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    ...and an incessant liar too! If the power hungry bastard can control businesses and get taxes and fines out of them you damned right he's going to go with this bull shit!
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    @BravoJuliet AKA, Bullshit Artist. Global Warming is a Sea Story. How many of you know the difference between a Sea Story and a Fairy Tale?
    Well....a Fairy Tale begins with, "Once upon a time." A Sea Story begins with, "This Ain't No Shit."
    So, that is why you hear some sort of "this ain't no shit" equivalent at the beginning of every "global warming" lecture.
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    Misled, about outright LIED.....isn't it a felony to lie to an FBI agent or should be a felony to lie to the America people in order to get ones antiAmerican socialist agenda passed into law oppressing WE THE PEOPLE.....
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    Gee, Obama sounds more like a republican every day.. embrace him guys, its like having Bush for 16 years.
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    The only 'fact' about 'climate change' is that such things have been happening since long before humans were in the picture.

    Good to see this 'global warming BS finally put to bed.
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    Cancer existed before tabacco so we shouldn't be worried about tabacco causing cancer, right?

    It may have been happening before and even now NATURALLY but the fact is pumping gases into the air that use to be in the ground and burning fuels where a short exposure to the smoke will kill a person in a matter of minutes can't possibly be good for the planet.
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    @CandleJack Ah..a holdout!

    There is a difference between blind acceptance of every scientific fad and the thoughtful interpretation of data. The former is responsible for the 'global warming' cheerleaders. The latter is yours truly (along with other sharp Conservatives).

    'Global warming' is now reduced to a joke. So much so that liberals even have abandoned the term in favor of the easier to justify 'climate change.'

    Yet, pockets of ignorance persist.:-)
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    @Jeff_Woehrle its called climate change because people are idiots and assumed that because the weather still got occasionally cold that "global warming" had to be wrong. You kind of prove that example.
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    @CandleJack They have absolutely proven the link between smoking and lung cancer. No one has come close to proving man is responsible for any climate change of significance.
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    @Jeff_Woehrle mighty giant pockets. But they are mostly on Democrats garments. After all they just take the word of the Dear Leader.
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    Da Gubmint has mastered the art of keeping anxiety-ridden Americans in a perpetual state of fear. Climate change is just another example of this kind of propaganda so don't sweat it and just keep on living a worry-free life.
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    "despite our having paved everything in sight with concrete and asphalt and even clear-cut many rainforests. As we learned in the third grade, CO2 is what plants eat."

    Hey did you know that 64% of America is under snow and ice.

    Go figure global warming

    Global warming is BS, the earth goes through these cycles.

    This was just a way to panic America and most of the world.
    People tend to look at their leaders and comply with their wishes when paniced and unsure.
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    @AceLuby no, its cold outside, plus NASA research shows earth cooling for the last 20 years, and more greenery today than 50 years ago.
    As we learned in the third grade, CO2 is what plants eat. So it makes sense that the greenery would be thriving.
    Average global temperatures stopped warming 15 years ago, the NASA person I am talking to right now, standing next to me as I type this, he is saying actually more like 20 years ago.
    Then they always point to excessive heat as the cause of all our hurricanes, yet -- The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season was the first Atlantic hurricane season since 1994 to end with no known major hurricanes.

    The oceans are becoming more acidic. This is grossly misleading. Mother Earth's oceans are highly alkaline, not acidic, and there is no evidence human emissions can cause Earth's oceans to become acidic.

    This is all in the article, well most of it.

    Who has anything to gain if there is no global warming, no one.
    Plenty is being made off of global warming today. From upgrades to factories, to the auto manufactories.

