ARon Paul Files International Trademark Complaint Against Supporters



Ron Paul going to the U.N.? Wow. I gave him credit for at leadt being authentic. Guess he proved me wrong. What a hypocrite.
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    @NormalFlora This is narcissistic? What about nude self portraits in a shower or bath? Trying to clean up ones image, perhaps.
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    Learned a new thing about politicians, did ya?

    In my experience, politicians are self-centered jerks. They almost have to be in order to succeed. Pity...
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    @harold_lloyd No, not really. I've been around politics for years. In over twenty years of knowing elected politicians I've met two that were had ethics, stood for principles and were honest. Seen less then ten others who appeared so, although I never knew em personally.

    Most are, too put it generously as you do, self-centered jerks. But I did think paul was one of the rare ones with commitment and honesty. Learned nothing new about politicians, but learned something new about paul...

    The only good news here, he was a republican...
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    ro has the $$$ and could have gotten them himself but he chose NOT to. Now he has to pay.......poor baby
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    @NormalFlora Don't forget the nepotism. You mix his narcissism with his nepotism, and you get a guy who still has $3.5million of donor's money in the bank with most of his family being on the payroll. His fans just don't get how they've been swindled.