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    Strange, many of the "anti-depression" pills actually have suicidal thoughts as a side affect, go figure...420/24/7 365! Legalize marijuana!
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    Yeah, the list of possible negative side effects associated with many prescription drugs seem worse than the symptoms the drugs seek to relieve.
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    Yup. If you ever get the chance, look up the PDR 1995 Page 1,095 Warnings for Zoloft, and for that matter a lot of mood altering medication. It's not just children who may experience very adverse results, people with traumatic brain injuries are also very negatively impacted. Many of these young mass shooters were on that type of medication.
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    A "Cardiologist" changed a prescription drug I'd been taking for years for High BP. My symptoms of congestive heart failure rose drastically. I contacted the reps from both the brand and generic manufacturers and learned that it is used to treat Left Ventricular Dysfunction. The generic manufacturer added, "Oh! And it can cause Left Ventricular Dysfunction."

    Had I listened to the "Cardiologist," you would likely be getting this message from the grave.
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    Yeeee-ah, gotta love big pharmaceutical companies. The biggest pushers in the world. Mexican cartels have nothing on them!
    It(s all about the $$$$$$$$$$
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    I say legalize it. Its prohibition has been based on lies and has allowed for unnecessary government expansion. Legalization means the less government and I'm all for that.
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    I wonder how many people who have taken their own life when they got busted for pot and ended up in prison? Or how many got murdered or raped in prison when the should have not been there in the 1st place. Or got out after 10 years, to find out they cant get a job because of their record, turn back to dealing to survive, and end up back in prison. That's a hell of an existence and waste of human life over a natural herb.
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    Or in Arkansas, under the Bill Clinton governorship, when cameras were placed in rest-stop bathrooms to detect and arrest gay males having sex, how many of THEM committed suicide after their names were published in the paper for engaging in 'illicit sexual activity' in a public place. Drugs aren't the only thing that affect people negatively in the USA. And btw, I'm not gay, and I don't condone that kind of activity, but putting cameras in restrooms, either Men's or Women's is over the top.
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    @GedankPol If you go to a Dr, it's legal, if you don't want to spend the time and money and go around the corner to JQ Dealer, it's jail and prison, either way it's your personal decision and our laws are ignorant on all drugs. I'm with @Chromalord Nobody should be thrown in jail for any drug, if not legalized, decriminalized.
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    @Hillofbeans Pot is not the only thing our laws are ignorant about. We should have a way to go back and look at all laws and find which are worth keeping on the books. Legislators just think their job is making new laws, whether they are worthwhile or not, it keeps their name in the print. Laws should be judged on whether they are needed, are Constitutional, are enforceable, and are cost effective. If they don't pass all those tests they should be scrapped.
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    There are many cases where pot can be more beneficial than other accepted medications and with less harmful side effects. Sure many want to see it legal just to get high and use this as an avenue to make it legal.But if it saves lives or helps those in ways other meds can not .Then why not?
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    It doesn't really change my views on medical cannabis because I was already for it, but it is another good example, of why everyone should be for it.
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    Make it legal.... But I would like to see a study of men aged 20 through 39 - to see if a simple weekly 'Lewinski" wouldn't do the same thing :)
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    @drpeeper walks in a bar and says "3 shots of whiskey".

    The barkeep says "3 shots? Must be a special day".

    Peeps say "My first 'Lewinsky'.

    The bar keep say, "Well hey, hey , hey let me buy you another".

    Peeps says "If thee shots won't get the taste out I doubt another will help".

