhedon You really do know how to project, don't you? Where did I mention the EPA and all the other BS you mentioned? You say you don't vote for Dems, but I don't see you complaining about them one bit. All we see are your rants against R's.

    Yes, this is a political forum...but show some decorum once in a while. Sheesh!
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    @Darkdreamer And his opposite George Soros is good?

    Both are the same...they put their interests first...and damn the rest of us.
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    @BobSmith So as long as we don't know about the pollution it won't hurt us? Tell that to the people who have died of cancers related to industrial pollution. Destroying the environment hurts all of us, sometimes it takes years before we know all of the impact of environment pollution and contamination .
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    @BobSmith People have died because of companies contaminating the environment and that's not big to you? I thought you were pro life.
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    @BobSmith We need jobs but your health is your most valuable asset. You'll learn that as you get older. There can be jobs without killing us with pollution.