AStudents Not Hungry for Michelle Obama's School Lunches



The lunch pictured is just wonderful, for an adult woman on a diet. It is not enough calories or protein, or carbohydrates for growing preteens and teens and especially athletes. The nutritional needs of that demographic were ignored, which is exactly why Michelle should be minding her own business. Growing kids are not a forty something woman who hates the way she looks in jeans. The White House chef is charged with feeding her kids for now.( IN fact, today at Sidwell, the Obama's girls got pizza!) The guidelines call for a maximum of 850 calories for the high school crowd. But there is more to nutrition than counting calories. The arguement is the kids are being fed more fruit and vegetables. Sorry, but an athlete needs thousands of calories per day, not another apple. Betacarotene does not become energy to fuel activity on the ball field.There is a reason why Weight Watchers lists fruit and vegetables as "free foods". They have negligible calories. Michelle knows nothing about nutrition and dietary needs. Consequently she is actually starving our children. It's a perfect illustration of why Wahington should not be in charge of anyone's health care.
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    very few kids are athletes. most sit and play video games or in front of the computer these days. and they're getting too fat doing so.
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    @dances-weebles I seriously disagree. The obese kids are few and far between and those who are should be supervised by a doctor, not a woman with a law degree.
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    not only is America getting fatter and has the worst rates of childhood obesity in the world, who is going to pay for the doctors these obese kids apparently need? why not feed them a healthy lunch and hope we don't need the doctors to weigh in (get it?)? Obamacare has been whittled to nothingness and a lot of people can't afford medical insurance let alone doctors bills for "lifestyle related" elective visits.
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    @dances-weebles I certainly have, as I am very actively involved with my grandchildren, their friends and their activities. I know they arrive home after school very hungry. There are a 1 or 2 kids who could lose weight, and for that they need the supervision of a doctor and a referral to a dietary tech or a dietician. Ms. Obama is neither; her quidelines are perfect for the weight loss she needs.They are not adequate for growing children. There have always been kids who were overweight, well before the invention of electronic games and devices. I went to elementary school with a few obese kids in the fifties. They were not watching tv nor were they hypnotized by a I pad. They were just as active on the playground as the rest of us. Sorry, but overweight kids is not a problem with a one size fits all solution.
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    @dances-weebles oops, wrong button... anyway, my younger ones eat well, but not much in the line of sugary snacks and no soda pop at all. they aren't over weight. now that my 11 year old wants to sit in front of the computer a lot, however, she's porking up. the problem is that kids aren't as active as they once were, and don't need the high meat and caloric diets any longer.
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    @ConcernedParty Do you know why America is getting fatter? Because the government guidelines, the "food pyramid" prescribes entirely too many carbohydrates for adults. It is yet another one size fits all solution that isn't a solution at all. The government knows next to nothing about nutrition. Twenty or so years ago the government said the problem with our diet was too much fat. Eat less fat and more carbohydrates, we were told. America listened and got fatter. The problem is, carbohydrates that are not burned as energy are stored as....fat! Whoops. You are making the mistake of believing the new lucnh guidelines are really healthy for the children. They are not. For children who do not need to lose weight the new guidelines do not provide adequate levels of protein and carbohydrates which normal kids need and will burn as energy. Mrs. Obama does not know what she is doing, she has no training in nutrition. The kids are telling the truth; they are hungry, their needs are not being met, the lunches do not provide adequate food for certain age groups.
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    @dances-weebles I have 4 kids ages 34 to 46 and 6 grandchildren ages 2 through 13. The 46 year old is a dietary tech. So is my BFF. Both tell me it is impossible to prescribe the same guidelines for all children. Additionally, as a diabetic I have a keen interrest in all things nutrition. One diet doesn't fit all for us either.
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    @Realthinker i know... i'm diabetic and so is my wife. i'm also a chef and a dietician. all i know is that childhood obesity is reaching epidemic proportions across america and in the developing world as they become more sedintary.
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    @dances-weebles and incidence of diabetes is on the rise too. one type of lunch doesn't fit all children, but I'd rather kids made sure they ate a better breakfast than ate cheeseburgers and fries for lunch
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    @dances-weebles Making the kids go through their day hungry is not going to solve any problem with childhood obesity. I am sick to death of government believing it has a solution for every problem that fits everyone. It doesn't and it never will. The "solution" is doing more harm than good. Not every problem is an "epidemic" either. The word is always used as an excuse to meddle.
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    @dances-weebles The active kids do. That is my point. The broad government guidelines impose one standard on everyone and they are assuming that everyone needs a certain number of calories served the same way. Life just doesn't work that way. Unfortunately Washington isn't listening.
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    @ConcernedParty I don't remember ever being served a cheeseburger for lunch during my school years. My favorite was the fish sandwich, mac and cheese and apple crisp combo. Ironically, food I was never served at home! That fish sandwich was the forerunner to McDonald's fish sandwich today. They are amazingly alike.
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    @Realthinker well, since cow's milk isn't all that healthy for the human body i suppose that that would make it doubly unhealthy.

    from what i've seen kids do, however, i wouldn't be surprised if they licked it off of their fingers.
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    @dances-weebles LOL Me either! Or, just squirt it down their throats, but that by passes the taste buds. Shoot, if I'm going to have chocolate syrup, I want to taste it.
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    @Realthinker mac and cheese is a good healthy lunch? carbs in fat? with processed, fish-based protein coated in carbs and deep fried, served in processed carbs followed by (admittedly some fruit content) apples baked to within an inch of their life with the good nutritional skins removed, served with butter, more carbs and extra sugar? I think I'd send a packed lunch
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    @ConcernedParty LOL I said that was my favorite school lunch growing up. I said I honestly do not remember ever have been served a cheeseburger at school.Mac and cheese once a month hasn't killed anybody. Gracious, this national obsession with obesity is bordering on irrational. The goverment's guidelines are inadequate for growing children and teenagers. The government's food pyramid is incorrect and has led to the so called "obesity epidemic". It is just another manudfactured crisis only liberals can fix. As usual, they have it wrong. Their mistaken guidelines created the problem and the erroneous recommendations are still in effect. Rather than review the guidelines, they are blaming the public.