AMississippi Church Won't Marry a Black Couple - Because They're Black



I fully support the decision of this Church. In spite of the media and popular opinion in major cities, a majority of us still believe that segregation is the best course of our Nation, and that it would benefit all races to reinstate it. And just because the Supreme Court ruled that it was somehow unconstitutional for States to ban mixed marriages in 1967 does not make it an acceptable practice of the Bible or of our Christian beliefs.
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    lol wow how is this a mixed marriage? They're a BLACK couple. I'm glad I'm not part of that majority you speak of, at least my segment of society can read.
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    Maybe you would believe the blacks should have their own state too. Let's give them your state for starters.

    Maybe you should also look at American history. You ARE aware paul Revere had accomplices? One was black. William Dawes.

    Were you aware the very first man to die for our freedom at Bunker Hill was a black shopkeeper? Not a slave, but a respected merchant.

    You sound like a Progressive. Maybe you would have agreed with Margaret Sanger when she started PLanned Parenthood that her main goal was to eliminate the black population by sterilization. "Monkeys" she called them.

    The United States Military was always integrated. From day one. It was Woodrow Wilson who determined blacks were inferior and called for segregation. It took Harry Truman to right that wrong.

    I am a strong Conservative. I follow the teachings of Dr King when he said to judge a man not by the color of his skin, but the content of his character. And I don't care what color you are, you're an idiot.
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    @proudvet - I'm curious to hear more of the logic behind your thinking here. As other users have pointed out, this wasn't a mixed couple. But that aside, I think you'd still support the racist logic behind the church's decision. Can you say more about why you think segregation is the best course of our nation, and what benefits it would bring? I disagree with you, but really want to learn more about why you think this so I can understand better. Thanks.
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    Are people like proudvet really out there in numbers that think that these ideas aren't worthy of nothing but mockery?

    Right now it's a toss-up as to whether proudvet is a proud yet ill-informed vet or a Lefty acting out a stereotype.

    He's only answered one poll question himself.

    I guess we'll wait and see.
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    He also could be a Righty that just feels this way Bobo. You are always very quick to jump on it being the Left that feels this way, a lot of racism is still very present in Red states. I've lives in Mississippi and I can say there is a lot of this feeling present still. They just aren't as out about it.
    Biggest population of skinheads in the nation? Idaho. Red.
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    um, bob? why would it have to be someone from the 'left'? to my experiences it's the conservatives who are the most apt to discriminate for any reason at all.
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    I think that proudvet might be a bogus account. Keyjo says that some people make accounts here and claim to be homosexual in order to make gays look bad. This guy has "too-extreme-to-be-taken- seriously" written all over his votes-and-endorsements page. proudvet is a plant.
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    don't forget, vermonter, it was dawes who did all that riding and shouting that night... our dear old paul revere was sitting in a tory jail house, arrested for treason against the crown, at that famous moment in history.

    but as woodrow wilson once said upon being corrected on this exact point during an important speech,'i love paul revere whether he rode or not.'
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    To real4wheeldrive: if you would reread my statement, you would find that I was speaking of segregation and how this decision fits. I mentioned mixed marriage (Loving Vs Virginia) because of the influence it has on society.

    To Vermonter: You are aware that Lincoln not only intended, but already begun the deportation of blacks to Libya, Haiti and throughout Africa so that they would be removed from the U.S. entirely.(This program ended after his assassination and the money was used to fund the Radical Reconstruction efforts instead). As far as Planned Parenthood; it appears that Marget was right. For every 2 black pregnancies, one is aborted. As far as blacks in our History; do not forget Anthony Johnson who sued in 1654 that blacks were property, not people and therefore may be owned for life. Anthony did not want to fee his slaves, and he won the case that brought slavery for life to the negroes.(BTW Anthony Johnson was BLACK). Next, Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman were both Klansmen. Lastly, MLK's speech was not even his, but stolen from Archibald Carey, a popular preacher in the 1950's.

    To @proudvet: I can be found on Topix under the name Virginia Patriot. If you wish to learn why and of my ideologies and beliefs, feel free to send me a PM. I will answer all serious inquires and I appreciate a civil discussion even when our opinions differ greatly.

    To Bobolinsky: My opinions and beliefs are shared by many that I have met, though some are hesitant to speak out as publicly as I do.
    I am a Veteran of the US Army, proud of my service overseas for my Nation. I am neither a leftist or righty. I am a Traditionalist and finds both parties too liberal and apologetic.

    To fishbone345: I can see the physical differences between the races, and I have the intellect to understand the differences between our cultures, heritage, customs and statistics. These traits are what labels me a "racist", therefore I wear the name with great honor.

