AUganda's Anti-Gay Bill Linked to US Evangelical Leader



Having tried to address my comments directly to the editors and been prevented from doing so because the website says the direct access email is not activated, I am forced to make my comments more public than I would choose.
It is my contention that Mary Noble's choice of a headline for her piece is designed to influence the readers before they get to the article. The headline reads as though two American Christian men are behind the Uganda law, i.e.. they have "ties" to the law, when in fact they have an opinion about the law with which most of us disagree. Such a practice is referred to as "yellow journalism".
Furthermore, an opinion about a law that makes a practice illegal is not the same thing as encouraging the death penalty be applied to the law, which Ms. Noble's article infers.
Describing these two individuals as "powerful" is a further distortion of the facts, giving them far more influence than they actually have. They do have a right to their opinion whether we agree with them or not.
I believe Ms. Noble's article was intended to stir up hatred against the Christians and request that it be removed.
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    @Realthinker you could always research christian groups influence in Uganda on your own. you know htey have influence on the laws here. why is it such a stretch to believe they have influence on the laws there?

    it isn't even a matter of belief, it is clearly shown in the facts of who is pushing this law ...
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    @woodtick57 I got it to paint this time. Again the focus seems to be on smearing Christians for believing what the Bible says about sin. The article also says the law has been in place for some time. Current TV is a highly partisan network.
    I am curious about something so I would like to ask you a question. You believe the Bible should be ignored in favor of gay rights, correct? And you also believe the Bible should be ignored in favor of abortion on demand, correct?
    But you believe the government should take it upon itself to enforce what you believe the Bible says about the poor, correct?
    Do I have that right?
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    we as a society should take care of our fellow citizens as we as a society deems necessary. Churches may do as they please.
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    @woodtick57 The death of Christ put an end to that the same as it did stoning a woman for adultery and a whole host of other laws.
    Despite what the Phelps family has to say, the Christian position on homosexuality is this: it is a sin no different from adultery or murder. It is forgivable, but the practice must be given up as all sin should be. As we all know, it is impossible to live without sinning, but that is another discussion.
    What people do not understand is the God doesn't hate gays, but he does expect them to control their sexual urges and live in celibacy if they want to be obedient to His Word. Fact is, God expects all of us to live in celibacy at certain points in our lives. God prizes purity(many of the Old Testament laws were symbolic of purity and holiness) and holiness and the only sexual relationship God has said is holy is marriage between one man and one woman. Jesus repeated that, btw. In today's society very, very few people have any desire to live a life that God would call "holy". I can honestly say that I do know Christians who do live celibate lives because they are single. One woman was widowed at 35, and never even dated another man until her death at 70.
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    Really? god changed his mind?(jesus and god being the same, by the myth....) or was god wrong in the first place?

    that has to bring up some theological conundrums, huh?
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    @Realthinker If you believe in the myth of the bible and it's god, why would god have made them gay in the first place then?

    That's the fun thing about myths, they rarely make any logical sense and usually destroy themselves when looked at reasonably. that is why reading the bible makes more freethinkers than it does believers....
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    @woodtick57 Not really but since you haven't read what is there and aren't open to what it says, I will leave you to your prejudices.
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    i stated facts,it seems you are the one dealing with prejudices. prretty nromal for the cultists....