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    What a kind and generous human being this man is. I wish him a long, happy and healthy life, and that G-d may repay him 100-fold for his nobility and generosity!
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    When it's' all said and done, the Individual moved to greatness demonstrates the weakness of the machine.

    Wouldn't it have been awesome if Politix had actually moved We The Posters to help in this way...rather than simply reporting the story?
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    Read this yesterday. Restores a little faith in mankind. This lunch " punishment" seems to have become the norm and is a widespread practice. We've all discussed this before and I think it does single out and stigmatize kids unnecessarily.
    This mans act of kindness coupled with his keen common sense of providing where it is actually needed most, should make us all go out and do something of equal value and kindness, today.
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    @AntiPorcheria - In a way they do, I've seen some of these articles get links posted on ways to donate or petitions to sign, its a start... could be the seed of greater things...
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    If the school is collecting enough money to feed them, yes. Feed one, feed them all. Feed none, feed no one. Equality, isn't that what everyone preaches? If they are going to pay or give a free lunch to one, then they need to give free lunches to everyone. Look at the outcry when some students didn't get a pizza because their grades weren't high enough.
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    The Federal lunch program provides reduced or free lunches for those that need them.Its up to the parents to apply.So again whos fault is it their children are put into this situation?
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    Id like to see the pay of the principals, vice principals and superintendents of that school...
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    It's the parents fault for sure.

    But they are only trying to keep out of the category which Conservatives have labeled as government freeloaders to the detriment of their own kids.
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    @miketost Agree, except when some apply and are just a dollar or two over the allowed amount to qualify, they can't get the much needed reduced rates.
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    @AceLuby Government (via the Federal Reserve) inflated the money supply, through cheap credit, increasing prices (basically stealing the value of the existing money). This was the root cause of the great depression.

    During the Great depression, government price controls and supply mandates (shrinking supply to increase the price of food, while people were starving) and increased taxation for wasteful "New Deal" programs reduced the amount of disposable income available for charitable donation.
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    Ryuo - only a self-righteous, sanctimonious greedy hypocrite would be concerned that they didn't have to pay for it but someone else did?
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    @BenFE Hey, do us a favor and drop YOUR self-righteous, sanctimonious behavior, okay?

    What he's saying is that private charity, like what this man did, works far better than the government controlling who gets what...wouldn't you agree?

    It was, after all, the administration that ordered food to be thrown out. It's not THEIR money, so why worry about it?
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    Some parents would rather make their payment to Rent-America on their 52 inch flat screen that can be repo'd if they miss a payment, instead of their obligation to pay their childs lunch bill.
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    What would you call them?Parents of the year.It is what it is .Look at the loving mommy that left her small child in a freezing cold car while she had her nails done for over an hour.Your right I should have not of called them parents but should have used the term trash.Trash comes in many different forms ,shapes,colors and size.You got me on that one.
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    @miketost We have a recurring issue at a casino just outside of Philly...parents go in to gamble and leave their kids in the the hot summer or cold winter.

