AWhat the Frack is the Holdup on Fracking in New York?



fracking should be banned everywhere. it pollutes the groundwater, and causes natural disasters. give it up and work on finding alternative energy sources.
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    @woodtick57 oy yeah... and we certainly don't need it. what we need to do is to exploit things like wind, tide, surf for generation of electricity. you know, clean stuff. we also need to cut down drastically on our energy consumption.

    it's time to stop feeding the monster.
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    @dances-weebles There have been very small earthquakes, that most people can't even feel in fracking areas....hard to call that a disaster in any sense.
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    Isn't it funny how the people going insane with debt being left to our children don't mind them inheriting a planet unfit for civilization as we know it?
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    Yeah, i can agree witht the conservation idea. we poaer our winter house with two solar panels. it's amazing how much one can learn to reduce energy consumption when you have to make it yourself...
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    @woodtick57 oooh... how could i forget them? the problem is, however, that most people, in their greed, seem to try to forget all other species and simply run roughshod over them.
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    @woodtick57 - fracking requires water. And that water has to carted off by truck to be disposed of, and it is highly toxic... where are they gonna dispose of that toxic water? Look at the Pavillion, Wyoming situation. The caustic chemicals used in fracking leach upward and contaminate all the earth right to the groundwater.

    And fracking is known to cause water wells to explode and cause fish kills. In PA, a public notice went out to communities near fracking sites recommending they open a window while filling their tubs for a bath. And in AR, fish kills and earthquakes (2.0 to 4.7 magnitude, which is enough to cause rock slides) have been reported near frack sites.
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    The research thus far , industry vs environmental is conflicting. with water supply of NY metro area at risk prudence is the only intelligent path to.follow
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    @DogLady_1 the entire thing is very similar to the disposal problem that they had with hydrofluoric acid left over from petroleum distillation. for years they tried dumping it down abandoned oil wells, but it began leaching into the mississippi river and its southern tributaries, and killed off all the fish all the way to the gulf and then began killing off the shrimp population as well. then some 'profit at any price' jackass, in an effort to save the oil industry billions of dollars in disposal fees, had the intelligent idea of dumping it into the drinking water supplies all over the country and calling it 'fluoridated water'.

    the problem with this idea is that hydrofluoric acid is one of the most deadly acids known. on drop on the skin will numb the surrounding flesh and then eat its way into the bone where it dissolves all the marrow as well. and you're drinking the shit.
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    @dances-weebles - Indeed, I know all about that... I live in one of the areas affected by DuPont's toxic waste injection sites. And we wonder why infants are getting cancer in utero!
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    @talkenhed not only the metro area... but everywhere. the upstate ny water table effects everything from lake ontario to the atlantic ocean, and all the way down through the susquehanna river and into the patomic/chesapeake areas.
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    @DogLady_1 and don't forget the love canal.

    also, when xerox began developing their industry in webster, ny. they were forced to buy all the surrounding houses and properties and nobody can ever live in them again or build there due to the fact that they had polluted the ground water, and the soil so badly that babies were dying from the fumes leaching out of the ground.

    but hey...'profit at any price.' that's the motto.