AIllinois 'Sneaker Tax' Would Fund Youth Job Programs



"And since youth are the biggest purchasers of sneakers, says Davis, the tax would be levied on those who'd benefit the most from his efforts."
That's the most asinine statement....."youth are the biggest purchasers of sneakers" Just how do "youth" buy sneakers....from the money they make in the coal mine? Jeez
Ya know, why don't these "politicians" just shackle all of us to the grind stone....and work us until we die. I guess 2day I'm on my "tax revolt" kick.....
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    Face it, this is what the dems. do. They tax everything, we call it being nickeled and dimed to death. It's common to Dem. Mayors and Governors, see CA, Il, NY etc. Republican governors LOWER taxes and lower expenses and their states are busy and have lower unemployment rates. Now, certainly WE can see the correlation, why can't the left? Oh, right, they want the hard working to "pay their fair share" so they can continue to spend over 70% of their revenues on entitlements. That doesn't leave much left over for other spending.
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    I could see it now: thousands of teens marching to the end of Navy Pier and throwing sneakers into Lake Michigan.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix Neo, take 1 minute and read my profile! Though I'm neither democrude nor republican't.....I always have believed in small government....Can anyone name me one Secretary of (any dept) that's truly needed? Federal government needs to stand down and let the states govern themselves! If we allowed statehood to be treated like a business, we would be much better off. If you don't like a business, you don't do business with it. and it will go out of business If a state's people don't like it's laws, you can leave the state, it revenues will shrink and it will "go out of business"!
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    @stepped_in_it - We could use more people with that type of thinking in the Republican party. It would do the party and the country good.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix Neo, I am home! Besides, the republican agenda doesn't want a short haired, over fed leaping gnome like me. Especially one that believes in abortion (it's their body first) and is a true atheist! Imagine the pro-life, religious repubs and me in the same room....can I say WWIII? LOL
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    The only good idea I can recall Al Sharpton having was when he suggested a 1.00 per PA (parental advisory) tax on rap cd's to pay for the violence and destruction of the rap culture. Of course that went nowhere so now they go after sneakers. I like Al's idea better.
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    @stepped_in_it As a liberal I just stand up for individual rights.
    As a person who buys sneakers, I would resent having to pay for someone else's bastard's after-school program. I really don't care about them. And I don't think that any other individual should have to pay for a problem they don't specifically contribute to.
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    Oh that doesnt make sense as a reply to stepped anymore. I had typed a sentence about how its usually the conservatives or far right wing of countries are the ones who usually expand government specifically into personal lives of citizens taking away personal liberties and stuff like that. Its still true but a little off topic.
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    And let me rephrase a little bit. I don't mind paying to provide some sort of govt funded anti-crime measure by providing entertainment for kids, but dont tax my shoes.