    @Cincinnatus My older son has paid for quite a few of his friends lunches because their stupid parents don't pay the lunch accounts...but they have no problem buying and paying for the latest cell phones. They broadcast all their "stuff" on their Facebook pages all the time.
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    Keep in mind that these 'parents' had little or no guidance or education regarding good parenting.
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    This guys actions are what I suggested several days ago to others in the debate here on school lunches being taken away from students.Some like to just talk while some of us try to find solutions.
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    Once again heres something you as a person can do in your own school district.Contact the school and donate a check for whatever amount to the lunch program.This will not change the parents that do not pay their child's lunch bill but it will feed the kids.The next step is to find a way to punish the parents that choose to not pay what they owe.Perhaps they hold a sign in front of the school that reads my kid is not worth me paying for.See how much they would enjoy embarrassment in public.
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    With the amount of money I paid last year in school tax at the state level alone there should not be one kid going hungry anywhere in the state of Kentucky. Of the $1,800.00 I paid in property tax almost $1,200.00 of it went to school tax. And may I remind you that this is off of one residential property, and I have never had a kid go to school in Kentucky. Then there the additional school taxes imposed on telephone and cell phone usage, internet usage, and almost all utility bills. How is it that school system say they are broke? Look at how many administrative employees there are per county vs the number of teachers. These administrative jobs are waste of taxpayer money to benefit the good ole boy syndrome. Also look at the numbers of county owned sedans setting in the parking lot for these worthless positions to use. Why do they need cars when their business is at the school building? Why does a superintendent that makes over $100,000.00 year get to use a county automobile? And why should any school official receive a bonus? If state senates would could the waste out of the school system every kid could have a free lunch every day of the year.
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    There is no "free lunch". Who's paying for the cold cheese sandwiches? Cheese, even "cheap cheese", isn't cheap anymore. Private acts of charity such as the one reported are wonderful signs of generosity that we should see more of. But frankly, I believe the biggest issue is NOT the fact that some students lunch balances are a few bucks in the red. The BIGGEST issue, in these days of reduced lunches that cost the student somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 cents, and the requirement for fully taxpayer subsidized school lunches being quite low, is that school administrators have checked their humanity at the door and become bureaucratic robots who are subservient to the "system", rather than focused upon education. Schools are constantly seeking to go into debt for tens of millions of dollars through incessant bond issues, often paid back over decades through property tax increases, yet they are throwing food away rather than put 50 cents to a buck on someone's tab? Utterly ridiculous.
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    They built a new middle school and replaced an elementary school...with palaces in our district. Why do we need two story entrance foyers with clerestory windows and pyramid shaped skylights in the halls? Our HS, which was built in 1954 is getting a $71 million facelift...the infrastructure upgrades are needed, but not the huge entrances they are building onto it!

    Then, the teachers keep getting their raises, with the average @$80k, maxing out @$101k now, and the super is getting $174k...and our taxes keep going higher and higher.

    We are also faced with a pension shortfall because our state legislature increased the public employee's pensions by 25%(and their own by 50%), so that a teacher with 30 years of service will keep 80% of their salary for the rest of their life!

    But they can't feed kids hot lunches?
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    People who would bitch about the cost of this do so because they're too greedy and self-righteous to understand the absolute necessity of it.
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    People are toasted by the property taxes that support schools. In NY, the property taxes hover around $15,000/year for moderate housing upstate. My property taxes in rural PA were at $6,000/year. Here in Arizona, they would be about $1,800/year for a really good house. So, it isn't greed. It is what you can afford and sometimes schools get it in the neck when the taxpayer is paying $6,000 per student, staff, and super structure.
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    Again, stop your bitching and it's NOT about you and your self-righteous, self-centered, greedy attitude. It's about doing what's RIGHT. We ALL pay taxes. Get OVER it.
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    Absolutely NO child should EVER go hungry because of a lack of funds in an account. I don't give a rat's ass about how high your taxes are. Mine are also. I am SO sick of the attitude of "it's NOT my responsibility to..." "I should NOT have to pay for somebody else..."

    Get the HELL over it. It IS ALL of our responsibility to the children, regardless of your self-centered, self-righteous, sanctimonious attitude.

    It's about doing what's RIGHT.
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    @BenFE well, I don't like your language, but you are right. It's not the children's fault. It's an entire system messed up. How humiliating for a child to get a cold cheese sandwhich because their parents can't, or won't, pay up. My word. How hateful and spiteful of this school.
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    I apologize for the language, BUT there ARE times it is absolutely necessary to get the message across. I am SO sick and tired of the greedy and self-centered attitude some take in not understanding it IS our responsibility to make sure the children ARE taken care of, regardless of their social-economic status.
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    I wonder how many lunches those tanks congress insists we need could pay for if we diverted the funds? Or stopped sending billions in foreign aid to countries that hate us?
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    $465 bucks to help feed 60 students hot lunches instead of a cold cheese sandwich, small price to pay for that many students. What an outstanding thing for this gentleman to do, wish we had more folks like him. I find it amazing that a man that is probably not being payed all that much in the first place is willing to give up some of his pay to ensure kids have what they need lo learn and some millionaire CEO receiving a massive bonus won't lift a finger to help.

