AAlex Jones Confront Piers Morgan On Guns



I watched the interview, Jones was an embarrassment. Morgan was gracious enough to offer him a face to face. Jones started off well enough in the beginning and then went off on a mindless tirade. Morgan's stance reflects that of many Americans, assault rifle ban, no high capacity magazines, backgrounds, closing loopholes on gun shows. Jones agreed to the interview, but evaded the questions. He made us gun owners sound crazed and irrational. He did us no favors.
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    I didn't see it but it is safe to assume that Jones did poorly. He used to be an entertaining kook and has become tiresome and, worst of all, silly, but not in an entertaining way..
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    Have you gone completely Coulture? Keyjo simply acknowledged that many Americans agree with Piers and that Jones helps our side with his dash of crazy. Notice the phrase "us gun owners"? Nope to busy going on a rant to read?