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    The problem with that is that most of the younger viewers are not over the left wing indoctrination received in their school years. The young are almost always idealists with little real world experience. They tend to become more practical in their 30's and 40's. It is unlikely that this will change, ever.
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    Kind of like the professors that indoctrinated them... little real world experience. How does that saying go? Those that can, do, those that can't, teach??
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    @Keyjo LOL - and (sigh - I know this is useless, but one must try) you know this because.......? Seems to me all the WEALTHY conservatives I know and associate with value higher education while decrying the attempts to indoctrinate our children. Thankfully we taught them well, educated them in private institutions to think for themselves and let them in on the secret to good grades. Give the pious liberal SOB's what they want to hear - you will get an A+ and when you graduate with a skill - a MARKETABLE skill BTW - you can laugh at their antics all the way to deposit your first nice paycheck.
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    @Keyjo Funny. No conservative Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, mathematicians, etc. Not a single one. Not even Dr. Carson who is just faking being a conservative.
    The only profession I know of that is dominated by Liberals is College Professors and Teachers. Teachers is easy to understand. College Education BA degrees are easier to get than any other. It is the degree pursued by those unable to do anything else. It also amazes me that someone can say that Conservatives in general disdain education. I would think that shows a mind devoid of any link to reality.
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    It is what it is.As white population declines perhaps we can create an NAACP for whites that will create a clog in the wheel as it has for years trying to protect a minority..Sad America is defined by race and not unity of all in todays world.
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    It's hilarious that white people start talking about a decline in their population and increase in diversity (represented in our recent government)-- that these things somehow equate with actual racism and inequality which have been going on for millenia. Welcome to the melting pot.
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    The decline in the majority has ALWAYS been going on. The Anglos were upset when the Irish and Italians came. Whites were upset when the Asians came. To be perfectly honest, diversity is one of the US's secret assets.

    I'm white (German). There is nothing new under the Sun.
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    @gammler division is never good in maintaining a country's sovereignty,we don't need diversity!it is what the progressives have been pushing on us for years and its tearing us apart as was planned from the beginning,we need cohesiveness and solidarity of thought and actions
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    So where's the story!?
    Anybody who knows anything knows that FOX is the network of the elderly, White, bigoted and cranky. FOX is going to suffer from natural attrition.
    As far as advertising, they stol do well with pain meds, erectile dysfunction meds, Hoverounds, walk in showers and prunes.
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    Play that Race Card, Politix? I love how the liberal-media, an entity consisting primarily of Caucasians goes out of its way to demonize older White males. Self-hatred, more like typical patronizing attitude of liberals.
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    First you attempt to downplay the relevance of Fox news by saying "it's just a cable network" and write one (1) whole sentence containing "CBS."

    You mention the fact that Fox has viewership greater than MSNBC and CNN combined.

    Then you tell us CNN has gained a few points in the younger audience. A younger audience who is growing older with each passing day.

    Fox has lead the cable networks for over 12 years running. Come back when MSNBC or (not and) CNN catches-up to Fox. Then we'll talk.
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    Who cares? Ratings does not equal quality of programming or content. All it shows is a hive mentality amongst those who actually watch it and take it seriously.
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    What's hilarious is how the same people who constantly brag about Fox's higher ratings at the same time complain about alleged "liberal bias" in the "mainstream media". If Fox has the most viewers, wouldn't that mean by definition it IS the "mainstream media"?
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    @Cal says:
    ║... at the same time complain about alleged "liberal bias" in the "mainstream
    ║ media".

    While it was only one sentence, it was kind-of important. It said:

    ║ Fox News just manages to pull a million viewers during primetime while the
    ║ lowest-rated network news program, CBS Evening News, has an average nightly
    ║ audience of 8 million.

    Now, would you like some help figuring-out to what the term "mainstream media" might refer?
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    And that's the problem, basking in the superiority of today and not noticing the looming disasters of tomorrow.
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    Lady GaGa and Honey BooBoo appeal to the younger Generation.

    Sinatra Appeals to an older generation.

    get it, liberals?
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    Old white people are easy to scare. Fix has the "fear ticker" running 24-7. Ever wonder why the elderly get scammed so often? Old people ain't that smart, as a matter of fact, they even believe Fox News.
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    Fox, as it is the only voice of traditional American values; should continue being what they consider "fair and balanced" against the tide of Marxist propaganda being presented on the networks and the government supported PBS.

    Most "acceptable networks" are simply a continuation of the Marxist education that our children are being presented with on a daily basis in the public school system; therefor younger folks feel more comfortable tuning in to these, Left Wing news readers who repeat the "share the wealth Communism".

    As people grow up they learn that the welfare "to help the poor" is a racket that enslaves the poor, while also enslaving the workers so as to support the government and guarantee the votes of these parasites.

