AKentucky Senators Want to Legalize Hemp



As a resident of Kentucky and a farmer, who is'nt growing anthing now, legalization of Hemp would be a great thing for the economy of the state. My Grandfather grew Hemp during WWII, he said Hemp is easy to grow, with two crops a year possible,using very little fertilizer or pesticides.

Now as for the police being against Legal Hemp, their motives are easy too understand. Each year the area i live in resembles a Vietnam movie,Blackhawk Helicopters,Humvees, National Guardsmen and state police everywhere,all kinds of overtime and they recieve payment for each plant they destroy. This money goes to police and sheriff departments to buy their new toys for the year!

Now this is the strange part of this argument, it's a well know fact Hemp can pollinate other Hemp plants or for that matter illegal pot plants up to two miles away! Therefore any illegal pot growing within close proximity to a Hemp field would be pollinized and would be useless as far as smoking to get high! Now seems to me the police would be for this, since it would greatly reduce the amount of illegal pot being grown in the state, and they focus nore important things.
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