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    When did rape become funny? I wouldn't be surprised if these jackasses start serving up "mass shooters" or " child molest-jitos".
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    It didn't. Only to a certain mindset, you know, the ones who think they know what's best for the country.
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    I'll admit i have a twisted sense of humor and find Date Grape Koolaid hilarious... I know this is the opposite affect you intended but the "mass shooters" thing is probably the funniest thing ive read in a long time...
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    I don't think you are giving yourself enough credit for funny names.:)

    But clearly this topic ha sparked a nerve with you.
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    @thhutton Making jokes about consensual sex is a taboo subject. Making jokes about Rape is not a "taboo subject" it's a cruel and heartless one.
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    I'm not offended. That being said, I've never been date raped. So I won't speak for the people who are and I don't think this was a smart move for the bar owners.
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    There are many drinks that people would say have offensive names but I think this one is over the line. Many woman in America have been date raped and they don't need a reminder of it just for walking into the wrong bar.
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    And i hope you never will be.

    Some people are just douches, its life and thats just a sad part of it.
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    Some people are going to bitch even if you hang them with a new rope. They are usually the same ones that want to tie the knot when the shoe is on the other foot.
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    @marine1 - I thought this might be a big deal...then I looked it up on "Drink Nation".

    Lots of classless drink names there.

    If you are easily offended....close your eyes:

    "Anus Butter
    Asian Hooker
    Ass Candy
    Bar Slut
    Bleeding Hemorrhoid
    Botched Abortion
    Dead Hooker
    Ewok Teabagging A Mexican Trying To Cross The Border At Midnight
    Napalm Sticks To Kids
    Passionate Rape
    Prom Queen On The Rag
    Testicular Nunslaughter
    Third Term Abortion"

    and on and on and on

    As I understand it...this is what young people do at the bar now. Give drinks dirty, funny, gross and disgusting names. Part of todays youth.

    Meh....this is a non-story.

    Give me a shot and a soda any day.
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    @AntiPorcheria I never knew. Me with my sheltered alcohol tastes: burgundy or claret wine; Rhein wines like Liebfraumilch; bock beers like Modelo Negra or Shiner Bock, or just rum and diet 7Up. Who knew there were such outrageously named drinks out there? Not me, lol.
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    Funny how comments are constantly being redacted by the mods for "engagement etiquette" violations, but they get to call people "cruel, clueless dicks". That is far worse than anything I've ever said.
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    It was stupid of this bar owner to use that name for a drink, and even more stupid that he's decided to completely ignore his own thoughtlessness. It's his business, so he's the boss where drink nicknames are concerned, but it really isn't okay to dismiss the seriousness of date rape so callously. If his business suffers as a consequence, that's on him.

    As for Kraft: are they not aware that we use "kool-aid" to refer to a great many things, including those we feel are ideologically misled or delusional?
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    @Firestorm - Did that really sound like outrage to you? I don't feel any rage on this issue ... just disappointment in human nature, completely non-partisan. Those who don't understand the crass nature of this particular bar owner have obviously never been rape or attempted rape victims.
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    We may use Kool-aid to casually describe many things, but in this case, this bar is trying to make money off of it's use which is copyright infringement. Its the same thing as if I describe facial tissue as Kleenex. That's ok, unless I try to market something under that name.
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    It is my understanding that you still have to obtain permission from the brand to market using their name and products. Does anyone have a source that says otherwise. I couldn't find a reliable source.
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    No point in shaking these......

