AUganda's Anti-Gay Bill Linked to US Evangelical Leader



Would people who say that Uganda's "Kill the Gays" program is Uganda's internal issue, also have said that the Nazi's "Kill the Jews" program was a German internal issue?
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    Come on now Dan. While your point is well taken to a degree, Germany did not practice the genocide of their own Jews. They took it outside their country and in fact many of the largest killing factories were in Poland and other places. History tells us that when Germany kept it within their borders early on the world did exactly that. Stay out of it. I'm not saying we should be silent. We shouldn't. We should oppose it verbally, we should cut off their aid. But what do you want to do about it? Do you want boots on the ground to protect some people you can't even identify as to how many there are or who they are? Do you want to war for an ideal? That's what GW Bush said he was doing in Iraq.
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    @jessejaymes correction: Germany did not practice the genocide of their own Jews within their own country only. .
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    @jessejaymes I was drawing a moral comparison in response to previous posts that amounted to "Not our problem". I am not suggesting military intervention. That would be a cluster****. Official censure of the policy by Uganda would be appropriate. I would support cutting off foreign aid to Uganda for any reason. I'm not sure what your point about German concentration camps was meant to say. They worked people to death in domestic labor camps but created death camps in other countries where they shipped people for extermination means...? I also don't understand how Uganda expects to end homosexuality by rounding up gay people and putting them in prisons together.
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    @Dan_Tien My point about Germany was that you're not really comparing apples to apples. Uganda isn't on a world wide mission to kill all the gays, Hitler was. But more importantly, Uganda has been systematically killing off their own people ever since we can remember. It's what they do and a whole of people are going to die because someone else didn't like them and pointed the finger. It's how they operate. I would seek condemnation at the UN, withdraw all aid immediately and revoke the passports of those "Christians" who support this bill. Not much else we can or should do.
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    @jessejaymes I did not intend to compare the mechanics of murder, only the attitudes of "I wash my hands of this".