AUganda's Anti-Gay Bill Linked to US Evangelical Leader



Killing seems kinda harsh.

Why are we concerned with Ugandan anything? Like we don't have our own issue's to deal with.
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    @Cool_voter guess I will die then.
    However gay is not a religion, yet!
    I don't care who is gay or not. But thats Uganda's law.
    What does America have to do with it, we git plenty of issues here in the USA and plenty of Americans want other peoples money. Why don't we give them some of that money we waste trying to interfere in what other countries are doing?
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    @Thegrif the point is Christian Americans are funding this.
    Killing gays in Uganda won't help. American FAIMLY values.
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    @Cool_voter some christians may be do some killin of gays, not me and not a lot of others either. So lets not just throw a blanket of gay killer on all Christians. I think in any sub set of any society (like Christians), there are some good and some bad. Like some cops are really good, and some are not. I personally don't believe in killing unless it's to protect life from death or great bodily harm, or a deer at hunting season or a gator at gator season, those last 2 are food.
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    @Cool_voter absolutely correct. Very few things in lifes little sub groups can be lumped together and say ALL.