pShould Americans be required to show valid photo ID before voting?



v No, they shouldn't
I personally have no problem with showing picture I.D. to vote, except that doesn't this fall under "State's Right" to determine how to prove eligibility?
Here in Oregon, we the option of voting by mail or dropping our ballots into a voters' "drop box." We even have "drive through" drop boxes. The system encourages higher voter participation because the ballot arrives in the mail two weeks before the election, along with a booklet outlining each candidate and issue up for vote AND a discussion of the "pros and cons" submitted by all the political parties. A voter has time to study candidates and issues and to sit down and thoughtfully and comfortably vote in privacy with no pressure. I appreciate Oregon's system and I think if more states adopted it, more people would vote and do so in a more thoughtful manner. If the I.D. requirement becomes federal law, then I fear it would end our efficient system. The voter I.D. law would also discriminate against some older citizens and poor citizens, so I have decided to cast my vote AGAINST the requirement.
Besides, if voter fraud is the concern, I submit that all ballots be required to be hand filled, like here in Oregon, using a pen or pencil.
We've seen more creative voter fraud via voting machines (2000, Florida's "hanging chads", 2004, Diebold electronic voting machines.) Outlaw voting machines, especially the electronic ones. The old fashioned, but dependable pen/pencil method still appears to be the most fool proof.
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