AHillary Clinton to Testify on Benghazi After All



Let's review. She "fainted", hit her head, got a concussion (which was really code was conferring with her lawyer about how to stay out of jail) so she can get in front of congress and lie. Every word she says will be a bald faced lie. But the thing is the media really doesn't seem to be too interested in this at all. They are still on the fiscal cliff and sandy hook, with some hurricane sandy thrown in. I hate the news. All they do is lie anymore.
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    Her testimony is wanted but we know it will all be lies. Still she is kinda between a rock and a hard place, if she plans on running in 2016. If she tells the truth it may somehow implicate her to some degree. If she gets cought in a lie her party may leave her out like yesterdays trash. She will probably do as Bill did.

    Question; Mrs Clinton, when were you aware that it, in fact, was terrorist attacking the embassy?

    Answer; Could you define the word aware please?

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    @Thegrif Why do you want her to testify I you'vealready made up your mind about the veracity of her statements to come? Sheesh!
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    @woodtick57 because I could be wrong, about her. Maybe she will tell the truth, or maybe no one is to blame for anything here in Candy Land.
    Unlikely, but maybe.
    Regardless, all things considered, even a monkey would have beefed up security on the anniversary of 911, so someone blew it, and we all know who lied about it for 17 days, and yes, I want him held accountable, is that what you wanted me to say?
    Welp, there it is.
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    @Thegrif So do I. Emperor Bush II and his cronies need to be in jail, not living in their luxury compounds.
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    @woodtick57 She is a pathological liar. As well as an alleged murderess...or was it just circumstance or coincidence everyone that got near her suicided themselves? Or had heart attacks, or beat themselves up while handcuffed and thru themselves into a lake? Not accusing anything....just sayin'.
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    @Thegrif Let me make sure I got this right guys. If she testifies that she is a criminal who belongs in federal prison for life and she in fact committed the Denver Massacre and the Newton killings then you will agree she "told the truth" and you will be satisfied. Anything less and she's lying? That about cover it? You guys know better than this.
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    @RobertJHarsh when you say you are by implication accusing. Got any proof? Trot it out. I'm sure the media will beat a path to your front door.
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    All state department personell were warned, as they always have been, that that day carried an increased threat. Seems the monkeys were on the job.

    Stevens was our most knowledgable asset about the political and threat climate in Libya at the time, yet he still went to Benghazi of his own accord...
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    @woodtick57 But the thing is....there was no mob and there were at least two teams of terrorists AND they knew the building layout and knew where the hiding spots for the Ambassador were. He was assassinated. That needs to be investigated but no one seems to care.
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    @jessejaymes c'mon Mr James, if she tells the truth and implicates Obama and somehow hangs his ass, then we, or I should say, "I" will be happy.
    If she lies and covers for him, then she is dirt.
    Lmao, funny but serious
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    @woodtick57 no the monkey I was speaking of was the one that, knowing there had been a threat actually made to hit Benghazi on 911, 4 days prior to the attack the CIA said, this person with his huge ego, who says he knows how they think because he lived among them, decided he would order nothing be done. This person, having watched the 2 waves of attacks happen on live video feed, this person then jumped on a plane so he could make his late night talk show gig, this person would later play it down to America, the UN, and the world by calling it just a protest, this person we now know was informed within 2 hrs of attack that a terrorist group had proudly taken credit for the attack.
    But hey as long as he gets to keep spending money, all us good.