    Flaccid Foghorn (hmmmm)
    Soft Serve Sangria (at least he made an attempt)
    Premature Pickleback (oops!)
    Not A Real Man Night Cap (don't bother)
    Pocket Pussy Paradise (because I can't get a real woman unless she's drugged and I can rape her.)
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    Jammy, do you realize that you WILL get prostate cancer, for sure? Will the drink strike you as funny then? Shall we bring one over as your Last Drink?
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    @sandyo Jammy??? Ooook. I WILL NOT get prostate cancer because I am not a man. You must be new here. Handy tip, sarcasm and irony are my best friends. Prostate Cancerita is as funny as Date Grape.
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    Tip this to Jezebel/Gawker Media. If they haven't recieved word of it already, they'll help Spokane level up on the national stage in ways that these ignorant fucks won't be able to ignore.
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    Hi Orion! I've been Googling this for the past two days (I'm one of the protestors) and today it exploded! Jezebel was first to pick it up. Honestly, Google the name of the bar and the name of the drink. There are DOZENS of news articles from all across the country.:D My aunt in Portland even heard about it on the radio today!
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    The issue isn't about the name of a drink, as many on both sides have claimed, the issue is that the owners and patrons of the Daiquiri Factory exemplify a common held ignorance concerning the sociologic influences underlying a culture that supports rape lacks accountability. In isolation a name is just a name, the patrons are correct. However, this issue isn't in isolation and attention needs to be brought to this fact. While their intention may not be condoning rape, I am sure they do not, the true issue is trivializing the severity of rape, in any form, results in a step towards rationalizing and perpetuating a notion that rape is a marginal issue. I believe that if this protest hopes to achieve anything more than the closing of one business it has to make the point that the drink name isn't the issue but rather a symptom of much deeper and national issue.
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    Also, Kool-Aid and Victoria's Secret have responded to the (many, many) protestors who wrote them saying they are as appalled as we are. The bar is using many trademarked names in their marketing material. We've forwarded this national story to them so they may choose whether or not they feel unintentionally sponsoring a bar with a date rape joke is part of their business strategy.
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    I'm calling bullshit on the idea that society is trivializing rape. In America, you'll see a larger outrage caused by a rape joke than you would ever see over one about actually murdering somebody. Open up a bar in Newtown that sells a drink called "Mass Shooters" (thanks @Ironicguy ), and you wouldn't get half the complaints that this is bringing in. Rape is the single least trivialized issue in American culture.
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    It's time to quit looking for things that might offend! This politically correct nonsense has gone to far! People are always going to purposefully look for things that they can point their fingers at. I have been raped, yet this is still my stance. Freedom of speech and political correctness is like oil and water, it will never truly mix! If they use actual grape Koolaid in the drink, then they are within their rights to use it in the name offensive to some or not! Hey, if you don't like this, then go to another bar; but that is not what is happening! This bar is as full as ever despite the name on the drink. There is a very good mixed drink called "Sex on the Beach." Is that going to stop you from going to the beach? It's not politically correct! I bet you go to the beach where over night a couple spread out a large blanket and had sex, straight and gay! We all know it happens, right along with you having to check all the sand your child is going to be playing in for used condoms, burnt spoons and dirty syringes with needles. Koolaid can't even really sue the bar because their product is being used. All they can do is ask them to change the name and maybe give good alternatives and bribe the bar with something good enough that the owner will take the offer and change the name.
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    Kool-aid can't stop them from using their product but CAN sue if they use their trademarked name in a business situation. It would be considered tacit endorsement by Kool-aid, and is an unauthorized use.
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    Bars and restaurants use the products they buy and use in advertisement all of the time. Why do you think there is top shelf liqueur at bars? Some companies pay to get their product put on the top shelf. Advertising and people see the product on the top shelf and believe that means it is a better product. The same with Krystal. People had never really heard of it mainstream until rap music glorified it. Would you want your product advertised by thug pimp rap stars?Koolaid sells to them to use their product and in selling the product to this party, they are giving permission to use that products label and name in that drink. Koolaid should be going after people that actually spike their products! What about the Koolaid that was poisoned given to every member of that cult, pregnant women and children included? It was Koolaid that was used, but did you ever hear a peep from the company then? No, it was to embarrassing. Case in fact is that Koolaid is used in all sorts of off label uses. My daughter "Koolaids" pieces of her hair to temporarily have different colors striped through her hair. You can find "how to" videos on Utube. Do you see Koolaid trying to stop that? Nope! They can't just pick and choose what they consider off use of their products as they are doing with this bar and turn their backs to the massacre of that cult and kids Koolaiding their hair.
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    Another example. My mother owned a bookstore when I was growing up. When a new, highly anticipated book was coming out she would put up an entire window display of this book with all kinds of marketing techniques to grab the attention of a passerby. Even while she was having to sit on the books until the official release date. Those of us that were going to sell the book could read the pre-release book in order to be able to answer questions about the book to the patrons of the store. We read a lot. These newer super large bookstores don't do that. That is why no one can ever effectually sell you a book if you have any questions. They don't know the answers! In the window she would put the release date. Patrons could not touch anything in her display windows because the windows were actually bay windows patrons could not access. By the publishing company selling the books to her for commercial purposes, i.e. selling the books; that gives her the right to market the book however she wanted. That is business law! If Koolaid wants it's name off of that drink, then they have to stop selling Koolaid products to that bar! Otherwise the bar is within it's legal bounds. Once the Koolaid corporation has decided to not sell their products directly to that bar. The bar cannot buy Koolaid from stores and maintain the name. That is not within their legal bounds! The store? Yes. The bar? No! That's a very easy fix! Stop selling Koolaid products directly to the bar! That legally stops the bar from using their name and likeness! In the corporate world, that excludes individuals, corporations can chose to not sell their products to specific businesses for any reason or no reason at all. They cannot refuse to sell their products to individual citizens through retail businesses, only specific businesses. Like that bar!
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    @BelinKS I rather doubt the bar buys its kool-aid from the manufacturer; the bar buys it from a retail outlet like anyone else. Kool-aid's target audience is children, and has every right to safeguard its brand against use like this. The bar can use it as they wish but cannot use the kool-aid trademark without permission.

