AAlex Jones Confront Piers Morgan On Guns



rite on alex jones!!! tell that red coat to go back to where he came from!!!
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    @armed_liberal Jones was right, the second amendment wasn't for duck hunters, it was for the people to protect their well being. too bad his quacker had a reed missing when he made the statement.
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    Editor in Chief, Lawyers.com
    Actually the 2d amendment is to arm militias. It's the first phrase of the 2d amendment. The US Supreme Court forgot to read that part.
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    @Lbodine good lord what is it about all the stupid people out there? you can see an ever more oppressive government out of control, crazy lunatics running around,and your kind want the law abiding citizens to disarm and just be completely defensless against the insane and the tyrants, there has to be a zombie epocolipse goin on thats all i can figure out .
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    @Lbodine The militia was made up of the able bodied men of the communities. During this time in America people were responsible for their own protection and the vast majority hunted for their food. I would be willing to bet that each and every home had at least one rifle, but more than likely several and pistols also. It was the norm for everyone to be armed and more than likely it would have been extremely unusual to find someone who was not armed!

    Do you really think that after suffering what the signers of the Declaration of Independence called "absolute tyranny" at the hand of the King of Great Britain for so long and fighting and winning the war for independence from the crown that these men that put everything they owned and even their lives on the line would ever intend that the citizens NOT be armed in a way to prevent abuse of power? Perhaps you and others should read The Declaration of Independence as well as a refresher course in American history to get a better understanding of what was going on during this time in history which would give you a better idea of the context the 2nd Amendment and the whole Constitution were written under. This is one fact of the tyranny the signers from the Declaration of Independence gave against the King, "He has affected to render the military independent of and superior to civil power"! Civil power, we the people, this whole country was based upon the PEOPLE being the ones with the power! Government serves the people, the people have the God given rights and the government is to protect those rights, not take them away! The 10th amendment I think also applies and clears all this up. The right for the people to own and bear arms is nowhere PROHIBITED in the Constitution and I do not see where the government, federal or state, is given the power to deny the people the right!

    To finish, you really need to open your eyes to what is going on in this country, what has been going on for years. Those that hold office have set themselves up as rulers. They pass laws that they "claim" do not apply to them. Look at insider trading, Social Security, Obamacare, to name just a few. Both parties are complicit and guilty! They do not serve the people anymore, they believe we serve them and they serve the UN, their own interests and even the global bankers. Now ask yourself this, WHY do they want to disarm law abiding citizens? If you think it is really to prevent mass shootings and lower crime, you sir are a fool. Look at Chicago for proof gun restrictions don't lower crime because the criminals will keep theirs! Also I suggest you do some real research on the shootings that are prompting this newest attack against our rights. Everyday more and more evidence is coming out that points to a false flag op. While I don't expect you or others that are inclined to believe Main Stream Media (MSM) to believe something that MSM is NOT reporting, I would think that all that an intelligent person after seeing and hearing some of these things would at least start to see that some things just don't add up & more questions need to be asked.
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    @rebel4freedom so well spoken and so true!! these people that are willing to disarm i can see they honestly dont beleive in this day and age that we will ever again have to worry about tyranny, oh what fools!! how is it these people in power are so easy able to convince them of such? i can finally see how hitler was able to deceive the collective so easy, its so sad. i just hope theres still enough of us left to protect these foolish sheeple if they choose to disarm!! may god help us all.
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    @humptydumpty Thank You and some of the people are just chemically castrated. They are being poisoned with fluoride which also was used by Hitler to keep the Jews docile. Then you have the GMO food and flicker rates that are designed to rewire the brain, add in a healthy dose of what the schools teach and what is fed to them 24/7 by the MSM and you have people incapable of critical thinking. Sad really! I honestly try to remain compassionate and understanding of their ignorance, but find it harder and harder to do when you try to reason and enlighten them with facts and they attack you for it. Now some people just enjoy being part of the authoritarian crowd. They feel empowered by it and actually think that if they play along with these monsters that they will be accepted by them. They will be surprised when that doesn't happen. I guess some people just think history is not worth understanding and it can not repeat itself, despite evidence to the contrary. I agree, may God help us ALL!
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    @rebel4freedom AMEN!!but the biggest problem is that we cannot spread this message to the masses because they have convinced most of them that folks like us are out of our minds, insane, paranoid, the same thing that hitler said about his opposition!!
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    @Lbodine which part of "RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE" escaped you in the same sentence? Guess you forgot to read that part too. Typical of a liberal, gloss right over the entire right. Selectively choose what will prop up a liberals anti-gun agenda.

    If you don't want to own a gun, don't. But don't tell me I can't have one. It is NOT for you or anyone else to decide. It is my decision, and mine alone.