A Employers Added 155,000 Jobs in December



things are clearly improving. These are not seasonal christmas jobs, but the feilds indicated in the article, health care, etc. indicate long term jobs are being created.
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    Like I said to real4wheeldrive, I see thing improving but with an aging population, and citizens having less children, I see a big problem with baby boomers and their medicare, and SS checks. As long as population is decreasing in America, we will always be in a slight recession. A country cannot efficiently downsize whilst still trying to pay down our debt, get spending under control, and find jobs for businesses that go under due to lower demand. The news should be, baby boomer crisis will plunge America into oblivion. Case closed. Lol
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    My company is looking to expand the R&D program hiring engineers for products or concepts in future scope in order to be more aggressive when markets improve.
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    We too are poised but the higher ups are reluctant to lay out too much cash right now. Before the election it promised to be capitol improvement mania. Now it's back to wait and see.
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    @Thunderchicken - Interesting - are both companies located in the south. Mine is.
    The first quarter of the year will be the break. Some are waiting to see what that brings. Our FY began last Sept. so things are already budgeted.
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    @Thunderchicken sounds like the company you describe wants to see the tax overhaul first to see how to best allocate what they spend, if they spend, for max tax advantage...
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    " are both companies located in the south."

    Pretty much. We're a pipeline that runs from TX, through OK, AR and MO to IL. Corporate is in Houston but was in Shreveport till recently.
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    @Thunderchicken - I wasn't making this a territorial competition issue or anything as some might think. I saw your bio location and assumed. I'd like to hear from some folks around the rest of the country to see what may be coming down the pike. Our end may be construction and manufacturing. Others may have input for similar or service businesses. Thanks.
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    @Rocker never even occurred to me you were making this territorial, sounded to me like you were trying to look at the economics of it in southern states, and while that focuses on a region, it sounds to me like a more general economic concern...
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    @PoliticalSpice - You know how some folks are, man. In my position, I talk to contacts all over the US. We do our 'bidness' and spend some time in PR and yes, BS. I can find out some good info in expectations, operations, etc that is helpful in what is happening and why. I can form some outlook. But then again I am adverse to corporate meetings. I can find out more and get more things started around the coffeepot talking to floor people and during lunches than a room full of 'suits' can address in a week. And they wonder how I manage to stay a step ahead of them. LOL
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    @Rocker Same thing in politics. I find perspectives of my friends who vote, but are not politic junkies or involved in politics very informative, often better predictive of outcomes to the professionals, and i get pretty much the same reaction. Proggressives didn't queit trust me cause I talked to the other side, and folks on the other side seemed to think they fooled me if I supported a position of theirs...out of that game now, but I did have fun watching the confusion in their faces as I'd win an issue here and there, and they couldn't figure out how it happened.
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    @PoliticalSpice - An advantage of age (kinda, sorta) is the ability to STHU and...... simply.... just listen. I try to maintain the axiom of keeping my mouth shut and having someone think I'm an ass opposed to opening my mouth without forethought and removing all doubt. <snicker>
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    @PoliticalSpice - In my case - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have to mosey along. You folks have a nice rest of the day...
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    This is not a clear indication of anything. I would expect the health care industry to grow because of coming Statutory Healthcare. Definitely their receivables will go down and business will increase. Probably jobs will be created from that. ...the related industries as well. Perhaps speculation of the future I don’t know. Incidentally, it may be a good time to make some money on those stocks. Definitely would not count on the long term. The US government will eventually figure out that they will have to control that if they are going to get into the medical business. Not sure about the Christmas effect on jobs. I think the slow growth is acceptance to the amount of risk in the market. American business will grow despite of Democrats. It is world's superior nation, people, and economy; and capitalism is the fuel. You can only hold it back so long.