    Jonestown used Flavor aid, not Kool-aid. Again, anyone can USE the product. Using a trade-marked name in advertising or merchandising requires permission.

    BTW--liquor labels love having their products associated with celebrities.
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    @BelinKS Sorry, but if your mother could have marketed any way she wanted, she could hsve sold the books ahead of time. Had she done so, she could have been sued. I never ask an employee about a book; that's what liner notes/dust covers are for.
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    Well.... you say that, but it's not really that simple. If ignoring a problem makes it better I could just start saying "don't like social policy, don't live here". Some jokes just shouldn't be made, especially at the expense of victims of rape. It may not be exactly as political as other stories, but it's still relevant. But that's just IMO.
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    @Ironicguy Well I'm not pre-game joke lol. Its tasteless but there are a lot of offensively named shots out there.. This story is stupid. Just sayin'.
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    A very lame attempt at humour at the expense of women who have been the victim of such a crime. If they had been in my town they would have found themselves on my much cherished blacklist
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    A good test of how capitalism works. If they lose business, as I expect, they will either stop or go out of business. That is what should happen. Only exception is if they never get lady customers in which case their choice of drink names is irrelevant.
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    @lunacite It can and does happen. But not nearly as frequently I think. It is better not to accept drinks from people but only buy your own. That cuts the risk down substantially. I never really was part of the bar scene. I did not find anything attractive about it.
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    @thhutton You could have gone home and done to yourself what you were hoping someone else would have done to you. OR, you should have given the roofie to the person that was most appealing and.... LOL.
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    Your comment sums up this topic...PERFECTLY.

    This is no different than those idiots at the westboro Baptist church and their offensive "thank god for dead soldiers" protests.

    Can't get anymore offensive than that. But as you said, "Free speech gives one the right to be offensive".
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    And also gives people the right to voice being offended... So I don't really understand your point beyond "hey... the first amendment exists..."
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    "the first amendment exists"
    Sort of. I was more leaning to that it protects offensive speech. Even what some call hate speech.
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    I don't think anyone owns the name "grape" and I also think this is a great way to bring this issue to the front of all ladies in the bar, they will be much more aware, and that's a good thing.
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