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I agree there is a problem. 1 or 2 Repbilcans making insensitive statements should not be held against the entire party. Only Republicans are held to that standard. If it weren't for republicans would South Korea be getting the military help it needs? No. Narrow minded thinking is a problem! Blacks voted for Obama for one reason, he looks black despite being half. I am more mirority than him by being half black and one quarter each Latino and white. I am a Repulican. If Colin Powell had run, I would have voted for him. He even jumped ship to be a Democrat because he is black. That changed how I felt about Powell. Race should not be a factor. I believe we have seen in Obama's first 4 that Hillary Clinton should have been president. Her performance as Secretary of State has far outshined Obama as president. I do not think a city planner turned freshman senator was in any way prepared to be the Commander in Chief of our country. He simply did not have enough experience. Maybe a few years down the road he would have been better. Asians that left their communist countries voted for who acted most like the leaders they ran from. Does that make sense to you?
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    Your analysis is just far too simplistic. Do a bit more research and ask yourself some qualifying questions before you put forth conclusions. Black voters supported Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry for President in roughly the same numbers and percentages that they supported Obama. If blacks voted for people only because they are black, Michael Steele would be Gov of MD and Herman Cain would have more support from black voters. Many black voters - as well as many Latino and Asian voters for that matter - vote for politicians whose policy views reflect their own. To argue otherwise, is to call these voters stupid. In addition, the policies that resonate with these voters are not that they expect that govt will take care of them, but rather govt is viewed as partner that helps level the playing field for people. Investment in public education and infrastructure are things that give people the foundation to become contributors to society. I could go on and on, but I'll stop here.
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    If Colin Powell had run a lot of people would have voted for him. Me included depending on who he ran against. I think that Hillary would have been a more effective President than Obama in the first two years because Obama really thought that he could work with the congressional republicans whose #1 priority was to see him not get a second term. Hillary was fully aware of the right wing hatred that would have been directed at her and would have fought them hard from the beginning rather than trying to win them over. I'm amazed at the amount of stereotyping coming from non-Asians on this thread. I am sure that Asians want the same thing that everyone else does regardless of race, color, religion or sexual orientation. A chance to build a good life in a prosperous nation. Their votes will go to the candidates that they think will be best to make that happen.
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    Well, they didn't check to well. Hillary would have gotten more respect from the Republicans because of who she is! She is one smart cookie who would have known what she was doing. Obama didn't try to work with Republicans, he alienated them right out of the gate. He had no idea what he was doing. He did not have enough experience.
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    I'm half black, one quarter Latino and one quarter white. I know where people stood where I came from. You obviously try to follow statistics. Yours happen to be wrong if you were referring to Obama's first run and the statistics are not complete on this one. I don't know anyone who would have voted for Herman Cain. If you are trying to understand minority politics, they are not the same as whites.
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    @Belin No. Obama tried very hard to incorporate republican ideas like Romneycare into his healthcare plan instead of trying to ram single payer through. That was a big mistake. It made him look ineffective and cost the dems the 2010 elections. Hillary would have pushed through her plan and twisted arms instead of trying to placate.
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    @Belin I have been black for 52 years - but really my racial background and yours have nothing to do with the point I am making. Most black people did not vote for President Obama simply because he is black - and to say so, is to insult black voters and to assume a level of ignorance that does not exist. Are many black voters proud of President Obama? are many black voters happy that they were able to vote for a black man for the first time in their lives? Yes to both - but that does not mean that this is the primary reason for casting a vote. Here are the stats for the percentage of black votes in recent elections:

    1984 Mondale 90% Reagan 9%

    1988 Dukakis 86% Bush 12%

    1992 Clinton 83% Bush 10%

    1996 Clinton 84% Dole 12%

    2000 Gore 90% Bush 8%
    2004 Kerry 88% Bush 11%
    2008 Obama 94% McCain 4%
    2012 Obama 93% Romney 6%

    While the Obama percentages are higher than the others, the very high percentage of black people who have voted for Democratic presidential candidates in recent years illustrates that blacks have overwhelmingly supported the Democrat - whether black or white. Sure there are blacks who may have voted for the President only because he is black - but I am certain the numbers would show that this is likely to be a smaller percentage of white people who voted for McCain or Romney only because they are white. If race should not be a part of politics, I would encourage whites not to vote against President because he is black. I am sorry that your opinion changed about General Powell. His explanation - both times - of why he support President Obama was probably the most in depth and cogent explanation that I have heard across the political spectrum. Perhaps if you listened carefully to what General Powell has said, and not what he looks like, you would have a better understanding of his position. He obviously thought that both times, President Obama's election was better for America. You shouldn't try to read things into his statements that were not said. Take him at face value...and finally, I actually know quite a bit about politics including the voting patterns and motivations of minority voters.
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    I said where I am from, there were many that voted for him because he is black. They said so themselves! I did listen to Gen. Powell. I have great respect for him! Way more than for Obama! I've stated my reasons about Obama. President Obama needed more experience! A few years down the road he would have made a much better President. The Republicans knew they were not going to win the last two elections. McCain was a little more serious, but Romney was just a patsy. We all know that. He was not going to win. A republican was not going to win. Why would the republicans use a good candidate on an unwinable election? I pray for President Obama everyday, faithfully! I am not one of those people who call him the Kenyan, or a Muslim. He says he is a Christian, I take him at his word. The stupid crap about him not being an American is ridiculous! I just wish he had more time in the Senate before becoming president. He needed the experience derived! I guess most right wingers would not consider me a Republican. I have voted democrat before when that person was the lesser of two evils. I still do. In that scenario or if I know the Democrat to be better. You stated statistics earlier. The statistics on this last election are not all in and in no way verified. I'm sure there are places where the majority of black voters are much more educated than where I am. The educated black voters here are slim. It's sad, but true. Right after Obama was elected the first time, there was what started as partying in the street that night that turned into a mob that we vandalizing, setting cars on fire and stealing. What did they think? That because we now had a half black president they would get away with it? Many police officers were injured, including black ones. They were reluctant to use force and hurt someone. They had never faced something like this. They just wanted to calm the people down and were attacked. They knew they could not prove who started what fire or who broke out the glass and stole from others. That is the ignorance I was speaking of. I did say where I live. The black majority of downtown Memphis had more sense than to do this. I was there the next day with my child at St. Judes Children's Research hospital.
    Back to the election. I didn't even like Romney. But that was the point. Don't waste a good candidate on an unwinable election. I grew up in Little Rock. I've known the Clinton's from my childhood when we went to the same church. I knew of their actions and politics after. I am grateful to former President Bill Clinton for the intermmitent family leave act. With sick children, it saved my job. As Governor, I was not happy with his school intergration. That meant a very long bus ride to and from a school on the other side of Little Rock everyday. My parents made a big financial sacrifice to pull my brother and me out of public schools and into a private one. In high school, the intergration did not affect where you went to school, but right when I started, we moved.
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    Romneycare was not even taken seriously by republicans. For that matter Romney wasn't either!
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    The health care plan Hillary came up with while her husband was president was very good! Her husband didn't even take her plan seriously. It's like he gave her a pet project to keep her busy. She took it very seriously, he did not,
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    This is the real Belin! I am now BelinKS. I don't know how someone was able to reply as me, but hopefully this will fix the problem!