    World wide the message of the workers "Right Wing" is expanding, as the Government and it's voting block of parasites are becoming more of a burden.

    In England the Independent Party has made sizeable gains as the English people are realizing that their island is being occupied, like America by more and more illegal and unwanted parasites.

    In the Ukraine the people are fighting and dying to prevent the Communists from dragging them back into the Russian slave camp; as was done in the 30's when eleven million Ukrainians were starved to death by the Communists while their wheat was exported, and the pro Communist New York Times reported that every thing was wonderful in the Communist world, just as they are reporting that things are wonderful in the Obama Marxist America.

    Tonight we will again hear another state of the union speech by Obama that will be an update of the same Communist crap, I heard as a kid in the 30's to the 50's from Roosevelt and his successors.

    Only Fox will allow any opinion that is critical of Obama, while the approved networks and news papers will gush over their hero's every word; despite Obama's becoming more and more unhinged as the American people are rejecting his Marxist plans for them.

    No Fox should not become more Marxist to attract the kiddies who still believe the Marxist Horse Manure that is being spread by Obama and his palls in an effort to stay in power; but should continue to support the American dream of America first and always through hard work.
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    P. S. My compliments to Fraps, she has written in a few short words what is the cause of the problem, namely the Marxist teachers and their union's indoctrination of our children with the Communistic belief system.
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    No, in Ukraine the people are fighting against the right-wing fascist government. Likewise, Russia is also ruled by a right-wing fascist government these days.

    But I wouldn't expect somebody ignorant enough to think Obama is a Marxist to understand that.
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    I'm 26, college educated, and was raised in a democratic household.....and I watch Fox News. Holy crap, I'm a G-D unicorn.

    Someone tell me why the heck this story was worth reading?
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    I once lived in a conservative household but everything was done in a democratic process. We all proposed and we all got to vote.
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    Goes without saying. But what I like to know is how Fox News is still kicking MSNBC and CNN Combined in the overall ratings, even in the crucial 18-36 age group. Sounds like another liberal hit-piece.
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    Ez. Old people are more idle while young people are working and going to school or watching everything but 24 hour news programs.
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    Wasn't there just an article that they are losing in that age group, but winning when you add the 36-54 year olds?
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    @Starsplash I'd like to know what country you live in where all these young people are working and going to school. The one I live in is full of young people that are unable to find decent jobs thanks to current jobs killing policies.
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    @Starsplash Really now, a lot of the young people I see nowadays aren't working but instead depending on mommy and daddy to foot the bill for them. Granted, not ALL young people, but a good portion of them.
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    This explains how misinformed people in this country truly are. But we shall see in the end the demographic mentioned in the article is one that gets much of it's news from the web. I know that is where I go because I can be given the same story from several view points. Generally I find the Foxnews site to be the best in overall balance in it's non-opinion based reporting with CNN being similar but seems to get a bit left in it's reporting overall, but a very good second source for information. Then there is the msnbc waste of time. I know a lot of the educated youth just out of college get much of their information from twitter.
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    MSNBC is Fox's equivalent. If you think one is a waste of time and not the other, you aren't being objective.
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    @AceLuby Not even close looking at the reporting pieces from each. Fox will continue to gain audience as the lies about who the obstructionist in DC really comes out. The dems and obama are overplaying their hands and while the narrow minded will continue to ignore the truth, those willing to think and learn will see what is behind the curtain.

    You have never shown any objectivity so that coming from you is pretty funny.
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    Younger people for the most part care less about politics. They are too busy enjoying life to worry about the things older people have concerns about.
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    Ah, what one would give to be young, dumb, and full of _____ again!

    Those growing up years were great!

    ...until reality came in and smacked some "truth" on ya.
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    translated they are too busy sponging off mommie and daddie while drinking and carrying on in college,they don't care because they are narcissistic and being taken care of by their old white parents
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    They start caring about the time they settle down to buy a house and have some kids, then they get interested real fast.
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    Actually who is it that controls the majority of all the wealth in America? Say it a little louder please, yes, the older crowd, the older mainly white crowd who have worked hard for years and invested and made money for years and now have tons of disposable income to spend. LOL - the laugh is on these clowns.
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    @Cincinnatus I see you didn't get the memo, 60 is the new 45 or so, I am going to be around for a good 20 years or more (more if you look at my gene pool and the fact that I am in excellent health) and will be spending money that whole time. Good thing our investments increased so much under Obama thanks to that reckless QE scheme. Made us a lot of money but depressed job creation and kept the middle class stagnant. Gee, I sure hope all those people don't forget to sent Obama a thank you note. LOL - sorry, 60 to 75 is the new middle age.
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    My financial plan runs to age 125.

