AThis Semi-Automatic Rifle Killed Most at Sandy Hook School



When is someone going to talk about the real reason tragedies like this continue to happen? It could not have anything to do with taking GOD out of the classroom could it???
Could not have anything to do with not teaching our kids it is wrong to kill others?
Could not have anything to do with Dr. Spock proclaiming it detrimental to discipline our children by spanking them or we might corrupt their precious little minds?
Could not be because so many parents now treat the schools as babysitters but not allow them to discipline our children in any manner lest they might be slapped with a lawsuit?
Could not be because our more liberal brethren who have out cried for decades we cannot punish violent offenders with similar treatment but rather just slap them on the hand and them give them early release?
More and more of these tragedies’ are being committed by children and I believe a lot of it is because so many parents buy them these damn video games that are all about killing in some form or fashion that teach kids that killing is ok but of course the parent could not be part of the problem because they are too well educated to allow something like that to happen.
Come on people look in the mirror and you will see the problem and it is not a piece of hardware but the fool looking back at you.
Guns do not kill people, people kill people and everywhere the guns have been severely restricted or outlawed the crime rate has soared. Just look at Australia after they outlawed guns, their violent crime soared because those who will not obey the law to start with then had little to fear from their victims and knew all law abiding citizens were easy pickings.
Those who believe that outlawing guns will solve the problem are disillusioned and will discover the hard way unfortunately at the behest of the rest of us if they get their way that they will only become the victim when gun controls are enacted.