    To DrMoonshine: Yes, I was a Grunt. I did not hold the rank of general or command sergeant major when I served overseas. When I arrived, I was but a mosquito winged Private. nevertheless, I was proud to answer my Nation's call, and the medals that are cut in my flesh means more to me than the ones I don on my chest twice a year.
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    To srennelkztirF :
    No, my account is not bogus nor do I have multiple accounts. However, I do not subscribe to political correctness. I believe in being blunt. These are my true opinions, beliefs and ideologies.
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    I don't know what you are talking about Vet, I wasn't talking to you I was talking to Bobo. I didn't say anything about anything you addressed in your statement to me, but thanks for making me feel a part of things. :)
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    don't know what you are talking about Vet, I wasn't talking to you I was talking to Bobo. I didn't say anything about anything you addressed in your statement to me, but thanks for making me feel a part of things.:)

    I apologize Fishbone. I just went down the list answering & replying to some of the questions and comments made by others about my post, and I reckon I just went with the inertia rather than making sure that they were intended for me.
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    And once again (this seems to apply to so damn many of these posts) YOUR religious beliefs are just that. Yours. Not everyone's. You cannot expect everyone else to live according to your religious beliefs. There are christians who believe pledging allegiance to the flag is idolatry and forbid it. Should you be forbidden from it because it is against someone else's religious beliefs? Some believe birth control is an affront to God. Should all be forbidden? Simple solution. Your beliefs. YOU live them.

    All that aside. You are a dinosaur. You AND your friends. You are on your way to being extinct. You just aren't smart enough to realize it yet. I'm very happy for that. There's a reason you don't voice these opinions publicly. You would be laughed out of the room. And someone would then probably kick your ass for good measure. You are a minority in your opinion. Not just a minority, a microscopic minority... that is getting smaller. Soon to be extinct for all intents and purposes. Your ilk is already insignificant. No need to even fight you or argue with you at this point. The war is won. i'll just sit back and watch the death throes of your antiquated ideaology while leaning on my shovel so I can start shoveling as soon as you get those last few twitches and jerks out. Don't worry, we'll mark your ideology's grave. It will read, "Here lies ignorance, may it rest in peace eternally."
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    Yes, my religious beliefs are mine. They do not reflect the beliefs of all people, otherwise there would be no need for Social Sites such as this. However, they are shared by many. And those that do share them has the same Constitutional protection as those who do not. And the same Amendment that protects this Right also provides me the protection to express them.

    Yes, I am getting gray around the edges, and to you whippersnappers I may appear to be a dinosaur. Fortunately there are many to carry on these beliefs after I shed this mortal coil. I am proud of the younger generation and the traditions that they are embracing. They are no longer fooled by the liberal media and biased school system. They are realizing the differences between the cultures, traditions and customs of each race.

    I do voice these ideologies openly and publicly. I am a Klansman of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. I wear my affiliation openly and proudly wherever I go, from Miami Fla. to Washington DC, to Chicago Illinois. And after all of these years, I have yet to have a day pass when someone does not come up to me and say "Thanks" or shake my hand. Many blacks have done the same, which may be hard for some to believe. The reason is clear; they fear that their race is becoming extinct due to mixed relationships and they want to preserve it as well.(In 1860, just prior to the Civil War, blacks accounted for 14% of the population and was the largest minority group. Today blacks account for only 12.6% of the population and has been replaced by hispanics for being the largest minority group). This is the reality.

    BTW: The next time you marvel at the carvings of Stone Mountain in Georgia (so majestic that the MLK memorial could fit in the horse's nostril), the presidents on Mt. Rushmore or the base where the Statue of Liberty holds her torch, just remember; it was a Klansman who made them.
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    @proud vet, I applaud your military service and your courage to stand by your convictions openly. It only cost you your credibility. As a klansman, no one will take you seriously on any point from here on in. Sad. You made a couple of interesting points. Too bad they were drowned in racism.

    I can almost agree with Zappa on this but he went way to condescending on the other side.
    Not marrying gay couples is religious freedom. Nor marrying a black couple is racism.
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    Thank you for the kind words concerning my military service and beliefs.

    People are quick to cry "racist" when they learn that I am a Klansman, and I am accustomed to that. After all, it is what they have been taught to do. As you pointed out, you were agreeing with some of my statements until you learned of my affiliation.

    Here are some of the values, ideologies and beliefs of the Ku Klux Klan.(Be warned, you may realize that you have more in common with the Klan than you thought possible).

    *We support and defend the widowed, child and disabled.
    *We believe that the Constitution as it is written is the Supreme law of the land that all other laws must abide.
    *We are patriotic to our Nation that is under Almighty God.
    *We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
    *We do not hate any race nor do we wish to deprive them of the necessities of life and prosperity. We simply love our own race and prefer to be among our own flesh which shares our same heritage, values and traditions. We remember and honor the accomplishments and sacrifices made by our ancestors and remain unapologetic for our successes.
    *We oppose Nazism, socialism, paganism and all other forms of foreign government and ideologies. We are an American organization for the American People.
    *We oppose spouse/child abuse of any form and will not tolerate it in our presence.
    *We oppose mixed marriages, gay marriages, prostitution and all similar forms of immoral sexual conducts.
    *We oppose drug use and excessive alcohol use.
    *We oppose abortion for it punishes the innocent child for the whorish behaviors of the parents.
    *We are a law abiding organization recognized by all branches of government as an organization formed for the advancement and uplifting of the White Race, the preservance of our heritage and the perseverance of our values. It is not illegal to be a Klansman as some media would have you believe.
    *We do not condone violence except in instances of self defense.

    All Klansmen are American born, White Protestant (non Catholic) Gentiles (non Jew) men and women of the Christian faith. We do not hate the jew or catholic. However, we are an organization for the Protestant Gentile. What would a protestant gain by attending Mass or the Gentile gain by attending the synagogue? Likewise, what could they gain by being part of a Gentile, protestant Organization?

    We are the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.
    You can learn more about us by visiting our offical site.(takkkk dot com)