AUganda's Anti-Gay Bill Linked to US Evangelical Leader



This just reinforces my low opinion and total lack of respect for anything coming from the Extreme Evangelical Right in this country.
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    Just because this story is written to make it look like Christians in the US forced Uganda to pass such a law doesn't make it so. It's a pity you don't recognize Christophobia when you see it.
    Homosexuality is a sin, however it is no worse than any other sin such as theft, adultry, or murder. In God's sight they are all equal and all forgivable if the repentence is genuine. You cannot judge all of Christianity by the Fred Phelps types or the hatred from the leftists.
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    @Realthinker the story wasn't written to make christians look bad.
    Christians in the us, specifically ones in power, are in favor of eliminating an entire people, because they don't groove with your ideals.
    What if there was a kill the Christians bill?
    Now how can you see this being anything but religious people once again being ok with violence against a group you don't agree with...
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    @Realthinker - And where in my comment did I condemn all of Christianity. Perhaps you are too sensitive to "any" criticism of the folks of the Religious Right. Notice I wrote "Extreme Evangelical Right in this country." I would hope you would agree that this particular arm of Christianity represents a token number of the Christian faithful in this country. I certainly hope so. From the church goers I interact with, this seems to be the case. Most are reasonable live and let live type folks. Unfortunately, the faithful have , like the Muslim world< allowed their extremes to take over their message in quite a few cases.

    And I did not think these Christian fundies "forced" Uganda to do anything. It is their implicit endorsement I find totally obnoxious.
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    @Cool_voter Where did you get an idea like that? Just which "Christians" in "poer" are in favor of eliminating an entire people?
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    @Realthinker the Christians in power that are supporting a bill to kill all the gays.
    Did you read the article.
    Can you read at all?
    Is it really Thursday?
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    @Cool_voter I can read. I can also discuss this without becoming abusive. Who are the Christians "in power" you are refering to? The people mentioned in the article are not leaders of any significant group, if that is what you mean. They have no "power". They also are not supporting a bill to "kill gays". They approved of a law that makes it's practice illegal. There is a big difference. In fact, you will find such laws in every state of the US.
    But your taking it that way proves my point that the article is deliberately slanted to put all Christians in a bad light and that is anti-Christian bigotry, or Christophobia, persecuting Christians. The snide comments made here are no different from using the "N" word, and just as offensive.
    I am more than content to leave judging gays up to God, so long as this society remembers that God meant what He did to Sodom and Gomorrah and He will do it again. If you think it's hot now just wait.
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    @Realthinker the "n" word is no different than the "Gay" word
    The only difference is christians can't get over their hate..
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    @Cool_voter So long as that "hate" is being manufactured by the leftists as it was here today that will be the case.
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    @Realthinker no manufacturing needed. Organic hate curtesy of republican land.
    They really do support that bill, so what is the lie????
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    @Realthinker "..."hate" is being manufactured by the leftists as it was here today..." ...

    Maybe you should turn some of the anger you have for the Left inward on some of the stupidity foisted upon the political conversation by your side first. Same goes for the Left. This everything hateful comes from the other side mentality does nothing but keep us apart. Hate is a two way street.
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    @MRMacrum I don't hate anything or anyone, nor am I angry. So that leaves another source of anger and hatred outside of me.
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    @Cool_voter Nowhere does the article say that those two men mentioned are in favor of killing gays anywhere. But the headline reads like the proposed law was their idea. The two men mentioned merely have no problem with the practice of homosexuality being illegal in Uganda.
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    @Cool_voter Exactly where did you get the idea that Christians favor eliminating gay people? To my knowledge there has never been a reputable pastor/preacher/evangelist/pri est give credence to your statement. Just because we disagree with the gay lifestyle/behavior does not mean we wish death upon them.
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    @ACTSmom - A large part of the problem I see with the extreme negative response from those opposing organized religion is that the majority of the decent members of the faiths allow their fringes to drive their messages too often. Some self policing would be a good place to start in order to confirm what most of us know already. That is that the majority of Christians and Muslims may think Homosexuality is a sin, but they would not cast them out or kill them for it. Direct some of your anger at the response inward toward those of your faith who loudly proclaim their extreme views that are obviously coming from somewhere in the ozone. Fred Phelps and his ilk would be a great example. He and his church have done more damage to the idea of organized Christianity than any attack from the non believers.
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    @MRMacrum ...I've already gotten myself into disagreements with former church members in some instances. There were a few, including a pastor, who essentially declared that you couldn't be a Christian if you were a democrat, or if you didn't like George Bush, you were wrong. Some have also said how wrong interracial marriage is...and I called them on that too. I've never heard anyone say "kill the gays" although some are very vocal against it. If I could shut Fred Phelps up, believe me I would. BTW I am not angry at the person I was responding to. I think he misread or misinterpreted the article -- or perhaps interjected his own opinion. But anger certainly gets us nowhere.
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    @ACTSmom - If only more of us like you called out our own first. I too have been guilty of implicit approval by sometimes not responding to the excesses of the folks I tend to agree with. It is tough to do when we do not view the insult, attack, or slight from the viewpoint of those they are directed at. What seems no big deal can mean volumes to someone else.