AThe Republicans' Asian Problem



I'm starting to wonder if Liberalism vs Conservatism isn't the same as Collectivism vs Individualism.
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    I think the battle is more likely between liberal intelligence vs conservative ignorance. Just like it was 87 years ago with the Scopes Monkey Trial. The conservatives won that trial - but the then again Tennessee is a conservative state.
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    I wouldn't go calling either side ignorant.(Or intelligent for that matter.) Neither has a monopoly there. You could frame it as state dependance vs personal responsibility though.
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    @Thunderchicken I disagree. The GOP puts up low IQ candidates like Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, Joe Walsh, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Louis Goehmert and the like all the time. You don't see that level of ignorance on the democratic side very often at all. The GOP may not have a total total monopoly on ignorance but they certainly have the better part of the market share.
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    I usually don't worry about who has what letter after their name but wasn't the guy who was concerned that Guam would capsize a Dem? I'm sure I could dig for many more. It's not worth the trouble though.
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    @Thunderchicken Actually no you can't. There really aren't anywhere near the number of dim bulbs in the democratic caucus. You can find a few but not as many. I listed quite a few high profile morons from the GOP including several serious presidential candidates and one nominated VP candidate. You would have a very hard time coming up with a similar list of democrats. You didn't even put a name to the dim bulb democrat because he is so insignificant. There are lots and lots of dumb GOPers that just don't make the headlines because they are similarly insignificant.
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    @Thunderchicken That's fine. Plenty of other stuff to talk about. Hope that your Sunday is going well.