    The difference between us is that I'm pretty sure that I understand more about the way things work than you seem to.
    And ideology plays no part in my analyses.
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    @Cincinnatus Good luck with that, the 125, but good plan. Anyone with a good financial planner takes those precautions. I was simply making fun of your comment that people in their 60's and older were the "dying" crowd. Don't worry, we're fine and Fox News is fine and you really don't have to be so scared of one network, after all you have all the others and most of the print media too, you too will be able to get your POV and Propaganda across to the less intelligent and curious. LOL
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    LOLOLOLOLOL Yet another attempt by the left to marginalize Fox News. Really? IF it is sooooo bad, soooooo old and sooooooo out of touch, what are they afraid of? And, if they have so few viewers as to be negligible, who oh why is Obama the Great doing a PRIME TIME INTERVIEW with Mr. O'Reilly? Hmmmm? Oh, could it possibly be that this article is just another LIE? Hmmmm? Perhaps Mr. O knows the O'Reilly has a ton of viewers - gee do you think he might tell Mr. Zeman so he won't look so silly? Where on earth did this guy get his statistics? Durty Ernie's Blog? Median age of 68? Hmmpf - tell that to the 30 somethings and 40 somethings who regularly watch or was the poll so small and taken in, lets see, Park Av. NY? What a hoot, Fox really has them scared and they are doing all they can, spread whatever lies, misinformation and disinformation they can, all in order to - what? Do they think they will discourage people from seeking the truth?
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    Obama is doing that interview with O'Reilly because it's a tradition for the president to be interviewed before the Super Bowl by whichever channel is broadcasting it. Since Fox is broadcasting the Super Bowl this year, that means one of Fox's "journalists" gets the interview.

    And what's really "a hoot" is your lack of knowledge of how polling and statistics work.
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    Not owning nor allowing television in my home, hence not being a viewer of any of them, I will say only this....I love The Muppet Show!!
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    Luckily for Fox, people are getting older every day. In fact, tomorrow there will be more people over the age of 54 than there are today.

    As for the "white" part of the analysis...

    I give credit for that to the liberals for stoking hatred, racial division, and misinformation among minorities in order to keep them on the plantation. God forbid what would happen to the democrat party if the race-based thinkers couldn't count the democrats to feed their hatred.
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    And I believe that their is some truth to the quote from Churchill when he says "if you are not a liberal at 20, you have no heart and if you are not a conservative by the time you are 40, you have no brain." For myself, I am more conservative than I was when I was in my younger days and I think that holds true for a number of "older" people.
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    I don't bother much with news channels except if there is a special I want to see. That was a grand total of 1. Dr. Sanjay Gupta's special about medical marijuana on CNN. I watched that penguin documentary I had seen once before on PBS one night on CNN. My 23 year old multi-racial son watches Fox News regularly. We are considered in the same demographic age wise. So Fox News does attract other viewers that older white men. I don't know how they come up with who is watching. By who has the subscription? My son has his own. He put it in our new home before we had moved in. I guess he wanted cable and Internet during the move. We haven't bothered to switch it. He doesn't care. We pay the bill.
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    Fox News I not news. It is the non-stop pushing of an agenda (as with many talk show programs across the political spectrum).
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    I'm old and I don't depend on Fox News for news that I can use. Until the Liberals made such an issue of it I rarely watched it because what one gets is three people, each one trying to over-talk the other two. Well, I will admit I like the leggy women on it. For news I can use I like PBS and NPR. At one time they were fair and balanced but recently that belief has become questionable.
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    PBS and NPR aren't biased and if you listen to them you would know that. They do jusy about the only in depth news that's left in America.
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    Isn't that what I just said? I was upset with them when the fired Juan Williams. That's why I'm beginning to doubt them.
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    @gammler "At one time they were fair and balanced but recently that belief has become questionable." - I was responding to your last sentence.
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    It is unlikely that Juan Williams and I would agree on much of anything. Nevertheless, he was able to articulate the Liberal point of view well enough that I could usually follow him.

    PBS and NPR are drifting to the left.
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    @PNWest Anyone that has ever sat through a program on Spain put together by BBC/Lionheart disagrees with you, unless they're the same sorts of bigots as the ones who produced the show. The one well-researched, factual, and unbiased program on Spain BBC/A&E put on (twenty years ago)'The Myth of the Spanish Inquisition', narrated by Andrew Sachs (who played Manuel on 'Fawlty Towers') has been 'vaporized' Minitrue style from VHS and never made in DVD. I'm thankful I recorded it on VHS when I did. Everything else that PBS puts on that comes out of England, features that PRATT with the 3 day old beard, making snide and offensive remarks about Spain and anything Spanish. I guess biased people don't recognize bias when it is their 'core belief'. Bias is in the eyes and ears of the listening audience.
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