AUganda's Anti-Gay Bill Linked to US Evangelical Leader



It's their country, it's their sovereignty. If they want to hate gays, so be it. It's not our problem.
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    @Denizen_Kate that's exactly right.
    Start taxing the churches, because they are so politically active these days, stop sending foreign aid to everyone, And stop this "Christian nations shit"
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    To Denizen and Cool Voter, here's a real simple solution to that: Cut their foreign aid. They can have their anti-gay agenda, we save taxpayer dollars, win win.
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    @Patrick Courtesy US Borrowing, that's the vast majority of all foreign aid today. We borrow money from other countries like China and then blow it on garbage like foreign aid. It's maddening, but hey it's only 1% of the budget so must be "okay" to the idiots on Capitol Hill.