ASen. Inhofe to Newtown Families: Gun Debate Has Nothing To Do With You



Inhofe brags about his contributions from big oil and gas. Once said 'bring it on' in regards to those contributions. This is one of the very worst senators in the country. If he says it, I'm against it. If he's against it, I'm for it. He is, without exception, an asshat.
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    @Fishbone345 I'd rather that it be tattoos instead. If ya gonna sell yourself as much as these a-holes do, it should be permanent...and in full view!
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    @Yank Nothing will prevent the Newtown type shooting. I own guns. I just don't think it's necessary for asshats like Inhofe to run their nasty foul bought and paid for mouths on those families who are still grieving to the bottom of their souls. NOTHING is getting through the House. There is no need for his Okie cracker ass to being saying ANYTHING.
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    @jessejaymes yet he is right about Obama using them to push gun registration unrelated to the Newtown shooting. Why shouldn't he say what is true? If they are "grieving to the bottom of their souls" why is the left parading them to push gun control completely unrelated? Just because they are grieving the left should be able to use them for emotional impact with impunity? If you want to get mad at someone get mad at Obama and the left for using them in the first place.
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    @Yank Yes they should be allowed because YOU and I both know nothing going to come of it. There is NO reason on this earth for Inhofe to be personalizing this from his side. The pro gun bunch is going to win on this regardless. LEAVE THE NEWTOWN PARENTS TO HAVE THEIR DAY.
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    @jessejaymes ou think the left parading them around to support unrelated gun control is "having their day"? You are all for the left personalizing this, but not the right? Why am I not surprised?
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    @jessejaymes oh look now you are using personal insults to try and silence those who disagree with you. You think because these people last a family member 4 months ago that they are free to express their political view with out any form of counter view? You have already made your point clear that you don't care about right or wrong and are only countering Inhofe. Maybe you should look into a mirror if you want to see an extremist.
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    @Yank I care about the pain of the Newtown parents and them having their say will change nothing because nothing is exactly what is getting passed in the House. This bs about filibustering and dumb ass remarks by Inhofe and the right wingers babbling like you are accomplishing for the conservatives in this country except making you look bad. Seriously I don't care what you think of me. I just can't understand people like you who cannot let it go even when it doesn't matter. I can't imagine the world without compassion for anyone or anything that dares disagree with you about anything. I'm pro gun. I will keep my guns. I am glad gun control won't pass. But I don't need to stuff in the face of the Newton parents who feel otherwise. You're just too uncaring a person for my taste.
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    @jessejaymes I forget what stage of grief being a spokes person on the national stage for political views unrelated to their loss is. At what point does Jessejaymes allow people to have a counter view to them? At what point can any one dare point out that they are being used by the left?
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    @Yank They would be being "used by the left" if there was an end game to be achieved. there is not. What is the matter with you?
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    @jessejaymes so you think the Democrats are not pushing for gun control and using these people to help further public opinion on gun control? You don't think public opinion has any meaning? Have you been aware of the new laws in CT, CA, and CO?

    P.S. You are trying to silence any opposition by ridicule and fake guilt. So the question is "what is that matter with you?"
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    @Yank What is there about NOTHING GETS PASSED IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES that you don't understand man. It's all for nothing. But it makes the parents feel better to vent. Get a freaking grip man. This is about NOTHING.
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    @jessejaymes again you think that anyone who has lost a loved one can go in front of the country to push a political agenda and not have anyone give a counter opinion? You think because it will most likely not pass the house, that again no one can say anything? Since you also attack anyone who disagrees with you I can see why you think as you do.
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    @Yank The Counter Opinion will be given in the House. Do you not read anything beyond here? Reid has the votes to stop a filibuster. A bipartisan team has worked out the details on throwing a bone and passing background checks on gun shows and the internet. No ban on magazine size, no ban on assault weapons, no national registry. It's a dog and pony show. and there is no need for U.S. Senators to be dogging on the Newtown Parents at this point. Pro gun has won. It's over. NO NEED for Inhofe to be running his mouth. NO POINT.
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    @jessejaymes so is there a point in the Newtown parents being involved at all? You have made it clear that your position is being against Inhofe for the sake of being against Inhofe.

    P.S. Tell CA, CT, and CO that pro-citizen rights (not guns) has won. Also tell Democrats that they lost and can't talk about gun control anymore.
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    @Yank What happened to that right wing think you're always talking about called states rights? Is that only for when they do something you want? I live in California and I am not in agreement with the new proposed laws. End of this month my AR and some of my son's guns are going to Costa Rica early. Because that's how it works with states rights. Those gun laws will wind their way through the courts for years before being implemented if at all. Just because a state passes something it doesn't make it law. California passed a law called prop 187 that cut off all social services to illegals. Three years later it was not implemented and the US Supreme court threw it out. So if you don't mind Mr Chicken little I won't get worked up just yet. But our guns under question are leaving for our compound in CR early, just in case. If you don't like the state laws for your state, I suggest you move. States rights doesn't mean things always go your way.;

    But even all that is not the issue. Inhofe is just running his mouth. He knows there is a deal and that deal is for the sake of making the GOP look "sensitive" and he's just blown the cover for the whole thing. STUPID. You seem to think I'm some liberal who is siding with the left. I'M PRO GUN DAMMIT. And we had this under control and without destroying the conservative image any further. Give the Newtown parents their platform, be sensitive, pass the background check and send over to the house. There was NO need for Inhofe to rip at a new scab and start the bleeding all over gain. Jesus man you have about the same tact as that bull in the china closet. You just don't get it do you?