AAlex Jones Confront Piers Morgan On Guns



Piers Morgan is a British hack who hates the USA. All he does is rail on what our country is. If he hates being here, then he should find some others place to live.

The arrogance of anyone moving to a foreign land and spending their time there talking about how the new place needs to be like the old one. Any other place would disinvited us.

And they used to call us Ugly Americans.
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    That's not true. Morgan doesn't hate the U.S.
    And an American in England would enjoy the same free speech rights as a British subject.
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    @Keyjo Is he a U.S. citizen. Sorry he is not. He sucks as a talk show host. He does not have right to talk about the. conatitiution.
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    Sure he does. He may not be a citizen, but he has a visa to be and work in this country. And as such, he has the right to voice an opionion. We must defend the first amendment as vigorously as the second, and every component of the U.S. Constitution. If we can't do that, our point is moot
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    At this time I will point out that like Mr. Jones and yourself it is the call to expel foreigners from the soil of the homeland to defend it in the name of patriotism that has led to some of the bloodiest moments in our history on this planet. The persecution of immigrants is itself a form of tyranny. In fact, it's very often the percursor to some of the greatest atrocities ever committed by man. But why should we be worried about a man who believes he needs a gun to defend himself from a tyrannical government and dirty immigrants. Oh wait, I think you can find the answer in the question itself.
    Jones is quick to throw around the new world order tool moniker. From where I stand, it seems it fits him nicely himself.
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    @frigginhell I would ask that you not put words in my mouth. I didn't call for him to be expelled. I said he is arrogant and should leave. I don't want foreigners to be expelled. I want people who don't want to be here to leave. Big difference.
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    @Keyjo you are right. He enjoys the money he is making here even though he is front and center of the hacking scandal in the UK. The media here is so bad that they ignore his lack of credibility and hire him to be in Prime Time on CNN.
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    Editor in Chief, Lawyers.com
    So your idea of free speech is that if someone disagrees with you, they should be kicked out of the country?