AThe Republicans' Asian Problem



The assumption that a conservative would coin a racist term like "yellow pearl" is stupid, as the Liberal who wrote this article already did.

Secondly, this is proves to me that the USA has turned into a lazy society that welcomes and props up the minorities and leaves those who are not minorities to fall by the wayside. Truth is, this country was moving forward in a positive direction with less government control during the Reagan era. Then can George Bush 41 (and the successive Presidents) who helped create this society of dependence.

I, as my Grandfather before me, believe that the more you rely on the government, the more you owe the government and the more the government can take away from you.
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    I remember during the Reagan years there were beggars on every street corner on my way to work, all with "Will work for food" signs. Sometime there were whole families begging, living out of their shopping cart on the corner. That's the "less government" you seem to want but I thought (and still think) it was shameful.
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    @Zazziness I see it more homeless now than I did in the 80s. Also, if you look at history, FDR screwed everyone with his government in every aspect of your life. My Grandparents lived through it and my 95 year old Grandfather still to this day warns me of what a Depression looks like. We aren't there yet, but we are on the way, as soon as the government comes in to "save" us from ourselves. When we are asked to give up our Rights and our money for our government in the name of Liberty, we are all in trouble.
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    @Thunderchicken so do I. More blatant and more arrogant, like I owe them something. I don't owe them and they don't owe me
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    @Zazziness - I have been seeing a ridiculous amount of homeless folks since I moved to FL in you have a point?
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    But you can't deny the fact the US economy is getting worse at the hands of Democrats and their gimmedat welfare class core of voters. Asians and Hispanics, especially those who work, will understand the need of low taxes and pro-business laws when they are living in the same size block apartments as they did in their homelands.
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    That would be "Yellow Peril" not "yellow pearl" and the term was coined long ago.

    "It was also the title of a popular book by an influential U.S. religious figure, G. G. Rupert... who claimed that China, India, Japan, and Korea were attacking England and the United States, but that Jesus Christ would stop them."

    Republicans are well known for saying "stupid" things (i.e. "legitimate rape").
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    @Zazziness I'm old enough to remember a time when you didn't see beggars on the street corners. Then Reagan got elected and cut programs for the poor and mentally ill. That pushed many unfortunate people onto the streets.
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    @PNWest I find it kind of ironic that in an effort to take the focus off of gun control, GOP constantly cites the country's lack of care for the mentally ill.
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    @PNWest actually the issues with the mentally ill started in 1972 when the ACLU won the case that you can't lock up the mentally ill without their consent. And beggars in the street started well before the Great Depression, so lets do some research before we make statements
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    @mtkopf because that's the issue. My guns don't just grow lets, walk off and start firing themselves at random. It takes a mentally warped person for that.
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    @mtkopf The GOP tends to ignore the mentally ill as far as in helping them get treatment. But when it comes to running them for office they really shine.
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    @RedFloppyShoes so when 74% of NRA members agree that the gun show loophole needs to be closed, you don't agree with that?
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    @RedFloppyShoes I speak from first hand experience. There probably were a few beggars on the streets in the 1970's but not many. It became an epidemic after Reagan was elected. Anyone who lived through those times saw that first hand. The depression was another era. Obviously there were tons of folks on the streets.
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    @Dan_Tien and Democrats are known for saying things like "57 states" and"we have to pass it to find out what's in it".

    So politicians say dumb things. Your point that one party is not gaffe prone is lame and completely untrue.