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    I'm for the decriminalization/legalization of all drugs. It doesn't change my mind. I am though, real skeptical about the suicide prevention angle. From my own very limited experience with marihuana, it often makes you think something is terrific when it's not, including impulsive ideas. Maybe in the sense that if it's powerful enough it could kick your butt and making you wanting only to sleep ( after you've knoshed). But what's to prevent someone from killing themselves after they've come down from their high. But, if most people in those places were killing themselves due to being in dire financial straits, and a checkered past which severely hampered their ability to obtain meaningful, good-paying jobs, the opportunity to become a legal marihuana distributor/retailer might prevent some folks that were planning on offing themselves to consider they have a future in the marihuana trade. Who knows? Maybe what we hear as 'Whale Songs' isn't all song! Maybe some of it are gurgling whale stomachs from being hungry or wales passing gas bubbles!
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    Yes i believe pot should be legal but not all drugs. Look at the crimes people do while doing meth. They go crazy. If a drug causes someone to psycho out and eat someones face then it should be illegal. This has happened.
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    HMMM.....don't know if it actually decreases suicide.
    BUT, if they need further studies and test subjects, I'll volunteer.
    It's a herb, it's natural and it should have never been illegal.
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    I have always been pro marijuana. A VERY LARGE part of making marijuana legal is lobbyist for large and small pharmaceutical companies are hanging around Washington DC throwing money at law makers various funding programs re election funding. If marijuana legalization was placed on the national election ballot it would pass easy. It should be up to all the people of the USA not just the 535 members of congress. Do you think any of these lobbyist don't use marijuana???? WRONG BAD ANSWER its all about the other green MONEY!!!!!!!!!!
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    Also hanging around Washington DC are lobbyist for private prisons for-profit, and they also house Federal prisoners, have a signed contract for 80% guaranteed occupancy, and marijuana is currently a Schedule 1 by Federal law, you know the law that was passed when "reefer madness" said it was more addictive than heroin and lead to sexual depravity. After all these years this ignorance is till on the books ruining lives and families.
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    @Hillofbeans If someone were to run for president of the United States I don't care what party he or she represents and was pro marijuana and said would TRY and remove this schedule 1 Federal drug law on marijuana. They would be sure to win don't you think? To be real honest with you I saw on one of the cable news (FOX I think)channels there over 14,000 lobbyist in DC at any one time. Some how some way some group of people need to figure out how to cut that number down to less than 1. Now as far as Federal prisons go 80% of the 80% you mentioned are most likely in for some type of marijuana in fraction. That also don't count state prisons county and city jails that have small time marijuana inmates. Right now I got to go because my blood pressure is on the rise and blood is squirting out of my eye balls. Check this out
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    Legalize it all! No reason only rich, liberal addicts like that Hoffman idiot should have access to the best stuff. Let every druggie get as much as they want!

    If pot should be legalized, then there is no reason other drugs should remain illegal. Let everyone get what they want so we can thin the ranks of the idiots.
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    Wouldn't it would be soooo much quicker if we just let nature and current trends eliminate the GOP.......that would "thin out those idiots" ?
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    Hoffman had 50 bags of heroin in his room, so he wasn't doing the best stuff, he was a street level buyer, and likely why he is dead as you never know which is cut or with what or how strong the doses are. His death and thousands more are all on the hands or our lunatic lawmakers.
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    "If pot should be legalized, then there is no reason other drugs should remain illegal."

    This is where you are wrong. You can only do so much heroin, like PSH did and not survive. You can only do so much cocaine, pain pills, method before it will kill you. But let's see you overdose on marijuana.

    Marijuana has been proven over and over again to help a dozen different maladies. No other drug can come close to that.
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    @bleakoutlook I believe you are missing my point. I advocate the legalization of all drugs BECAUSE of the fact that an addict will not survive.

    Let folks like Hoffman get as much as they want as easily as possible. Somehow, the nation will survive without some doped-up liberal 'artists.'
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    Using this logic, why not round up the ENTIRE populace, administer enough IV drugs to maintain a consistent vegetative state, and eliminate ALL suicides?
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    They're already doing that with anti depressants, over scripted pain it. Doctors will be more dangerous of a drug dealer than a marijuana seller anyday.
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    @NormalFlora A gram is better than a damn...

    The novel was called "Brave New World", and included invitro gestations of all children, with carefully scripted nutrition regimes to make sure that there were plenty of tall, attractive alphas to lead the people, shorter, less attractive and slightly dumber betas to do the technical work, and so forth down to the lowest, shortest and dumbest menial laborers that were taught to hate flowers, sunlight, kittens and anything else that might distract the4m from their labors.
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    I do not think any illegal drugs should be illegal. If heroin were legal there would probably be fewer heroin addicts and fewer deaths from heroin overdoses. The same applies to oxycodone, cocaine, etc.
    We tried prohibition of alcohol with terrible results. Our drug prohibition laws are only worse.
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    I've got a dog in this fight now. I used to use marijuana -- too much -- didn't like what it did to my drive, didn't like spitting up brown phlegm combined with restricted breathing. I don't recommend it to friends and family members.
    That being said I'm not against it being legalized if that's what people want. I decided to research it as a potential financial investment for my stock portfolio given the legalization efforts it seems like it might become a fast growth industry and I want in on the ground floor. So a few weeks ago I bought into 2 companies (penny stocks) and have doubled my investment so far( and that's in a market environment where the indices have dropped 7% so far this year.) It's hard to imagine where this is going but it won't be long before more states and the Feds legalize it.
    I've always considered investing similar to a hockey game where you don't go to where the puck is you go to where the puck is headed.
    So have it all you dopers and doper advocates. I'll be cheering you along every step of the way and I wish you much success!
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