AThe Republicans' Asian Problem



This is the second time recently when some Lefty has made the claim that the big problem that the GOP has with a particular minority is that the GOP is against Big Government and out-of-control-debt.

"The GOP mantra of no-new-taxes, cut-government-to-the-bone simply doesn't resonate with many Asians"

Here's the other example...

NAACP welcomes Scott to Senate, expects no help from ‘small government’ lawmaker

It's almost like Democrats think that the same gene that decides skin color also affects whether or not a person wants to be dependent on government.
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    Sounds like someone didn't thoroughly read the article. The author was very clear why many Asian people are turned off by that mantra. They simply disagree with it. Where you see government interference and dependence they see involvement and a safety net.
    Around here there seems to be a real hatred of Asians for two main reasons. 1) The ignorant morons around here can't comprehend that there is a difference between an Indian guy and an Arab who they assume must all be terrorist.
    2) They have busted their ass as entreapanuers and own multiple businesses. Somehow they think that they would own a gas station instead of working at it if an Indian hasn't bought it.
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    @Cheenoguy-- Where I see individuals who can think for themselves... you see an Identity Group that can only be attracted by government goodies.
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    See this is the ignorant arrogance that is going to kill your party off. You can't actually take 5 seconds and consider the world outside of your fox indoctrinated ideology.
    You act like you are thinking for yourself but whatever ignorant argument Fox and Rush spew on Monday you are regurgitating on here by Tuesday trying to play it off as original thought.
    Instead of looking at the reality that the majority of every group other then older white males voted against your boy Romney and trying to figure out what might be causing that you arrogantly assume (because your masters told you so) that it is because everyone else but you guys are greedy takers.(Forget the fact that stats show otherwise.)
    There is a reason why the rest of us disagree with you. You can put some actual effort into figuring it out and adjust accordingly. Or you guys can continue down the arrogant and ignorant path just as stubbornly as you have been since November 08 and this country will look more and more moderate. Unfortunately actual liberals are the minority in the Democratic Party so we won't become liberal, but I will take centrist over bat crap crazy any day.
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    @Cheenoguy-- Are you of the impression that the notion of Individual Liberty is a new-fangled idea or something?

    You can't actually take 5 seconds and consider that in this present racial paradigm, Group Identity Politics is not the solution to our problem; Group Identity Politics is the problem.
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    LOL, I know what you mean. No single race does not collectively think and vote the same way. Just as not all African American’s are democrats, neither are all Hispanics. There is no “Hispanic vote” to be bought with insulting promises of amnesty. That’s stereotyping. It implies that Hispanic’s only political concern is immigration… because, you know, you must be illegal or have an illegal family member or something. These stereotypes are getting old.
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    @hwyangel-- Exactly. It's as if someone was telling me that I need to agree that 2+2=5 because then I would be in agreement with the people who think that 2+2=5. That's the economics part of the equation... Then it's as if that same person is insinuating that I'm bigoted because they insinuate that all of the people who have certain skin colors believe a certain way.

    From my perspective... This is Orwellian.
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    Me, I really don't care to explain to the GOP why they're losing so bad among every minority group that exists. I'd rather they never figure it out. I most certainly don't want to see another republican president for the rest of my life (although that might be impossible). But the problems of today's America were and are still being cause by republicans' way of thinking and of running the government.
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    @hwyangel there is a bit of truth to the stereotype as i,m married to an immigrant (asian)and there two biggest concerns,,,getting their family over here and sending money to the home country,i know hundreds of immigrant family's and they are pretty much consistent on those two they don,t vote against anyone who threats Visa's..they work very hard most of them but see government handouts as just free money to be additional income ,i've had to explain this a couple of times without much success
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    Stereotyping is offensive & non-productive and it casts a person into a preset mold.
    Same concept as a drone strike, no heart.
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    @MBernard Me, "I really don't care to explain to the GOP why they're losing so bad among every minority group that exists. I'd rather they never figure it out."

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    @hwyangel very often the truth is offensive,and in this case productive, i can personally testify stereotype or not its a fact,and needs to be added into any immigrant issue