    Global warning is a gold mine.
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    @Cal Wow!another well thought,skilled rebuttal,, you should physically Stand beside Obama and due road trips with him,maybe shine his shows get coffee,,, give him factual notes,like the names of the 57 states etc.
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    While we are talking about the liar in chief has anyone else noted that every President normally gets a bounce from the State of the Union speech in the polls. I have been watching Obama's poll numbers and he not only didn't get a bounce his numbers have gone down. People have got his number they simply no longer listen to his lies.
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    I recommend that the president replace his TPOTUS (teleprompter of the United States) as the root of his recent problems seems to be misinformation his TPOTUS provides during his speeches. Since the president cannot speak without the TPOTUS, I suspect that he will soon blame the RNC for replacing his TPOTUS with a conservative version and trying to damage his presidency. The switch was probably made by Fox News during one of his press conferences. He has blamed everyone else for his untruths!
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    This is not a surprise. The issue is not whether climate changes, it does. The issue is whether man made conditions cause it. So far the answer appears to be a resounding no.
    This is just another area where Obama lies for his personal political reasons. It is no wonder that his poll numbers keep dropping and less wonder why so many people do not believe most things he says.
    Computer models are only as good as the designers and programmers ability to get all the relevant information built into the models. So far they have failed miserably. None of the models predictions have been proven correct.
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    OMg..... Global Warming!!!!! Oops, we mean Climate change! Enough said!

    On a side note... Gore, you suck!!!! According to you years ago, I should be sitting on or near beachfront property, basking in the hot sun!!!! FU, I'm freezing in a winter with well below average temperatures!!!!!
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    Obama is nothing more than a LIAR and you can't trust anything coming out of his administration because so much of what we have been told turns out to be lies.
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    I have said it since I learned of "Global Cooling", yes clear cutting rainforests is bad, but CO2 is good for life on earth. It's CarbonMonoxide that is an issue.

    It is our duty to be good stewards of our environment, but let's not be foolish and destroy our lives and ways of life in order to be the good steward.
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    Very nice op-ed. I'll just make one tangential point: when Obama said "Climate Change is a fact" he automatically lost the debate. It is a theory, just as the general theory of relativity and the first law of thermodynamics are theories. Some theories have a preponderance of evidence and some don't, but they are still theories. If you can't grasp that concept, you're just talking, not debating.
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    A concept lacking a preponderance of evidence is a hypothesis not a theory. A scientific theory is well established by the evidence. A hypothesis is yet to be substantially supported by evidence.
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    About the only fact contained in this article is that plants need CO2. Yes, we learned that in the 3rd grade but some of us went on to learn more.

    Scientists are typically skeptics so they don't usually go around making forecasting models on the basis of no date. I can't think of a single climate scientist who holds that CO2 level have always been stable in the past. And there are plenty of data that relate CO2 levels to changes in temperature. We can't directly measure levels before data were regularly recorded, but there are indirect measurements that can and have been made. Climate change is real, more CO2 means less longwave radiation gets reflect back to space and more is trapped on the surface, and the likely result is global warming.

    For those who might wish to understand more, these are some good sources:

    NOAA Noational Climactic Data Center Paleoclimatology - Temperature change and carbon dioxide change

    Skeptical Science: How do we know more CO2 is causing warming?

    Small epiphanies blog - climate change
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    "About the only fact contained in this article is that plants need CO2. Yes, we learned that in the 3rd grade but some of us went on to learn more."
    Exactly. Saying plants need CO2 and leaving it as that is like pointing out that animals need cholesterol. If we didn't have any cholesterol, our bodies would be destroyed at the cellular level. But too much cholesterol means you'll probably die of a heart attack or stroke.
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    @CandleJack also apparently in the 80's all the way up until about 2000.... he was an oil guy. Wonder if that in any way affects his opinions.
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    From Sourcewatch:
    The Plants Need CO2 website does not name the group's directors, only spokesman H. Leighton Steward.
    According to its corporate Certificate of Formation[6], the group has three directors: Steward, Wyatt Hogan and Corbin Robertson Jr.
    H. Leighton Steward is a director at EOG Resources, an oil and gas company formerly known as Enron Oil and Gas Company, where he earned $617,151 in 2008.[5]
    Wyatt Hogan is Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of GP Natural Resource Partners LLC.[7]
    Corbin Robertson Jr. is "said to own more coal through his various ventures than anyone outside of the U.S. government"; he is the grandson and heir of Texas oilman Hugh Roy Cullen, and is president of Quintana Minerals, CEO and chairman of Natural Resource Partners LP, and chairman of Quintana Maritime Ltd.[2
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