    Just for the record both my son and I love cheese sandwiches and when he takes his lunch that's usually what he wants and gets.
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    absolutely not they should not be free.. you give somebody something for free it has zero value.

    any kid who has a negative balance on his lunch account the parents name should be published in the paper and the parents should be brought up on charges of neglect.
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    TF you mean it has no value, it's food dip shit, we're feeding children with it! This country needs to get its priorities straight, somehow we have an unlimited reservoir of money for various military and political purposes but as a nation we can't afford to give our children free lunches. What do we pay taxes for? The issue shouldn't be about parents who neglect their tab, it should be about why we can't afford to feed our elementary school children free lunches, what are we a 3rd world country? Do we have to start a Feed Our Own Children foundation? How many wars are we funding as a country, including sending food to other nations? Smh @ America.

    How can the president fix other problems when he ain't fix home yet?
    - Nasir Jones
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    I our county they have a school tax that we pay...they should be free because shit, I don't have a kid in school but I figure the $36 dollars or so per year should be enough for a couple of lunches. Now multiply me by 185,000 or so.
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    Im right there with you on this.. who in their right mind thinks these things are free need to wake up.. im so sick of these free loaders who seem to think all these gov programs are free.. nothing in life is free so if some says its free there is a catch in it somewhere.
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    @BravoJuliet yeah but you're 36 dollars ? what about the countless millions of dollars from the lottery? was supposed to go directly to education.... that's why government teachers have such a good retirement... don't kid yourself they're in it for the money screw little Johnny and little Janey.
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    I think if parents can afford to pay for their children lunches than they should but the kids should not be stigmatized, if the parents are delinquent on their account. The children should receive their lunch and the matter of payment should be taken up with the parents. BTW...Why can't the parents just buy a pre-paid card at the beginning of the school year and the children who's parents can't afford the lunches get issued the same card, but with free cred it on it?
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    With the number of kids on the free/reduced cost lunch programs, it would be simpler and cheaper to just give everyone lunch.
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    They do that at the elementary level in our district, and a note gets sent home...but from middle school onward, no money = no lunch. It's embarrassing for the kids who get sent away...and they just toss the food out...all I can say is WTF?
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    And while all you people are talking socialism and other such stupidity, I'd like to point out to you all that Kenny Thompson has proven himself to possess more of the spirit that makes America what it is than a thousand of you tea party whiners, because he saw a problem and he fixed it on his own.

    What have you done lately besides gripe?
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    I am sorry but many of those on free or reduce lunch are mostly on food stamps...were is the food stamp money going if not to provide children of the family with a good lunch? Why isn't the food stamps cut down if said kids are getting free or reduced lunches...breakfasts and in many areas dinner too 5 times a week all though the whole school year.
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    careful or you'll be accused of not being sympathetic enough to those poor wretches among us who are suffering from" caloric inequality"
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    ! much do you think people are getting each month in food stamps?

    Two.....which school are providing free dinners? Because my husband and I have had kids in school in several different states, though they're all grown now, and we've never seen such a thing.

    By the way, how much do you think it costs the school to provide a muffin and a pint of milk for breakfast each day? How much for a slice of pizza per child for lunch?
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    If they are anything like my district the budgets barely allow for extra curriculars despite pushing more costs to students. On top of that our teachers haven't had a raise in 5 years, many have been fired, and new teachers are constantly changed out to keep costs low and prevent tenure. You couldn't even bring up feeding every student as part of the schools responsibilities without being laughed out of the room.
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    @AceLuby I have a problem with tenured grade school teachers and hs teachers, but that is from my personal experience. Considering that school lunches cost less than a dollar per student make it shouldn't be a problem. Food is a life necessity .
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    This man did very good. That was very generous of him.

    What parents need to do is keep up with the accounts.

    Free lunch for all? We can barely afford school costs as it is!
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    Here's something we do agree on. This man is a fine example of putting the interests of children above the Almighty dollar. And I hear ya on the cost of school. I actually pay for my daughter to attend public school. Yes, pay for public school, and I don't mean just in my yearly taxes. For this school year alone....books 300, class fees 350, activity fee 25 per activity, and she's in 3 so 75 bucks there, and the list goes on. Why should I have to pay for public school?
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    @AceLuby we pay more per student then all but 2 other OECD countries. Maybe we prioritize teacher's unions over students.
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    No, the parents need to be responsible for feeding their own children. But the kids shouldn't have to worry about how their food is paid for either. They don't need to be involved in their parent debts.

    The school needs to look at a new way to collect and leave the kids out of it.
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